China App Index: Will mobile kill the TV star? [July 2013]


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China is world’s largest smartphone market, by far. But it’s a black hole for app data.
Here at Wandoujia, China's leading Android app store, we decided to change that.

The top trend for July 2013? Chinese are flocking to video apps. Find out what's driving this trend and what will happen to China's next gen TV stars.

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China App Index: Will mobile kill the TV star? [July 2013]

  1. Wandoujia Will mobile kill the TV star? Chinese flock to video apps The China App Index July 2013 Edition China’s leading Android app store Top trend:
  2. Top Trends in July 2013 Will mobile kill the TV star? Chinese flock to video apps “Make it mine” Personalization via wallpapers and themes “Make me healthy” A new dieting advisor tops the charts 1 2 3
  3. “I spend an hour each way on the subway everyday,” Dean, a 29-year-old salesman, complains. “It’s such a waste of time!” For a country on the move, leisure must be finagled into awkward pockets of time between overtime, long commutes, and an ever- changing environment. Getting home for dinner and the 7 o’clock news each night is simply unrealistic. Will mobile kill the TV star?
  4. “You can see any show you want online,” Dean explains. “I watched most of Kuaile Nansheng on the subway and was always ready to gossip about it with my coworkers when I arrived at work!” Since most TV shows are quickly available online, China’s smartphone owners make the most of their fragmented time on the move… Will mobile kill the TV star?
  5. “Video killed the radio star” goes the classic song. So what will happen to TV stars in the mobile era? So far so good. China’s top video sites are in a bidding war for content rights. Several--including Tencent, Sohu, and Tudou--have even invested significant amounts to produce original programming, as Netflix is just starting to do now. In China, virtually any TV show is quickly and legally available to watch online. Sohu Video (搜狐视频) Monthly downloads: 451k Will mobile kill the TV star? Sohu is one of China’s leading video sites (NASDAQ: SOHU). It recently acquired the exclusive rights to the second season of the hottest show in China: The Voice of China. News reports put the price at a cool 100 million RMB (~16 million USD) Even as TV viewership plateaus, these stars will keep singing on mobile devices. 1 User pic Celebrity pic
  6. School’s out for the summer! China’s students finally have a reprieve from the pressure cooker of their grueling schooling. Many of China’s top shows, including The Voice of China, launch their new seasons to capitalize upon this moment. This month, the video apps Tudou (+163%) and Xunlei Kankan (+126%) were among the top 5 fastest-growing apps. Tudou (⼟土⾖豆) Monthly downloads: 276k Growth rate: 163% Will mobile kill the TV star? Youku Tudou (NYSE: YOKU) is another of China’s top video sites. Although Tudou tries to differentiate itself with more user-generated content, online video in China is still dominated by professionally-created content. 1 User pic Celebrity pic
  7. Aggregate data also strongly supports this trend. There are now 160 million mobile video watchers in China, according to CNNIC. And video apps were by far the fastest-growing apps in China over the past year: average session length rose an astonishing 259%: from 9 minutes to 31 minutes. 1 Will mobile kill the TV star? video reading photos games tools Change  in  App  Usage (China  2012) Reasons for the trend: 1. Bigger screens (phablets) 2. Bigger storage capacity (8-16 GB standard) 3. Better battery life 4. Better Wi-Fi access (mobile data is still expensive) Source:  Umeng  Analy>cs  Pla@orm Introduction to “Wandoujia Video Search” The beta version was released on August 8, 2013. Why’d we build this product? It’s simple. From July 2012 to July 2013, our video downloads grew 1100%. But it’s tricky to find the video you’re looking for across multiple apps. Is it in Sohu, Tudou, or or PPTV? Wandoujia Video Search solves this problem by deep-linking to specific videos within these different apps.
  8. 6 kids, one room. China’s students have a hard enough time squeezing into their dorm rooms, much less personalizing their own space. Make it mine
  9. “I don’t live in a big place, but since moving in I’ve made it my own. I like it clean, simple, wooden, and personal,” Xiaobai proudly explains about the room he rented in Beijing immediately after graduating. The rise of individualism in China has created a greater demand to design one’s own space. Even in crowded quarters, one space that will always be available for personalization? Your smartphone… Make it mine
  10. Wallpapers and theming apps are always popular in China. This month, Sogou Wallpaper, Baiwan Wallpaper, and a Xiaomi Theme placed highly in the ranks of top new apps. Sogou Wallpaper Monthly downloads: 106k This app offers over a million(!) different HD wallpapers to choose from. It is unclear what percentage are kittens. Sogou wallpaper can automatically refresh your home screen every day. While it personal space is hard to come by in China, your phone is always open for customization. 2 Make it mine Hello Kittens!
  11. Chinese love to customize their phone not only on the outside, but on the inside too. Fortunately Android supports far more customization than the comparatively closed iOS. Find Something Theme for Xiaomi (找你妹⼩小⽶米主题) Monthly downloads: 66k Find Something is one of China’s top games. Xiaomi is one of China’s top phones. Put the two together, and you get one of the top new apps of the month. Xiaomi is the poster child for Android customization. Find Something, a game similar to the old Where’s Waldo picture books, is just the kind of offbeat but charming game and loving art style that suits the rabid Xiaomi fanbase. 2 Make it mine Lock screen for the custom Xiaomi Theme
  12. “I stopped eating lunch for a few months to prove to my boyfriend that I could lose weight,” says Xiao Chen. Body image and fitness are increasingly important in China to find a good job, find a spouse, and allay the effects of a dismal environment. People want help finding the healthy life that is right for “me”. Make me healthy
  13. Xiao Chen managed to lose the weight, but it wasn’t easy. Reaching a goal is hard if you don’t have a system in moments of uncertainty. By using apps that help them confidently manage their health, China’s young people gain awareness and knowledge that help them improve the quality of their life… Make me healthy
  14. Thin Thin, a dieting app for (primarily) women, was by far the fastest-growing app this month. In the June edition we highlighted Baidu PhotoWonder, which beautifies the ‘digital you’. Now here’s an app to get your offline body into shape too. Thin Thin (瘦瘦) Thin Thin calls itself “The healthy way to diet” and it takes a serious approach. It kicks off with a customized 15-question survey on your eating and exercising habits. Then it sets a detailed plan for your diet and sets you up with a support group. Mobile apps like Thin Thin give ordinary Chinese more control over their own health. 3 Make me healthy Monthly downloads: 411k Growth rate: 252% Support groups can lend a helping hand
  15. Top new Fastest growing July 2013 Star Apps
  16. Top New Top New App Top New Game Youdao Translator (有道翻译官) Trial Xtreme 3 (极限摩托3)
  17. Rank Name Downloads 1 Youdao Translator(有道翻译官) 111,469 2 Sougou Wallpaper(搜狗壁纸) 105,968 3 BaiWan Wallpaper(百万壁纸) 98,863 4 Weico+(微可拍) 81,334 5 Find Something Theme for Xiaomi(找你妹⼩小⽶米主题) 66,480 6 9cut (九宫格) 40,437 7 Flishlight (⼿手电筒) 39,860 8 Phonecall Guard(来电卫⼠士增强版) 39,408 9 WiFi Key(破WiFi万能钥匙) 38,200 10 Crazy Idioms Puzzle(疯狂猜成语答案) 31,641 Top New Apps
  18. Rank Name Downloads 1 Crazy Song Puzzle(疯狂猜歌) 150,5790 2 Trial Xtreme 3(极限摩托3) 298,084 3 Sprinkle Islands 2(超级救⽕火队 2) 275,766 4 I’m MT (我叫MT Online标准版) 224,900 5 One Piece (梦想海贼⺩王) 224,856 6 Movie Superman (电影超⼈人) 223,048 7 Color Run(颜⾊色赛跑) 216,505 8 Red Alert 4(红警4:⼤大国崛起) 191,228 9 Smash Watermelon(棒打⻄西⽠瓜) 184,660 10 Thunderbolt Fighter 2(雷霆战机2) 173,014 Top New Games
  19. Fastest Growing Fastest Growing App Fastest Growing Game Thin Thin (瘦瘦) Can you escape? (你能逃脱吗?)
  20. Rank Name Downloads Growth rate 1 Thin Thin (瘦瘦) 411,030 252% 2 365 Business Calendar (365⽇日历商务版) 183,350 170% 3 Touch Pal Dial Assistant(触宝号码助⼿手) 173,318 164% 4 Tudou (⼟土⾖豆) 276,895 163% 5 Xunlei Kankan (迅雷看看) 157,879 126% 6 Mogujie (蘑菇街) 171,083 90% 7 Alipay Wallet (⽀支付宝钱包) 457,280 74% 8 Funny Stories(糗事百科) 252,275 66% 9 TMall (天猫) 162,204 64% 10 Music Radio (⾳音悦台) 190,947 62% Fastest Growing Apps
  21. Rank Name Downloads Growth rate 1 Can You Escape? (你能逃脱吗?) 446,098 343,052% 2 Canabalt (屋顶狂奔) 271,615 59,421% 3 Bass Fishing (钓⼤大⻥鱼) 155,360 15,667% 4 Feed Me (⽔水果鳄⻥鱼) 226,414 9,998% 5 Save my Bird (救救⼩小⻦鸟) 233,844 9,242% 6 Last Defender (背⽔水⼀一战) 153,594 4,407% 7 Rolling Fruit (滚吧,⽔水果) 801,928 1,468% 8 Battle Heart (勇者之⼼心) 169,153 1,196% 9 Fruit Ninja vs. Skittles (⽔水果忍者⼤大战彩虹糖) 600,239 553% 10 Boyaa Landlord Duel (博雅⽃斗地主) 184,026 522% Fastest Growing Games
  22. Wandoujia Exclusive Launch Showcase Crazy Song Puzzle
  23. Crazy Song Puzzle 500,000+ downloads in the first three days of the exclusive launch. • Brand new game, featured with a homepage banner in Wandoujia for 3 days • Fun, original concept: plays snippets of popular music and you have to guess the song • 160,000+ downloads on the first day alone
  24. China is world’s largest smartphone market, by far. But it’s a black hole for app data. Mobile research firms use Google Play data, which works for most of the world, but not for China. Nine out of ten new smartphones sold in China run Android, but developers are left in the dark. Here at Wandoujia, we decided to change that. As an Android app store with over 200 million users, we decided to shine a light on the market. We hope it will encourage more foreign developers to come to China. Methodology: • Top new: Launched within the last 60 days. • Fastest-growing: Highest growth-rate this month, relative to an average of the previous 3 months. • App data is carefully screened to eliminate ‘zombie downloads’ from unscrupulous sources • All data is from the Wandoujia App Store, with 200 million+ Android users in China. About the China App Index
  25. The China partner for app developers Wandoujia’s editorial team is always on the lookout for the best new apps. That definitely includes apps from foreign developers! In the past, we’ve partnered with Flipboard, EverNote, and Pocket to do exclusive launches and promotions in China. Complete media management Wandoujia is for more than just apps. Our PC suite makes it supereasy for users to manage all of their content. That includes movies, TV shows, music, and e-books too. The place for mobile gamers Wandoujia is the easiest way to reach a massive audience of gamers in China. For developers, our app promotion system makes it easy to be discovered and our payment SDK makes it easy to get paid. Learn more here: brandbook-en?from_search=5 About Wandoujia
  26. Benefits for Registered Developers: • Verified developer badge gives developers peace of mind • Push updates to your Chinese users, quickly and efficiently • Eligible for campaigns and featured promotions • Optimized search result ranking Register today: Wandoujia Developer Center New: English-language submission process!
  27. 150,000 downloads in the first week. Our China launch with Wandoujia was a big success. A few short days after we got in contact, we were ready to launch with a nicely designed campaign that fit with our brand image. Wandoujia has delivered hundreds- of-thousands of downloads, including some of our highest-quality users in China.“ Case Study: Flipboard in China -Alvin Tse, Product Director at Flipboard China When Flipboard came to China in June 2012, they partnered with Wandoujia on the launch
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  29. Special Thanks David C. Wang Visual Ethnographer at China Youthology David created the visuals and stories that bring to life our trends this month.
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