China App Index: Mobile Catches a Ride on the Year of the Horse


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The Chinese New Year usually heralds a lull in app downloads, but some scored big. See how one game got 1.4 million downloads in 2 weeks!

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China App Index: Mobile Catches a Ride on the Year of the Horse

  1. 1. Wandoujia China’s Mobile Content Search Engine The China App Index February 2014 Top Trend: Mobile Catches a Ride on the Year of the Horse
  2. 2. Top Trends 1 2 3 Mobile Catches a Ride on the Year of the Horse Episode II: Games That Strike Back Special Case Study: Carrot Fantasy 2: Ice World
  3. 3. 1 Mobile Catches a Ride on the Year of the Horse Chinese celebrated the Lunar New Year in January, returning from the big cities to their home towns. Downloads fall for most apps in this period as people spend time with friends and family, but some apps rose to the occasion. Cards Text Beautiful Wishes (最美祝福) Monthly Downloads: 32k
 Sending well-wishes and clever poems to family and friends for the coming year is a new year’s eve tradition. Beautiful Wishes and Horse-Year Blessings are two apps that climbed into the Top Ten New Apps by enabling users to share beautiful holiday cards via social networks. Cards Edit
  4. 4. 1 Mobile Catches a Ride on the Year of the Horse Tencent scored over the New Year revealing the rising tide of mobile internet users. J.P. Morgan estimated that “61% more mobile messages were sent through Tencent’s mobile communication products (Mobile QQ and [WeChat]) than total SMS sent through three Chinese telcos on the day of CNY eve."1 New Year’s Red Envelope Group Lottery Envelope Normal Envelope WeChat’s New Year Red Envelope On January 25, WeChat debuted a viral “Red Envelope” function in its messenger, allowing its users to send the traditional new year’s gift of cash electronically. The hook: a group “lottery” feature allowed group members to win random amounts from a single envelope. The catch: users had to link their bank cards to Tencent’s new Tenpay payments service, which gained 8 million new users over the holiday. 1 J.P. Morgan Asia Pacific Equity Research, February 2014 New Year’s Red Envelope Envelope Number Cash Amount
  5. 5. 2 Episode II: Games That Strike Back Six of the top fifteen new games demonstrate the brand loyalty of Chinese gamers with massive monthly downloads. Chinese consumers are notorious for their risk adverse behavior, and it seems this rewards risk adverse developers willing to leverage brand power: if it ain’t broke, make a sequel. Carrot Fantasy 2: Ice World 保卫萝⼘卜2: 极地冒险 Cut the Rope 2 割绳⼦子2 Fishing Joy 2 Classic 捕⻥鱼达⼈人2经典 Downloads: 1,442,300 Downloads: 367,283 Downloads: 118,320 Tiantian Bomberman 2 天天泡泡堂2 One Shot 2 ⼀一枪弄死它2 Find Your Sister 2 找你妹2 Downloads: 117,808 Downloads: 110,872 Downloads: 75,137
  6. 6. 3 Special Case Study: Carrot Fantasy 2: Ice World For their sequel to the hit Carrot Fantasy tower defense game, Luobo Interactive partnered with Wandoujia for a special launch and promotion campaign. They garnered 1.4 million downloads in the first two weeks after launch. Carrot Fantasy 2: Ice World (保卫萝⼘卜2: 极地冒险) Monthly Downloads: 1.4 million Carrot Fantasy 2 provides an inside look at the promotional techniques Chinese games use to connect to their player-base.
  7. 7. 3 Special Case Study: Carrot Fantasy 2: Ice World A viral video of a Wandoujia girl imitating game monster noises built buzz about the launch. It encouraged users to “reserve” the game in advance and share the message with a chance of winning prizes such as a scarf or in-game gems. View on Youku:
  8. 8. 3 Special Case Study: Carrot Fantasy 2: Ice World The release of Carrot Fantasy 2: Ice World coincided with the launch of Wandoujia’s new 4.0 mobile client. The titular Carrot character of the game was featured in traditional ads on bus stops nationwide and on video sites promoting Wandoujia’s “Only One” mobile search campaign. Ads led to a landing page featuring the game as a top pick.
  9. 9. 3 Special Case Study: Carrot Fantasy 2: Ice World The buzz paid off with more than 200,000 downloads for each of the first 2 days of the game’s launch and more than 1 million in the first week. After the initial swell recedes, daily downloads decrease to plateau around 50,000, but higher-quality users drive increasing daily revenue. Downloads Revenues 240000 180000 120000 60000 0 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Daily Downloads January 16-31, 2014 Day 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Daily Revenue January 16-31, 2014 Day
  10. 10. Star Apps February 2014 Top New Fastest Growing
  11. 11. Top New Top New App QQ Theme Manager (QQ主题管家) Top New Game Carrot Fantasy 2: Ice World (保卫萝⼘卜2: 极地冒险)
  12. 12. Top New Apps Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Name Downloads QQ Theme Manager (QQ主题管家) 133,158 Beautiful Apps (最美应⽤用) 38,245 Beautiful Wishes (最美祝福) 32,393 DIY Theme Master (主题DIY⼤大师) 15,292 Mini Trip (微游记) 13,218 Mini Lens (微镜头) 11,330 One Wallet (壹钱包) 10,945 Horse-Year Blessings (⻢马年祝福短信) 10,060 WiFi Password Cracker (WiFi万能钥匙密码破解) 7,695 Carp Dynamic Wallpaper (锦鲤动态壁纸) 7,027
  13. 13. Top New Games Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Name Downloads Carrot Fantasy 2: Ice World (保卫萝⼘卜2:极地冒险) 1,442,300 Despicable Me: Minion Rush (神偷奶爸: ⼩小⻩黄⼈人快跑) 521,351 Cut the Rope 2 (割绳⼦子2) 367,283 Where’s My XiYangYang (喜⽺羊⽺羊⼩小顽⽪皮) 251,096 Draw a Stickman: EPIC (画个⽕火柴⼈人) 217,957 Run Bears! (熊出没之熊⼤大快跑) 213,433 Dragon Ball Q (⻰龙珠Q传) 153,272 Angry Birds (Chinese Version)(愤怒的⼩小⻦鸟 [中⽂文版]) 118,725 Fishing Joy 2 Classic (捕⻥鱼达⼈人2经典) 118,320 Tiantian Bomberman 2(天天泡泡堂2) 117,808
  14. 14. Fastest Growing Fastest Growing App Fastest Growing Game Android Flashlight (安卓⼿手电筒) Bubble Cat (开⼼心泡泡猫)
  15. 15. Fastest Growing Apps Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Name Downloads Growth rate Android Flashlight (安卓⼿手电筒) 261,386 620% Tencent Weishi (腾讯微视) 198,909 486% Traffic Rule Violation Check (⻋车轮查违章) 155,802 429% KuaiDi Taxi (快的打⻋车) 187,808 403% YunTu Livestream (云图电视直播) 178,940 229% Mobile QQ 2013 (⼿手机QQ2013 国际版) 335,972 58% LaiWang (来往) 225,730 53% Baidu (百度) 335,398 44% Screen Lock Sprite (锁屏精灵) 210,576 39% LeTV (乐视视频) 223,486 28%
  16. 16. Fastest Growing Games Rank Name Downloads Growth rate 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Bubble Cat (开⼼心泡泡猫) 173,493 74,681% Jet Battle (全民⻜飞机⼤大战) 562,363 28,359% Escape the Room (密室逃亡) 185,309 8,214% Hulai Mahjong (胡来⿇麻将) 327,759 2,032% Three Kingdoms Kill (三国KILL) 188,583 658% Asphalt 8: Airborne (狂野飙⻋车8: 极速凌云) 221,932 350% Party Play (聚会玩) 162,876 305% 8 Jetpack Joyride (疯狂喷⽓气机) 198,244 268% WoLongYing (乐趣卧⻰龙吟) 160,397 114% Tiantian Racing (天天⻜飞⻋车) 835,449 107% 9 10
  17. 17. About the China App Index China is the world’s largest smartphone market. But it’s a black hole for app data. Mobile research firms use Google Play data, which works for most of the world, but not for China. Nine out of ten new smartphones sold in China run Android, but developers are left in the dark. ! Here at Wandoujia, we decided to change that. As an Android mobile content search engine with 300 million users, we decided to shine a light on the market. We hope it will encourage more foreign developers to come to China. Methodology: ! • • • • Top new: Launched within the last 60 days. Fastest-growing: Highest growth-rate this month, relative to an average of the previous 3 months. App data is carefully screened to eliminate ‘zombie downloads’ All data is from the Wandoujia platform, with 300 million+ Android users in China.
  18. 18. About Wandoujia The China partner for app developers Wandoujia’s editorial team is always on the lookout for the best new apps. That definitely includes apps from foreign developers! We’ve partnered with Flipboard, EverNote, Pocket, and LINE to do exclusive launches and promotions in China. The place for mobile gamers Wandoujia is the easiest way to reach a massive audience of gamers in China. For developers, our app promotion system makes it easy to be discovered and our payment SDK makes it easy to get paid. Complete media management Wandoujia is for more than just apps. Our PC suite makes it super-easy for users to manage all of their content. That includes movies, TV shows, music, and e-books too. Learn more here: brandbook-en?from_search=5
  19. 19. Wandoujia Developer Center Register today: ! For support contact: Benefits for Registered Developers: ! • Verified developer badge gives developers peace of mind • Push updates to your Chinese users, quickly and efficiently • Eligible for campaigns and featured promotions • Optimized search result ranking
  20. 20. Case Study: Flipboard in China When Flipboard came to China in June 2012, it partnered with Wandoujia on the launch. 150,000 downloads “ in the first week. Our China launch with Wandoujia was a big success. 
 A few short days after we got in contact, we were ready to launch with a nicely designed campaign that fit with our brand image. Wandoujia has delivered hundredsof-thousands of downloads, including some of our highest-quality users in China. ! -Alvin Tse, Product Director at Flipboard China
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