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Wandoujia - China's First Choice for Android Apps


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An introduction to Wandoujia and the Android app ecosystem in China. Designed for international app developers with an interest in the China market. Publish your apps on Wandoujia!

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Wandoujia - China's First Choice for Android Apps

  1. 1. Wandoujia Exclusive App Launches in China13年4月26⽇日星期五
  2. 2. Wandoujia — The most popular way to discover anddownload Android apps in China13年4月26⽇日星期五
  3. 3. - Contact managementContact backup andrecoveryMessage templatesdownload/sendingMessage managementMessage backup andrecoveryApp search/download/installApp managementApp data backup andrecoveryWallpaper download Online AlbumVideo search/downloadVideo management andtranscoding -Music search/download Music management -App security scan Mobile examination -Our services13年4月26⽇日星期五
  4. 4. Convenient connection andsynchronizationMobile content management tool with best connection experienceSupport both USB and Wi-Fi connectionConvenient data backup and recoverySupport backup and recovery of contacts, messages, pictures andapps on the cloudSupports over 2000 Android devicesAutomatically recognize device models and download drivers13年4月26⽇日星期五
  5. 5. Rich content resourcesThe largest Android app library in ChinaCooperating with most of the first tier app stores in China,Wandoujia hosts more than 450,000 appsAbundant video, music, picture resourcesMulti-media content including video, music, e-books,and wallpapers all in oneWandoujia Web open platformAccess to over 100 non-app web contents13年4月26⽇日星期五
  6. 6. Wandoujia Android clientWandoujia Windows clientWandoujia Windows client mini versionWandoujia Mac installerSneaPea Web appSneaPea Chrome extensionCross-platform service13年4月26⽇日星期五
  7. 7. DiscoverSearchTransmit ConsumeShareComplete the Android mobile content consumption cycleOur VisionManagement13年4月26⽇日星期五
  8. 8. WandoujiaRedefining the app discover and download experience13年4月26⽇日星期五
  9. 9. UDID120 millionDaily launch users12 millionDaily new users800,000Key numbers about Wandoujia13年4月26⽇日星期五
  10. 10. Daily app distribution over 26,000,000Wandoujia app distribution13年4月26⽇日星期五
  11. 11. Windows39%Daily app distribution over 26,000,000Wandoujia app distribution13年4月26⽇日星期五
  12. 12. Android58%Windows39%Daily app distribution over 26,000,000Wandoujia app distribution13年4月26⽇日星期五
  13. 13. Web3%Android58%Windows39%Daily app distribution over 26,000,000Wandoujia app distribution13年4月26⽇日星期五
  14. 14. Advertised apps and editors choicesare clearly separatedAd13年4月26⽇日星期五
  15. 15. SourceSafe TrustworthyComprehensive High qualitySecurity scan App “Trust” badge Developer “Trust”badge RecommendationsIntelligentWe source from ALLthe first-tier app storesin ChinaOver 450,000 appsavailable 在458719个应用中搜索The largest Android app library in China13年4月26⽇日星期五
  16. 16. App security scanSourceSafe TrustworthyComprehensive High qualitySecurity scan App “Trust” badge Developer “Trust”badge RecommendationsIntelligentIf security threat is detected, Wandoujia automatically recommends a safe replacement.13年4月26⽇日星期五
  17. 17. Multiple app scansfor complete peace of mindSrouceSafe TrustworthyComprehensive High qualitySecurity scan App “Trust” badge Developer “Trust”badge RecommendationsIntelligentViruses | Ads | Privacy | Official version13年4月26⽇日星期五
  18. 18. “Outstanding developer”recognitionSrouceSafe TrustworthyComprehensive High qualitySecurity scan App “Trust” badge Developer “Trust”badge RecommendationsIntelligent13年4月26⽇日星期五
  19. 19. “Outstanding developer”benefits13年4月26⽇日星期五
  20. 20. Home page preferred placementWe filter out non-outstanding developers in home page recommendations13年4月26⽇日星期五
  21. 21. Preferred search resultsOutstanding developers are featured in our OneBox search results13年4月26⽇日星期五
  22. 22. Incremental updatesIncremental updates are only available for outstanding developers13年4月26⽇日星期五
  23. 23. Launch forecast and push notificationsAdvance announcements prior to app launch and push notification upon release13年4月26⽇日星期五
  24. 24. Exclusive launch campaigns13年4月26⽇日星期五
  25. 25. Home page promotion for apps/games13年4月26⽇日星期五
  26. 26. Home page banner - Windows client13年4月26⽇日星期五
  27. 27. Home page banner - Android client13年4月26⽇日星期五
  28. 28. Launch forecast and push notifications13年4月26⽇日星期五
  29. 29. Exclusive campaign page13年4月26⽇日星期五
  30. 30. Case Study13年4月26⽇日星期五
  31. 31. Downloads on the first day 335,337Rank in reading apps TOP10Exclusive launch for a reading app,“One”.13年4月26⽇日星期五
  32. 32. "Our China launch with Wandoujia was a big success. A few shortdays after we got in contact, we were ready to launch with a nicelydesigned campaign that fit with our brand image. Wandoujia hasdelivered hundreds-of-thousands of downloads, including some ofour highest-quality users in China."-----Alvin Tse, Product Director at Flipboard ChinaQuote from Flipboard150,000 downloads in the first 5 days13年4月26⽇日星期五
  33. 33. They‘re already in, what are you waiting for?13年4月26⽇日星期五
  34. 34. Submit your app today and get outstandingdeveloper certificationdeveloper.wandoujia.com13年4月26⽇日星期五
  35. 35. 张延 Zhang延developer.wandoujia.comKai年4月26⽇日星期五