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Vcpkg e vc td a ver


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Vcpkg Internals: como o gerenciador de pacotes da M$ funciona por dentro (e como fazer seu próprio pacote!)

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Vcpkg e vc td a ver

  1. 1. Vcpkg e vc td a ver Ou como come�ar a beber mais cedo
  2. 2. Vcpkg install caloni-introduction-x86 Wanderley Caloni BitForge Assembly, C, C++ CCPPBR42Brasil
  3. 3. Vcpkg install good-vibes Packages Integration Code Behind Do It Yourself
  4. 4. Vcpkg install packages CMake Triplets Ports Packages
  5. 5. Vcpkg install integration CMake Visual Studio props Install F5 que funciona (dumpbin /DEPENDENTS) Export
  6. 6. Vcpkg install myself CMake LICENSE Errors Source Header Lib
  7. 7. Co-nsidera��es finais (static/samples) (wanderley at caloni com br)