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Get the rapid income funnel finally the truth about making serious money online


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Get the rapid income funnel finally the truth about making serious money online

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Get the rapid income funnel finally the truth about making serious money online

  1. 1. GET The Rapid Income Funnel Finally The TruthAbout Making Serious Money OnlineHey Fellow Warrior,Anthony Tilley here, If you don’t know me, I am the guy who struggled for14 years and got NO WHERE online, but today, after figuring how to reallymake money online, I am a six figure marketer, with thousands of satisfiedcustomers and one of the most in demand list building mentors online.Now don’t worry, I am not going to give you a long drawn out introductionof my struggle to find online success over those 14 years, I want to getstraight down to business.Let’s just say….You Name It I Tried IT!And leave it at that...for now.Today I want to reveal to you the truth behind making a real sustainable
  2. 2. income online with the....Whether you are a seasoned pro or a fresh faced wanna be "The RapidIncome Funnel" is exactly what you need to create online wealth like thepros.And guess what???In the letter below I AM going to be telling you EXACTLY what this trainingconsists of…NO BLIND COPYI know pretty amazing eh??!!Well there is a reason for that, and it is one born of a desire to help, and offrustration being screwed over time and again by marketers whoseonly real desire was to help themselves…
  3. 3. To My Hard Earned Cash!So hang on to your hats…Let’s get a few things out of the way first.I have released several wso’s before and I always get these kinds ofquestions…Is there an upsell (No)Do I have to have a website (Yes)Do I have to Build a list (Yes)How Long Before I Make Money From This (Depends on how much“Work” you put in)Is this the same as your other WSO’s (No)Do I need to know SEO (No)Do I need to be a tech expert (If you can put up a webpage that’ll do)How much will it cost to make this work (How long is a piece of string,you can invest as much or as little in your business as you can afford.Whether it be on the tools you use, or the traffic you buy. What Iam revealing here is NOT a "Method" it is real online marketing)Is this a complete step by step showing me how to set up a websitetype thing (No, you can Google that kind of stuff, this is real marketingtrainingthat will show you how to increase the bottom line of youronline business)Ok so I think that may get most of that stuff out of the way…Bet you never saw that in one of these things before eh?I know copy writing experts are gonna tell me I shouldn’t do that kind ofthing, but let’s face it those questions are going to be asked in the threadbelow, so why not treat you like an adult and answer them now?"I might as well get them off the tableso you can either"…
  4. 4. Leave and go and look for a shiny object that’s going to make you$100,000 in the next 5 days...(If you find it, can you come back and let me know about it please,because I looked for 14 years and NEVER found one?) Or read on and discover how REAL online business works.Ok so here is the good, born out of a desire to help part…I spent 14 years getting nowhere, I like to think I was an actiontaker, between searching for the shiny stuff, but unfortunately I took actionin all the wrong places.Here are just some of things that were sold to me as "Turn Key", "FailSafe" "Money Makers" over those 14 years....- Drop Shipping (Oil Paintings from China)- eBay (Selling Household Goods From a Friend’s Warehouse)- Affiliate Sports Sites- Affiliate Book Selling Sites- Amazon Affiliate Sites- Soccer Betting Sites- PPC to Affiliate Niche Blogs- And Many More I Have Blocked From My Memory!!!I spent years trying a failing constantly saying the same things over andover again to my poor long suffering wife…I Am Missing Something…If “They” Can Do It Why Can’t I…
  5. 5. There Is Something “They” Aren’tTelling Me!I bought so much crap my hard drive used to groan every time I turned mypc on, I swear it used to cry every time I downloaded more make moneyonline in 3 easy clicks type BS!!I seriously don’t want anything I produce to fall into the “didn’t tell the wholestory” category, so I am laying it all out for you in this letter, so you candecide if this is for you..Here And Now!Eventually I turned over enough rocks and found the gold nugget.It was, and IS so simple, I can’t believe no one had actually told me aboutit before.I am sure there must have been someone somewhere explaining this stuff,but I was damned if I could find them.Before I reveal what it is, let me ask you a question about the list of failuresI experienced.Do you notice something about all of them?They all have something in common, something that can be missed at firstglance…Do You See it?I Never Sold My Own Stuff!!!I never sold anything I actually created and that built my brand andpositioned me as someone to be listened to or followed.I only ever retailed products other people owned, and got a commission, orI had to buy to sell on, thus reducing my profits. This was the one simple thing I was missing…Or so I thought!Yes get your own product and you are on easy street…Well that was craptoo.
  6. 6. It’s no good having a product to sell if you have no idea, how to get trafficto it, how to make people want it and what to do with those people oncethey have bought from you.If you have this information…Then You Have The Foundations Of A REAL BusinessAnd that is what “The Rapid Income Funnel" is all about.But before I reveal more, check out the screenshots below from one of mypaypal accounts.This is the kind of autopilot income YOU can achieve when you have aFunneloptimized for success.Seriously I am NOTHING special, I wasnt born with this knowledge, if Iwas do you think I would have been begging for scraps from the gurustable for 14 years??!!GET The Rapid Income Funnel Finally TheTruth About Making Serious MoneyOnline
  7. 7. I am no marketing genius, it took me 14 years for goodness sake to workthis out….But now, boy oh boy I rock this stuff!!!I have built a 5 figure a month traffic business...Sold it and lived off the profits...Worked for one of the world’s biggest marketers as his WSO launchmanager, after I beat 4 of the Worlds top marketers to win his launchcontest.Worked WITH one of the world’s best known list builders on a list buildingcoaching program that has produced hundreds of thousands of dollars inprofit...and at the end of 2012 I siphoned a six figure NET profit from scratch inunder 100 days from a sub $20 product.
  8. 8. I Am Now An In Demand Speaker Too!I now regularly consult with some of the biggest names in the industry andrequests for interviews from aspiring marketers flow thicker than molassesof your mamma’s wooden cooking spoon (no idea where I thought that upfrom!!!).Because I spent so long being passed around from seller to seller like acheap…well you get the idea.I am committed to making sure YOU get the chance to get your hands ontop quality training at the most reasonable price possible.My Mantra isTreat Other’s Like I Expect To Be
  9. 9. TreatedCheck out these videos that confirm I know how to make money online,teach how to make money online and still be one of the good guys…GET The Rapid Income Funnel Finally TheTruth About Making Serious MoneyOnlineSay Good Bye To Shiny ObjectsAnd hello to real business building advice.I am going to share with you exactly how you can build a real businesswithout loopholes, fads, gimmicks or behind the curtain tricks.You don’t need to have a kick ass product, you don’t need to be a bigname, you don’t need be an SEO superhero and you don’t even need bigname affiliates to promote for you.I am going to share EXACTLY what I am doing in my business right now tobring in the kind of cash that lets me take my wife and kids away whereverand whenever (school holidays allowing) I want.It has given me the freedom to never have to work for anyone again,unless in the case of my 7 figure superstar, I really want to..."Anthony put multiple hundreds ofthousands of dollars in my bankaccount"Testimonial for Anthony Tilley from AlexJeffreys...You can forget all the old worries you have, and start to create an onlineempire for yourself.
  10. 10. In this training you will discover…GET The Rapid Income Funnel Finally TheTruth About Making Serious MoneyOnline- How to obliterate those obstacles to success that have been stamping onyour head and keeping you down- The 4 things you need to do (or not do) every day to get out of the gurusclutches- 3 Simple product creation techniques, all of which can produce a productin under a day- The Traffic I AM REALLY using to bring floods of buyers to my products- Why getting subscribers before customers is vital for your business- I reveal "The Money Page"...the one page in your business you CANNOTafford to ignore- How to get people to buy...even when they dont want to!- Why its rude not to sell more- The golden "NO-NO" of email marketing- 4 Simple Steps to increaseEVERYTHING in your business- In to create a product quickly, set it up, create upsells, gettraffic and how to make money from email a load of ninjastuff too!!!FAST ACTION BONUS…Amazing FREE Live Training With ME!
  11. 11. If you act quickly and are one of the first 1,000 people to claim this offertoday then you’ll get an invitation to be personally coached by me on anexclusive live webinar.You’ll sit and watch as I present to you a step by step plan to turn your“Rapid Income Funnel” into a“Six Figure Funnel”The information shared on this webinar will have you chomping at the bitwith excitement at how quickly you can transform your life and that of yourfamily. It’s very powerful and anyone can do it, you just have to act fast beforethey all get claimed and you miss out.And the beauty of this stuff, is it is NOT restricted to the “Make MoneyOnline” niche, this is real marketing training that you can use is yourbusiness no matter what product you sell or want to sell.This training is worth 10 times at least the price here today, but I want todeliver extreme value to the forum that has been so good to me.I am in...Give me "The Rapid Income Funnel"GET The Rapid Income Funnel Finally TheTruth About Making Serious MoneyOnline**30 Day Cast Iron Guarantee**I have done my best to explain exactly what is enclosed in the “RapidIncome Funnel” and I hope you purchase because you understandthis isn’t a shiny object and it WILL take some input from you and youwon’t need to refund saying…“This isn’t for me”
  12. 12. But if for some reason you purchase and it’s just not what you want to door you just don’t think it’s worth the $9.95 price tag then I give a 100% noquibble 30 day money back guarantee.There is NO RISK whatsoever to you.You don’t like it or see the value from it, then mail me and I will refund yourpurchase immediately.One Final PointI have to re-iterate once again, this is not shiny object push button richesstuff, this is video training where you are going to learn exactly the kind ofstrategies you need to put into your business to build a full time automatedincome, no matter what niche you are in.It will take work, and it will take some investment, either time or cash.If you don’t have cash to invest in your business, then you need time…If you don’t have time either, then you are not going to become a successonline.I know this is unlike probably any other wso letter you have read, but lifeisn’t all beer and skittles and someone needs to say that from time to timefor your benefit and the benefit of the industry as a whole.I really hope YOU ARE SERIOUS about yourself and your business…If you are…THIS IS THE PRODUCT FOR YOU!Get "The Rapid Income Funnel" Now!GET The Rapid Income Funnel Finally TheTruth About Making Serious MoneyOnlineSee you in there.
  13. 13. Cheers