Get is it possible to make money on flippa without selling your website yes. wh


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Get is it possible to make money on flippa without selling your website yes. wh

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Get is it possible to make money on flippa without selling your website yes. wh

  1. 1. GET Is It Possible To Make Money On Flippa WithoutSelling Your Website? YES. Whenever You Want To.Quote:Originally Posted by Hackbridge [REVIEW]I approached Matt for the opportunity to review this WSO and I hadnt read any of the commentsbeforehand, so I wasnt aware of anything "Grey Hat" or really what this WSO was really about other thanthat it concerned Flippa.I wasnt sure how long this WSO would take to review, but its surprisingly short BUT all theinformation inside will be more than enough to help you get started. Its veryclearly laid out and easy to implement. You obviously need a website to sell services etc, and thensome more. Not a huge investment.Now about the actual WSO.Theres a phrase in the Bible that says, "Theres nothing new under the Sun". Okay? Well the reason whyI say that is because what Matt has done has echos of arbitrage which can be seen literally everywhere ifyou look. People reselling PLR for example with their own name is one of them.Matt has taken this form of arbitrage if you like, and hascreated a way whereby you could have a win winsituation. On Flippa, you have a website that you are willing to sell. Matts method takes it a stepfurther which is yes quite ingenious if you think about it.Have youever sold a car without an engine? Or a non runner? It still has some value depending on the age of thecar. I dont want to elaborate further but I never saw Matts methodcoming but yes it can make you money, and itsbeen said before. YOU HAVE TO TAKE ACTION. Youwill get customers with this method.Im not going to say one way or the other if this is "Grey Hat", but in life we all have choices. Some onewill say yes it is, and some one will say at least its not black hat. You will have to decide foryourself, but seriously you can make moneyfrom thismethod if you take the necessary action.I think its been said, if you can set up a website selling services then you are halfway there.Thank you Matt for the opportunity to review your WSO. Much appreciated.BrianQuote:Originally Posted by PAP I was lucky enough to receive a review copy so here is my review:
  2. 2. Matt has put a spin on a quite popular kind of sites to flip on flippa, but the cool thing is you dont needto flip a site to make money off of flippa. Actually what you sell could easily be worth more than the siteitself and there will surely be A LOT of people who will buy what you offer. Heck I even have wished tobuy this kind of stuff from different listed sites on flippa I couldnt afford.To put it simply: Its GENIUS!This course is called "FlippaRevelation"Why?Im going to tell you straight. No fancy sales letters, no eightmillion proof screenshots, and you can pretty much considerthis a "no bullsh** zone".Back in 2010, I discovered a way to use flippa to makesomebank. Its a little greyhat, but I dont care. It made memoney. Im talking like about 3500 in total over 2 months.(*please note the absence of highly bright shiny screenshotproof)I basically sold some services.I got in a good market (which you can get in if you like) andgot some sales.GET Is It Possible To Make Money On Flippa WithoutSelling Your Website? YES. Whenever You Want To.
  3. 3. Then I did something very sneaky inside flippa to makemoney.What I sold to these flippa buyers was not dishonest, illegal, oranything scammy.It was exactly what I said it was and they were happy with theitems I sold.It was the second way I made money online. The first wasselling services. So, I found a way to capitalize on flippa andmake some extra cash.This is a dirt cheap wso.If you buy and want a refund two minutes later, for this price,on my exact method, you can forget it.If you buy it and take action and show me you did, andmakeNO money, or cant see how to spin this your own wayand make BANK, then Ill refund you no questions asked.This encourages you to take ACTION and finally make somemoney. And it keeps me from giving away this killer littlesecret for free. Sound fair?The course is pretty cut and dry. A very short and sweet videoand a few pdfs. There is no fluff sh**. Straight to thepoint, how I made money from flippa. ANYTIME I want to do it again, I do. its just that simple.There are ways to expand in this and I cover it in the secondpdf. If you need support, theres a facebook group I hang out
  4. 4. in all day.Sound good? Price starts at $5 and goes up to $15. I will sell100 copies. But honestly, there is NO Chance this willgetsaturated.In fact, you can do this again over and over with the samewebsite for as long as you wish. You can even diversify withmore than one service and website. Put your own spin on it and do it BETTER than me if youwish.Lets review what you need:A flippa account.A service you sell. OR resell. (If you dont have one, seebelow on how you can get started brokering a service forthismethod.)A simple website consisting of a home page, an order page,and a delivery page.Time.Common sense.Effort.Intelligence.
  5. 5. When I started this method I had ZERO experience online andstill capitalized. So if you think you cant do it, youre probablywrong.This course assumes you have the knowledge to sell servicessomewhere. If you dont, check out the other course onbrokering. As long as you can sell a service online, or resellone, Youll be golden. If you have those, you can do this method TODAY. Startsellingservices, get some sales proof, go to flippa. List your auction.Execute this method. Make bank. Rinse and repeat as manytimes as you like. With the same site, a different site,whatever.Heres what you will learn inside:-The secret method I use to make money on flippa whetheryou sell your site or not.-What I do to market my services and how I use that to tell mysite-What pricing model you should use to sell your site, andwhy.-How to sell the secret trick the right way, and provideoverwhelming value to the buyers of this "secret"GET Is It Possible To Make Money On Flippa WithoutSelling Your Website? YES. Whenever You Want To.-Why you dont have to use a new site every time.
  6. 6. -How you can scale this method with new sites and services-a free wordpress theme that you can use to set up yoursite-the quick start guide in a nutshell : no fluff or filler-the handy dandy guide I give to my coaching clients whenthey first sign up. It may help you get a handle on things if younever sold a service before. HINT: you can use this methodwith other things to sell too..Quote:Originally Posted by Craig Fenton Flippa RevelationMatt’s Warrior Special Offer puts a uniqueopportunity to generate income with Flippa as a main component but you do not necessarily need tosell the website you are featuring.Thus far all the Flippa offers focused on the selling of websites from the newly created to the long running money makers (Matt doesn’tdiscourage the traditional method). Matt has opened up a potential stream of income to add to the Internet Marketing arsenal. You must determine if you feel this is grey hat or not. Matt doesn’t dispute the term.For the components to fall into place you do need a domain name, website, and auto responder. You will need to communicate withclients via email and forum posts in a timely fashion and have a service and or product that is of value. You also must be able to showproof to clients that your results are verifiable and not pie in the sky. Flippa does have a place for people to see the profitability of asite.If you do not have a product or service Matt mentions afew places where you can obtain the product or service
  7. 7. that would be offered to potential clients. The places that he articulateshave numerous well respected people that can deliver the service you are seeking to sell. Make sure you research the outsourcer. As with any new experience there is nothing wrong with taking it slow and start with one site and see how you do. Matt had better results the second timearound as the comfort level grows and you fine tunethe methods at hand.Quote:Originally Posted by Craig Fenton Matt offers a money back guarantee only if you canshow you took action.Matt is not showing the set up of a website or how to purchase one. His Warrior Special Offer begins after those steps have alreadytaken place.Matt has a solid reputation on the Warrior Forum and when you track his posts you can see he interacts well and is on the forumfrequently.All the best,CraigQuote:Originally Posted by Laxmi1968 Dark-grey-hat method... Very original and creative,and definitely doable. Helps stretching my mind to new ways to makemoney, thank you!BULLSHI* FREE GUARANTEE:Try my method for thrity days.Dont make any money. TAKE ACTION AND MAKENOTHING?
  8. 8. Get a refund. PERIOD. End of story. Dont write me for arefund two minutes after you try it. TAKE SOME ACTIONfor once and try the method. I know it works. Thirtydays. So theres my guarantee. Im not here to ripanyone off. But Im not here to give this away for freetwo minutes after you bought it either. Cool?Reviews as they come available:Quote:Originally Posted by vicdublin Matt allowed me access to review Flippa Revelation and I am simply amazed bythis creative ideas of Matts. This idea is veryoriginal. Most courses on flipping sites teaches basically, how to build websites and sell them forprofit but Matts course is different because he takes it to another level. Youare sure to make serious money with this.FYI this is not another shiny object. And the OP does notpromise that either. He promises that if yousoil your hands, then you reap thereward.This is a complete business on its own, there is so much potential in this system as Matt didexplain. I see it as an open ended system. You can add your own tweak and even make more moneythan Matt.Thanks for this awesome revelation Matt.Nice job!Quote:Originally Posted by JJPerkins lol, I was thinking "la, la, same old" but then read the twist,sneaky but good! Glad I was tempted 
  9. 9. GET Is It Possible To Make Money On Flippa WithoutSelling Your Website? YES. Whenever You Want To.Quote:Originally Posted by YaniB My review:Quote:Originally Posted by YaniB Ive seen my fair share of methods that supposedly willmake you money.While I dont claim to have seen them all, IDEFINITELY have never seen anythinglike this. This has the potential tomake you some seriousmoney, and the only reason I say "potential"is because this method is new to me, and I have notimplemented it yet. I have every confidence that once I do, I will nolonger have to use the word "potential". Few things to keep in mind:1. You DO need to set up a website (although itdoesnt have to be fancy) 2. You need to interact with people (not face to face,though) to be able to get this ball rolling. Anyoneselling anything has to interact with people. 
  10. 10. 3. You DONT need to sell the websiteto make money.   Really ingeniousmethod, I must say   A newbie can do this if willing to research the thingsthey dont know, like setting up a website and howto navigate Flippa (simple Google searches) and anintermediate to advanced marketer should be goodto go in the knowledge department.Costs are minimal; domain, hosting and other smallcosts related to the method, but the return is worthit.How soon you SEE the return is totally up to you.Dont get distracted, and it can be sooner than youthink.This WSO gets two thumbs up fromme. YaniBQuote:Originally Posted by Reddevil007 I had the chance to go through this product and all i can say is dont let the simple sales copy scare youaway because what matt has put up is simply goingto blow away your mind, you will be sayingwhy didnt i think of this.The contentprovided is actionable and out of the boxthinking.
  11. 11. Good Job!Heres the buy button..GET Is It Possible To Make Money On Flippa WithoutSelling Your Website? YES. Whenever You Want To.See you on the inside.I am adding an upgrade offer which is basically 13 suppliersthat I have used recently and tested that you can use with thissystem. This will just help you proceed quicker.I also added this offer for those of you that need a littleextra hand holding getting your business off the ground.NOTE: if you buy that offer, you dont need the upgradefor this offer. Its included.*I created a private facebook group for support, so ask away,but Dont expect me to do everything for you. This is not oneon one coaching for $5. Take some questions and ask me ifyou have them. I will help you. I am browsing the facebookgroup hourly, asking if anyone needs help, how I can make thecourse better, etc. PARTICIPATE and TAKEACTION.Keep in mind you dont have to sell a website with thismethod. Thats not what this method is about  curious?why dont you pick it up and try it? What can you lose?
  12. 12. If you are already selling a wso or service, youare all set GET Is It Possible To Make Money On Flippa WithoutSelling Your Website? YES. Whenever You Want To.Quote:Originally Posted by andybeveridge A very interesting method that would work if you take the necessary action. I certainlyhave not come across this approach before. All in alla good wso which offers value for money.Quote:Originally Posted by NoviIM I had a chance to go through Matts Flippa Revelation WSO, and I must say that is its absolutely worththe money! It is extremely detailed and easyto follow, and a person who has anysort of common sense would easily beable to implement this and make agood income.All that needs to be done, is use the information and put it into action!This is a quality product and WELL worth the pennies itcosts!All the best!YuryQuote:Originally Posted by mrsray I just got done watching the videos for Matts Flippa Revelation WSO ... very interestingidea here ... and can see how it will make money for anyone who takes action on this, in ashort period of time too. Matt doesnt hide the fact that it is grey hat,but there is no
  13. 13. scamming anyone, so that will let you sleepat nite. I think it will take some practice and some patience to get off the ground, but I seeunlimited potential with this idea. Quote:Originally Posted by Star Riley I am so tired of FLIPPA money methods that claim they have some new insights!This is not that how could I make money from Flippa without selling a website this has to be some of thewall nutty idea right?Wrong - This is great in fact M.J youjust moonwalked into my bank accountwith this one :-)I looked at your coaching offer : Warrior Forum Coaching with a guarantee.Look at my enormous email listand paypal balance! LOL and was not sure after watching your briliant and workable case study YOu gotyourself a new coaching client!You deliver the goods great voice and tonality I understand every word and I just get it. (Im sure if your reading my review you have bought WSO and understand why its hard to get whatsbeing taught bad delivery and no time taken to ensure poeple understand)Im actually looking at doing a take on this idea on another site :PQuote:Originally Posted by Andrew_Wardle Disclaimer – I was given a review copy of this WSO.The first point to make is that there is absolutely nofluff here. If you like learning fast and not wasting time, youll like the presentation here. Thereis one video (along with some updates) and then some short PDFs, and the concept will be easy enoughto understand for anyone who has been in IM for any length of time. Newbies will have to put some effort in to understand the concept, and then to learn how to construct thewebsite, how to set up an operation selling or reselling services, and how to interact with potential buyers.These are skills which are needed whichever business model you intend to follow, so you may as well learnthem in a way which gives you a two-fold chance to make money.I have no doubt that this is a genuine case study,because I put myself in the buyers shoes and askedmyself whether or not I would have bought whatwas being sold. The chances are that if I was on Flippa and looking at sites, I would beeager to buy what was on offer. The buyer will see it as a chance toget into business without having to pay for a site
  14. 14. which they simply couldnt afford.Oh, and one other thing – this isdifferent. This is not some rehashedcontent on flipping websites. Ive notcome across anyone else using theFlippa marketplace in this way, and itputs you in a far better place to profitfrom your listing.Many buyers wont implement this because it takes work, and that means opportunity for those that do. AndrewPS If it is grey hat (Limey spelling), then it is a very light shade. It may not be quite what the siteowners would ideally want, but it is certainly a long way from being black hat. The people whobuy from you are getting a genuine deal and will be satisfied.Quote:Originally Posted by MDAZ I received a review copy and heres my honest review.Although this is not something I can see myself doing because it is is a bit "grey" I CANDEFINITELY see the opportunity to make money with hismethod. The "grey" lies along the lines of what is NOT disclosed to your visitors on Flippa. I dont think I would consider this a "newbie" friendly course. What I mean by that is a newbie will needto know how to put a WP website together or be able to find someone who can create one forthem. Fiverr could be a good place to turn for this task. Then offer a service of some type withoutdisclosing too much information on this course. For those who are looking for "step-by-step" or "paint-by-numbers" guidance or direction, this will not bewhat youre looking for because Matt does offer coaching using the method taught. The idea behind this way of making money can actually work very well. However, be warned, youwill probably need to have a little bit of thick skin because it is greyhat. And...youll definitely need to feelcomfortable communicating with your customers or potential customers. If youre looking for a method togenerate income without dealing with people...this is NOT for you. Frankly Im surprised not more people have thought of doing this with Flippa or perhaps its been done butpeople are just not sharing the method with anyone else. Matt was very up front andhonest about this does require a bit of effort toset up, nothing too difficult and he did generate theincome he claims he has using this method. 
  15. 15. Bottom line: if youre looking for a way to generate some money without being at the mercy ofGoogle, PPC, etc...this is definitely a way to do so as long as youre willing to take action.Quote:Originally Posted by NatGreen I had a friend ask me the other day about flipping websites via Flippa but its something I have had noprior experience with. I saw Matts course and decided to check it out. It was very easy to understandand like others have said already, it has a pretty cool unique twist to it. Looking to try this out!Quote:Originally Posted by Jenna619 I have went thru this course and have to say that this is a very solid method....Matt lays it out inlaymans terms so that anyone with a little bit of common sense and customer service skills can make this work....I have done something just like thisback in the day and have made$11,500.00 in one month... GET Is It Possible To Make Money On Flippa WithoutSelling Your Website? YES. Whenever You Want To.