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  1. 1. 373.0TUGASAN 23.1Rancangan PengajaranHarian – Measuring andcomparing Length: Year 3
  2. 2. 38Class : 3 PlutoNumbers of pupils : 20Date : 20 Mei 2009 (Wednesday)Time : 9.20 am – 10.20 amSubject : MathematicsTopic : LengthLearning Area : Measuring and Comparing LengthLearning Objective : Pupils will be taught to:- Measure the lengths correctly.- Record the length.- Differentiate measurable lengthLearning Outcome : At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:- Measure length of object using the standard units correctly.- Record the length taken.- Differentiate between measurable and non- measurable object- State the reason why an object is measurable and non-measurable- Comparing length of two different objects.- Answer 4 out of 4 questions correctly.Prior Knowledge : i) Pupils have learnt how to measure and compare lengths at year 2 using non-standard unitsTeaching – Learning Resources: - picture of KLCC, ruler, measuring tape, laptop and LCD.Moral Value : - Cooperation- Diligence- Awareness- Spirit of nationalityThinking Skill : Knowledge: Identifying, rememberingComprehension: Comprehend, understanding
  3. 3. 39Procedure/Allocation ofTimeContent Activities RemarksSet Induction( 5 minutes)9.20 am – 9.25amIntroduction of the measurable oflengthvideo and picture:1. Pupil watch the video and the picture ofWorld Cup trophy2. Pupils respond to the teacher’s question.3. Pupils will say the tools that they can use tomeasure.4. Teacher tells pupils the topic that they aregoing to learn today is length.Teacher :1. Do you know the height of World Cup trophy?Answer:- we do not know- 40cm, 36cm, 33cm,…2. What are the tools that we can use to measureit?Answer:-ruler- measuring tapeTeachingResourcesVideo and picture ofWorld Cup trophyVocabularyLengthHeightMeasureWidthMoral valueCooperationDiligenceSpiritedness ofnationality
  4. 4. 40LessonDevelopmentStep 1(10 minutes)9.25 am – 9.35amMeasuring from the example. Pupils will be watching a video about the correctway to take measurement of length.Pupils will listen to the teacher explanation aboutthe correct way to take a measurement like thevideo explained earlier by using giant ruler.Pupils will be asked to take out their exercisebook or any measurable object and a ruler thenmeasure it just like the video does.Pupils who did not record the correctmeasurement will be guided by teacher.TeachingResourcesRuler,Laptop andLCD, giant ruler, fileThinking skill- UnderstandingMoral values- Build upconfidence-honest duringmeasuring
  5. 5. 41Teacher :Could you read the measurement above?- Yes.Can you tell me what the reading is?-24cmLessonDevelopmentStep 2(10 minutes)9.35 am – 9.45amLet’s practice!Activities of student centeredClassify between measurable andnon-measurable object.Pupils will be given few objects.Pupils must classify between measurable andnon-measurable object.Pupils must show which object that can bemeasured.Student measure the measurable length objects.The objects given:stapler eraserskewers scissorcolour pen bottle of watersandTeachingResourcesScissors, skewers,staplers, erasers,color pens, bottlesof water, sand andcontainersThinking skill- Recognize- Classify- UnderstandingMoral values- Diligence- Awareness- Carefulness
  6. 6. 42Teacher:- Why the objects can be measured and cannotbe measured?- I want you to measure the length of themeasurable length objects.LessonDevelopmentStep 3(10 minutes)9.45 am – 9.55amComparing length of two objects Pupils will measure two different things indifferent length and records the readings.Pupils will compare the length and tell whichone is longer.Pupils will see the slide show of two differentlengths of trees.Pupils will determine which one is longer.Teacher :Could you read the measurement?Can you tell me what the reading is?Compare the readings and tell me whichoneis longer.TeachingResource- power pointpresentation-giant rulerThinking skill- Recognize- Classify- UnderstandingMoral values- Diligence- Awareness- Carefulness
  7. 7. 43LessonDevelopmentStep 4(20 minutes)9.55 am – 10.15amLet’s Explore the Length Explorace: Let’s Explore the Length- Pupils are divided into five group- Each group will be given the measuringtape, the instruction paper and theworksheet.- Pupils will be told about the instructions- Pupils will be guided by the teacher- The answers for each station will bechecked together.TeachingResource- measuring tape- ruler- worksheetThinking skill- comparing- identifying- comprehendMoral Value- teamwork- carefulnessClosure( 10minutes)10.00 am – 10.20amEnrichment Pupils will be given three questions aboutlength by using power pointPupils answer the questionTeacher :Petronas Twin Tower is taller than KualaLumpur Tower. However, Taipei 101Tower is taller than Petronas TwinTower tower. Which of the tower is thetallest?Closure( 10minutes)10.00 am – 10.20am
  8. 8. 44Answer : Taipei 101 TowerAli have a pencil. Its length is 10 cm.While Husin have a pencil sized 15 cm.Therefore, Husin’s pencil is 5 cm______ than Ali’s pencil.Answer : longerWhat is the length of the pencil?What is the length of the crayon?Therefore, the _____ is longer than the_____ .Answer : Pencil : 8cmCrayon : 4cmPencil is longer thancrayon