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Team solar car Beserah


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Kastek 2015

Published in: Education
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Team solar car Beserah

  1. 1.  To explore the application of renewable energy such as solar energy.  To use the renewable solar energy to build model cars.  To build save-energy car.
  2. 2.  Build solar car which is lighter because it can reduce drag and air resistance.  Solar car shape is aerodynamic.  Transmission system for solar car is the gear system.
  3. 3.  To build a model solar car that has the efficiency of solar energy resources in optimal condition.  To introduce the students about the science and technology.  To apply mechanical and electronic skill in science.  To investigate the relationship between speed , force and load.  To introduce students about the alternative energy (solar energy)  To reduce the usage of non-renewable energy.
  4. 4.  This car uses the solar cell or photovoltaic panel.  Solar cell changes the solar energy to electric charge.  The solar panel will undergo chemical reactions and change the sunlight to electron.  The electron will rotate the motor and the wheels so the car will move.
  5. 5. The circuit that are formed are the combination of a series and parallel. Series circuit add power to the car while parallel circuit provide optimum energy for the car to move.
  6. 6. Main material – Board  To make the body.  Light and easy to shape. Tyre – Span  Make the car move faster.  Reduce drag.
  7. 7. Time 11.00 a.m 12.00 p.m 1.00 p.m Brightness of sunlight Low Moderate High Speed 1.25 m/s 1.28 m/s 1.32 m/s
  8. 8.  The speed of the car depends on the material used and the brightness of sunlight.  The brighter the sunlight , the faster the car will move.  The light the material used , the faster the car will move.