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Alex Bio


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Published in: Education
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Alex Bio

  1. 1. Alex Walters By: Alex Walters
  2. 2. History Irish English Polish German
  3. 3. A Fine Start Born in Ithaca, Feb 10, 1992 South Hill Boynton Now IHS Sr.
  4. 4. Best Activities Skiing, Vermont, Mt. Snow, Smuggs. Airsoft Devil sticking
  5. 5. Sports Used to soccer, track Favorite football team: Colts
  6. 6. Music Anything rap, pop, hip hop, rock, screamo. My favorite band is Coldplay.
  7. 7. T.V. Shows
  8. 8. Movies Favorite animated movie Disney’s Hercules Favorite regular one V for Vendetta
  9. 9. Near Future College Major Civil Engineering minor in environmental science. Design and build green buildings.
  10. 10. The effect of violent movies on kids.