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Converse Marketing Campaign


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Done by Benjamin, Jansen and Lien Ching.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Converse Marketing Campaign

  1. 1. Team Members : Benjamin Tay – 091410E Jansen Chew – 092214R Lien Ching – 092436J
  2. 2.  About Us Competitors of Converse Stamp-Galore Campaign Metrics for the Campaign Benefits of our Campaign Q&A
  3. 3.  American shoe company since 1908 One of the earliest pioneers in sneaker productions Decreasing in market share Rival Competitors such as :  Everlast  Vans  Toms
  4. 4. Social Media Platforms that our Competitors make us of : Facebook Twitter Blogs Videos Converse Everlast Vans Toms
  5. 5. Invite 10 Spend Spend Get a $20people to Minimum Minimum voucher our app $30 $50Donate a Spend Get any Crack QR pair of Minimum shoes at code & shoes $80 30% off! win prizes!
  6. 6.  Online Facebook Stamp collection. 3 different levels for Stamp-Galore collection  Levels are:  The first 10 people who complete all 3 levels win an iPad 2.
  7. 7.  Quantitative Metrics :  Number of Facebook fans.  Number of Stamps given out.  Number of people who completed the Stamp card.  Increased amount of sales during this period of time. Qualitative Metrics :  Amount of Facebook ‘Likes’  Amount of Facebook comments.
  8. 8.  Customer’s Point of View:  Sense of Achievement  Vouchers  Attractive Prizes  Perceive Converse as an engaging and exciting brand Company’s Point of View:  Build relationship with our customers.  Know what our customers perceive our brand to be.  Positive image of Company  Increase sales revenue