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The title says it all

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. WORLD WAR I UNIT PLAN Abstract Thisunitplandealswithteachinga unitonWorld War I to a group of highschool seniorsfrom small-townWestVirginia. Manydifferentformsof technologyare utilizedinthisinstructionincluding Powerpoints,Blogger,Wikispaces,Youtube, Podcasts,Facebook,Robots,etc.Notonlyare theybeing taught aboutthe historyof World War I, mystudentsalsomustundergothe taskof a group projectin whichtheycreate and presentarobot anda posterwitha WorldWar I theme.Thisweek-long assignmentrequiresresearch,communicationskills,critical thinking,hands-onwork,creativity,audio and visual learning,andparticipationinclassdiscussionsandhomeworkassignments.Ultimately,my studentswill be able torecite keyinformationaboutthe historyof WorldWarI witha highdegree of accuracy and be able tosuccessfullyapplytechnologiesutilizedbothinandoutof the classroom.