Skeletal system


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Skeletal system

  1. 1. Skeletal SystemBesides keeping you upright….
  2. 2. Skeletal System The skeletal system offers protection, support, blood cell formation, stores minerals and energy and aids movement. Calcium and phosphorus are stored within your bones.
  3. 3.  Bones are considered to be living organs because they are made up of nerve, muscle and epithelial tissue, as well the connective tissue that binds everything together. If you were to look at the cross section of a long bone, such as your femur, you would see a shaft that contains either red or yellow marrow. Red is newly produced marrow. As bones age, the red marrow converts into yellow. This special, yellow marrow is an energy source.
  4. 4.  Within the bones, red and white blood cells are produced, along with platelets. There is a fibrous sheath called a periosteum that contains blood vessels which supply oxygen and nutrients to the bone tissues. Blood vessels get in and out of the bones by little openings called nutrient canals.
  5. 5. Skeletal System Bone Marrow - Controls blood levels using the following feedback loop: 2 pints for every 25 pounds  If too low (2 pints for every 25 pounds), bone marrow produces necessary white and red blood cells.
  6. 6. Diseases/afflictions of the skeletal system Broken/fractured bones Anemia (low RBC and/or iron) Osteo arthritis Torn ligament(s) Torn cartilage sprains