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Physical and Human Characteristics of France


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Physical and Human Characteristics of France

  1. 1. Physical Characteristics of FranceYour goal: Beable to giveexamples ofthe physicalcharacteristicsof France.
  2. 2. Rhine RiverRiver valley separating France and GermanyNatural defensive borderFortress towns
  3. 3. Pyrenees MountainsMountains separating France and SpainNatural defensive border
  4. 4. Island of CorsicaMediterranean IslandBirthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte
  5. 5. Beaches at NormandyProvince on the North coast of FranceWhere the Alliesinvaded Europein World War II
  6. 6. Human Characteristics of FranceYour goal: Beable to giveexamples ofthe humancharacteristicsof France.
  7. 7. Palace at Versailles•Royal capital of France (1700s)•Peace conference after WWI (1919)
  8. 8. Montesquieu 1700sArgued that all governments should have separation of powers• Legislative• Executive• Judicial
  9. 9. Voltaire 1700s Enlightenment thinker with the ideas: • Church and state should be separate. • People have the right to freedom of speech and religion.
  10. 10. Louis Pasteur 1800sGerm theoryPasteurization of milk
  11. 11. Coco Chanel 1920s-1940sFashion designerAmbitious, innovative
  12. 12. Louvre Museum•Opened 1793 during French Revolution•Confiscated church, noble &royal property•Art is now available to the people!
  13. 13. Eiffel Tower 1800s•1050 feet tall
  14. 14. Arc de Triomph 1800s•“Arch of Triumph”
  15. 15. Claude Monet 1800s
  16. 16. Vincent van Gogh 1800s
  17. 17. Henri Marie de 1800sToulouse-Lautrec
  18. 18. Henri Matisse 1800s
  19. 19. EdouardManet 1800s
  20. 20. Edgar Degas 1800s
  21. 21. Paul Cezanne 1800s
  22. 22. Auguste Rodin 1800s The Thinker
  23. 23. Pierre-Auguste Renoir 1800s
  24. 24. Paul Gauguin 1800s
  25. 25. WineWorld’s largest wine producer
  26. 26. Cheese This is Brie Over 300 types of cheese