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My marketing plan assignment


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My marketing plan assignment

  1. 1. 1 UNIPAK MARKETING PLANCompany Introduction:UniPak, a Zonal firm was founded in January 11, 2011 with its head office in Abbottabad.Malik M. Walid Sajid is the president and chairman of the company. The company was formedby integrating Malik brothers, brands of which were imported in larger quantity with greaterefficiency.Statement of the Marketing Goal:The liveliness and validity of life is very critical to the company being its primary objective.The company aims at attainment of people’s satisfaction of looking good and feeling pleased.This is made possible by the providence of hygienic products, nutritional brands along with theheath care. The company’s each and every step is taken in accordance with long term value,profit attainment, company’s growth, and balancing a healthy relationship with partners.UniPak SWOT Analysis:Strengths:What makes your business thrive? • The UniPak brand is renowned as the functional and active operating company in Hazara region. • The company has strong relations and transactions with their retailers or vendors. • The economical position of the company is well organized and reached to the certain scale maintained by the Hazara business. • Portfolio of the brand is very well-built.Weaknesses:What are your vulnerabilities? • There is no direct association of the company with the customers that affects the sales of the brand. • The income of the company is gradually decreasing because of its overall reduction in the sales of brand. • The company doesn’t have the abilities to do more acquisitions which help in expanding business. • Managerial functions organized by the company are very weak which in result reduce the scale of brand in the Province as the services are not properly performed.
  2. 2. 2Opportunities:What market conditions or segments can lead to growth? • By changing the approach of the customers, the company can get better results in the future. • The requirements related to the products must be increased to enhance the commodities.Threats:How are competitors snapping at your heels? • The products related to stores must be increased to maintain the position of the company. • The exchange excise has been the long time problem for the company. • The climate of the business is effecting the position of the company.Who are competitors?The top and worth mentioning Local competitors of the company includes; • Nestle • Care • Unilever etc.Marketing Objectives for the Project:The marketing objectives of the company include; • Marking up 5% profit rate each year in sustainable way by valuing the employees while maintaining the customer’s loyalty. • By increasing the sales percentage by increasing the manufacturing rate of core brands. • Spending the noticeable part of budget on advertisements and marketing of core brands that are around 100. • Introduction of adaptive products in local markets through innovation in research and development.Overall Objective:
  3. 3. 3Overall objective of the company is to expand on Provincial level in First step and thengradually rise up the expansion to National level with its products penetrating into the localmarkets; ultimately attaining the customers’ loyalty of different market segments throughquality and innovative products.Strategic Objectives for Every Primary Objective: • As a main strategy of the company being customer-ship the company aims at establishing the additional products range to retain it according to the advanced expectations of the customers. • Maintain its position with the gradual growth to Provencal lead the Nation. • Relationships with stockholders are enhanced along with the strong regional management.Target Market Segments:The target segment for the company is health and beauty conscious people including both maleand female groups as the company positioned itself at health and beauty care products. Almostin all parts of the Province, the UniPak products are shelved and are paid huge attention by thecustomers visiting the stores for routine items like grocery.UniPak Marketing Mix:Product:Having the right product or service for your market. • The top most brand of UniPak is Sauce. • The UniPak is completely categorized in two brands that are in home and personal care and food and beverages. • In food and beverages it includes Soya based drinks, syrups and cooking oil etc. • Laundry detergents shower gels, hair products and dish washer etc.Price:Selling your product or service for an amount that makes your target customer feel its a gooddeal. • The prices of the products are not specific; they gradually keep on changing and are different for different products. • While deciding the price for any article, the competitor’s strategies are kept before, by the company.
  4. 4. 4Place:Distributing your product to locations where your target customers can readily find it. • UniPak is paying its services in almost 15 Districts and further they are planning in other Provinces. • The company contains 3 business segments which are involved in planning for future success.Promotion:Creating appropriate perceptions across multiple channels, including, print, direct mail, flyers,brochures, and postcards, TV or radio spots, newspaper or magazine ads, online and more.The company is promoting its product through advertisement by electronic media and printmedia. Beside this conventional promotion the company offers the schemed like premiumpacks, sales etc to attract the majority of the customers.Main strategies:1. Market Penetration:Market penetration strategy of the company runs along its extension more towards Peshawar,Attock and Islamabad by extending its product line. The market augmentation could be doneby stimulating the market with product innovation and thus market penetration.2. Market Development:UniPak is extending the practicality of its market development strategy by stimulating theproduct innovation and research and development sector for the new product development. Asthe market development for any company becomes more integrated with the company’sexpansion, acquisitions and partnerships, therefore UniPak is also focusing on all theserespects.3. Diversification Strategy:The company diversification strategy is being focused more preferably for the Islamabad andthe emerging economies of Pakistan including Karachi. The company is presently servingNationwide with 15 districts and is on the way to add up 20 more districts in the queue.Monitoring and Control:The monitoring and control by the company is successfully carried on through the balancecontrol card method focusing separately on the following four perspectives:
  5. 5. 5 • Financial Perspective • Customer Perspective • Internal Perspective • Innovation and learning PerspectiveBudget:The major part of the budget is being used up by the company in marketing programs andstrategies. The total revenue owned by the company by 2011 was Rs. 9 million and the netincome was Rs. 1 million.
  6. 6. 5 • Financial Perspective • Customer Perspective • Internal Perspective • Innovation and learning PerspectiveBudget:The major part of the budget is being used up by the company in marketing programs andstrategies. The total revenue owned by the company by 2011 was Rs. 9 million and the netincome was Rs. 1 million.