Circassia, Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing- 05


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Circassia, Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing- 05

  1. 1. Circassia Genocide Ethnic Cleansing & Heinous Crimes Walid Hakouz Toronto – Canada 2011 Part 5
  2. 2. Heinous Crimes
  3. 3. Heinous Crimes During the Russian conquest of the Caucasus, Circassian People were exterminated and deported from their homeland to the Ottoman Empire.
  4. 4. Heinous Crimes 90 % of the Circassian population in Circassia were killed, died of artificially imposed hardship, or sent into exile on a mass scale .
  5. 5. Deportation
  6. 6. Reports Genocide Ethnic Cleansing & Heinous Crimes
  7. 7. Grand Duke Michael “ We wouldn’t leave our duties thinking that Circassians are not surrendering. To wipe out the half, the other half needed to be destroyed”.
  8. 8. Count D. A. Milyutin “ We should send the Circassians by force to the places we want. Our main goal is to settle Russians on the skirts of the Caucasian Mountains. But we shouldn’t let the Circassians know about this”.
  9. 9. Earl Yevdokimov “ Now we have to clean the coastal strip as part of our plan for the conquest of Circassia ” October 1863
  10. 10. St. Petersburg Newspaper “ There is no more Circassia . Our soldiers will clean out the remainders in the mountains very soon, and the war will be over in a short time.” April 1864
  11. 11. Earl Yevdokimov “ Now we have to clean the coastal strip as part of our plan for the conquest of Circassia ” May 1864
  12. 12. Massacres Slaughtering Circassia
  13. 13. Heinous Crimes
  14. 14. Heinous Crimes The Murderer General Zass , fixed Circassian heads on top of lances, near his encampment, on top of a specially prepared small hill.
  15. 15. General Zass The Murderer, General Zass , was paying Cossacks for walking in the battlefields and cutting the heads of Circassians.
  16. 16. General Zass “ I boil them, clean them, and send them to my professor friends in Berlin for the study of anatomy”
  17. 17. Deportation
  18. 18. Testimonies Solidarity with Circassia
  19. 19. Historian: Y.D. Felisin “ This was a real and brutal war. Hundreds of Circassian villages were set on fire. We let our horses run over their crops and gardens to destroy them, in the end it turned into a ruin.”
  20. 20. Writer: Leo Tolstoy “ This and following scenes were such horror scenes that none of the reporters were courageous enough to report them.”
  21. 21. General N. N. Rayevski “ The things we did in Circassia were very similar to the negative things that Spaniards did during the war in American lands.”
  22. 22. Opposition: Jan Karol “ The Russian conquest of Caucasia is a terrible example of our barbarian times. It took 101 years of military terror and massacre to break the resistance of the Caucasian Mountaineers”
  23. 23. Reporter: I. Dzarov “ Half of those who left to go to Ottoman Empire died before they reached there. Such a state of wretchedness is rare in the history of the humankind.”
  24. 24. Verdict Wiping Circassia From the map
  25. 25. Grand Duke Michael “ In one month, you either go to the land that will be shown to you beyond Kuban, or you go to the land of Ottoman Empire” May 21 st 1864
  26. 26. Grand Duke Michael “ The villagers and mountaineers who are not leaving for the coastal region in one month will be treated as prisoners of war.” May 21 st 1864
  27. 27. Deportation
  28. 28. Heinous Crimes 90 % of the Circassian population were killed, relocated, or sent into exile. 1,000,000 People Vanished