Music Video Codes And Conventions (Research)


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Music Video Codes And Conventions (Research)

  1. 1. Codes & Conventions (Music Video)
  2. 2. Types Of Music Video  Performance  Live Action  Narrative  Symbolic  Animation  Documentries
  3. 3. Performance Music video performance consists of either the whole of the video or several parts of it including live, on-stage performance by the artist. There are a lot of types of Music Videos but the most conventional ones are Performance and Narrative based Here is a link, to one of the most Performance based Music Video “Linkin Park - Faint”
  4. 4. A narrative in a music video is much like a mini- movie, British alternative rock band Coldplay uses narrative in their song "The Scientist" Narrative
  5. 5. Some videos are very symbolic and have many meanings, Most songs that don’t make much sense and are unusual in a weird yet different way usually have a symbolic meaning “Lady Gaga” usually has symbolic videos , Videos with a meaning which only smart audiences can observe or maybe just die hard Lady Gaga fans. Symbolic
  6. 6. A music video is a short film or video that accompanies a wide-ranging part of a music/song. Modern Music Videos are made with a lot of planning and used as marketing to improve the sale of music recordings. The conventions of a music video vary depending on genre of music, the way things are done within the video this also describes the genre of the music video. However, some general conventions include the artist is shown performing, the lyrics of the song influence what is shown in the video, the pace of editing fits the pace of the music, and the codes of dress reflect the mood of the song. Codes And Conventions
  7. 7. The codes and conventions of Editing and sound Jump cutting Scenes edited to match music Split screens Diegetic sound Changes in sound level The codes and conventions of Mis-en-scene Props Costume Location Character – if narrative is included The codes and conventions of Camera: Variety of shots depending on style Crane shots Low angles Pans Tilting
  8. 8. Codes -Editing (using different techniques is important in creating different moods and emotions to fit in with the style of music that is accompanied by the video) -Camera movement (swish pans, tracking shots, etc.) - Using a variety of angles (rather than sticking to one type of shot which will bore audiences and lose their interest) - Mis-en-scene (props, costumes, lighting, locations, etc.) Conventions - Tend to be based around a person’s feelings and emotions (e.g. a girl singing about a boy) - Shots on the artist or others singing the lyrics (lip syncing is one of the most important things to get right) - There is usually a link between the lyrics, genre and style of music with the actual video (i.e. a dance video usually has the codes of conventions of flashing lights, spotlights which is accompanied by the lyrics; usually talk about clubbing and an energetic lifestyle.