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Realty investments That Can Turn You Into A Financial Mogul


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Check out these different realty properties that you can explore of the road to becoming a financial mogul, and select which ones are right for your investment.

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Realty investments That Can Turn You Into A Financial Mogul

  1. 1. Realty Investments That Can Turn You Into A Financial Mogul
  2. 2. Many realty investors dream of becoming financial moguls, and rightly so when you consider all of the millionaires (and beyond) that have made their fortunes in real estate. If you fall into this category, you should definitely be aware of all of the realty investment opportunities available today. Check out these different realty properties that you can explore of the road to becoming a financial mogul, and select which ones are right for your investment.
  3. 3. Commercial Properties Types available for real estate investments
  4. 4. Office Buildings These realty properties can have one or several different tenants, and include one or more different companies. The positives of these investments are that tenants may pay premium rates and they are usually easy to finance. On the negative side, office buildings usually require a very large investment and they’re heavily reliant on the economy, especially because even just one vacancy can be very expensive.
  5. 5. Retail Space Moguls favor these properties because they offer high returns as a realty investment opportunity. Retail space can be anything from a small location in a strip mall, to a multi-use mall or a big box store. Retail leases can have longer durations, but it’s important to factor in the potential pitfalls, such as the fact that bankrupt retailers may never pay past- due rent.
  6. 6. Industrial Property This type of realty property can include warehouses, distribution centers, depots, and more, plus they frequently require a smaller investment than a retail building or office. However, industrial properties can be harder to rent because they are highly specialized.
  7. 7. Land Many moguls in the realty space have made a fortune through land investments because they offer varied opportunities. These include the option to hold land and then sell to a developer once it has appreciated in value, the land can be rezoned before it’s sold to a developer, it can be rented, or it can be self-developed. There are two especially important caveats to keep in mind with land investments though - zoning rules and property taxes. Both of these items may hinder the money made through the investment and future use capabilities.
  8. 8. Mixed Use Properties These properties are a combination of commercial and residential - such as a skyscraper that houses both office space and apartments/penthouses, or a building with a store or other commercial property on the ground floor, and a residential space of the second floor. Moguls in realty appreciate these properties because they provide two income streams and may even qualify for tax breaks. However, they may be harder to finance and manage.
  9. 9. Residential Properties Types available for real estate investments
  10. 10. Apartment Complexes Apartment complexes are larger properties that have a least 5 residential units. Although apartment complexes are subject to economic downturns and have frequent turnover, financial moguls that invest in realty often focus more on the positive side of the investment potential. For example, apartment complexes have good ROI, have a shorter depreciation cycle than commercial real estate, and apartments are always in demand, even in poorer locations.
  11. 11. Duplex / Multifamily Properties These properties are a popular option for those just starting down the realty path on their journey to become a financial mogul. Duplexes are 2-family properties while multifamily properties typically consist of 4- family units. It’s possible for the owner to reside in one of the units while renting out the other(s), which makes it a very stable real estate investment option. Although the potential for turnover could be high, the benefits of investing in duplex or multifamily properties, such as the fact that you won’t need to secure special financing if the property has 4-units or less, typically outweigh any negatives.
  12. 12. Single Family Homes Single family homes are packed with investment potential. You can invest in this property type by building a new home, buying a traditional home, purchasing a foreclosure, fixing up a rundown property and flipping it for profit, or renting out a home you already own. Single family homes typically yield high ROI but a less diversified rental income cash flow.
  13. 13. Whether you opt to invest in commercial properties, residential properties, or a combination of both, you can definitely find the perfect match for your mogul journey into the realty space!
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