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Land planning: What is it?

What is Land Planning? Learn more about what this important part of ‪#‎architecture‬ is, the process and more

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Land planning: What is it?

  1. 1. A quick guideLAND PLANNING Prepared By: Haylee Griffin
  2. 2. “In their professional roles, land planners work together with government officials, developers, and other interested parties to make large-scale decisions regarding land use. Because these decisions are impacted by already existing regulations, and because the decisions will have impact on levels both economic and environmental, land planners act as specialists and investigators, determining the true long-term impacts of decisions.” WHAT IS A LAND PLANNER? Salary.html
  3. 3.  Developing plans for construction projects  Understanding the needs of developers, residents, and the surrounding community  Consulting with architects, engineers, and landscape architects to work out details of plans  Presenting projects to local officials and land planning organizations  Adhering to federal, state, and local laws regarding construction LAND PLANNERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR…
  4. 4. 1. Establish goals and terms of reference 2. Organize the work 3. Analyze the problems 4. Identify opportunities for change 5. Evaluate land suitability 6. Appraise the alternative 7. Choose the best option 8. Prepare the land-use plan 9. Implementation 10. Monitor and revise STEPS IN THE LAND PLANNING PROCESS colombia/FAO/AGLL/pdfdocs/guidelup.pdf
  6. 6.  Land use- The occupation or utilization of land or water area for any human activity or any purpose defined in the general plan.  Mixed Use- Zoning which permits various uses, such as office, commercial, institutional, light industrial and residential, to be combined in a single building or on a single site in an integrated  Architectural Review- A review of the architectural plans that ensures that the exterior design of any proposed structures maintains consistency with the style and historic character of the surrounding buildings  Charrette- An intensive, multi-day planning session where citizens, planners, and developers collaborate on the development of a plan or design for a project COMMON TERMS IN LAND PLANNING