9 frame analysis 2


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9 frame analysis 2

  1. 1. 9 frame analysis A Clockwork Orange
  2. 2. In this scene of A Clockwork Orange, a medium close up is implemented to show the main character drinking a glass of Moloko (milk), the clothes this character is wearing are very eccentric and he kind of looks like an English baseball players, due to his bowler hat giving off that British look.
  3. 3. In this scene, you can see a group of men, which are all wearing eccentric clothing and drinking and are all drinking moloko (milk), all of the men in this shot are wearing makeup and all have smug expressions on their faces; a slow pan out is used to reveal these men as well, meaning that of some importance, due to the camera never changing its angle.
  4. 4. In this scene a group of men are huddled around two tables which appear to be masked around a woman's figure. This shows me that the man believe they are dominant and are also very sexist against women., due to one of them resting his feet on the woman's body, also the dark lighting shows that they are a very mysterious group.
  5. 5. This shot shows the gang surrounded by statuettes of woman, the weird thing about this scene is that the models of the women are crafted in very sexual positions, which shows me that the men may debase or demean women, due to them having such models of women being violated.
  6. 6. An extreme long, deep focus shot still focuses on the main 4 men, due to the camera never changing its angle, it also show more statuettes of women, which must mean that these men like to rape women, due to no women being in this scene, there is also men dressed in different clothes, which shows me that the place their in must be social club.
  7. 7. In this scene a pan out has been used to show the whole of the social club. It also shows me that the room is covered in random text and that the majority of the people in the social club are wearing baseball outfits. The camera also focuses on the main 5 people in the middle, which tells me that they are of some importance.
  8. 8. In this scene an extreme close up has been used to show the state this person is in, his outfit is very musty and appears to be covered in stains which gives my the idea of said person being homeless, also the colouration of his fingers seem to be a grey colour showing me that this man is unkempt and unclean. The alcoholic beverage he is holding in his hand also shows me that he is an heavy drinker and he appears to be unhealthy, due to there being small pieces of food on the floor, giving me the idea that he is a scavenger.
  9. 9. In this shot a medium close up has been used to show a homeless person lying on the floor. It looks as though he ’ s laying down in a car park and his body is almost out shadowed by 4 huge silhouettes, which seem to be wearing bowler hats, which look exactly like the ones worn in the social club.
  10. 10. In this scene you can see that a high angle has been used to show the importance of these characters, one of them seems to be holding a weapon behind his head, which shows me that these are a violent bunch of people, also low key lightning has been used to show how intimidating these people are. It also looks like they are walking under a bridge due to there being an opening at the end. They are more or likely going to attack the homeless man camped under the bridge which shows me they have no remorse.