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One of the students from my Computer class was asked to describe the school

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  1. 1. BY ATELA
  2. 2. Mr Cooke is the principle of Melville Intermediate School. He is very proud of his school and welcomes any one who wants to learn. He makes sure that everyone is happy at his school. David Cooke has also put in class gardens, so now every every student has a plant. Also the students learn how to take care of plants and what we can do to help the planet. We have a hall in our school, and its pretty big so don’t worry everyone can fit in. We have assemblies and performances in there too.
  3. 3. People in our school have many talents, that’s why we have options. They are for when you have a talent and you want to show it, or if you want to learn new skills. We have baking, art, sewing and many more. But we also have tutor classes. That’s the main class you stay in and learn. We also have technology blocks were we learn skills like music, computers and lots more. Its pretty much like options. This is our library ,it has a variety of books, there is also books about new Zealand. You can also study in there and read too. But you have to remember that you have to be quiet in that room.
  4. 4. Our school has many rooms and a huge fields. We do have school rules too. Our school is located in mount view road Melville Hamilton New Zealand. We have a playground and lots of counts. We have kind teachers who support us and we have great receptionist. The students in this school are very kind to. So you will make friends really easy. We are a enviro school and we also have student councilors . So now the kids have choices with the school too. Our school also has netball and basketball courts. At the front of our school we have many trees and New Zealand's flag. Also in our school we have a canteen so you can buy food at lunch time. There are a variety of food you can buy such as dinks, popcorn and many others.
  5. 5. At Melville Intermediate school we have uniforms. Now they are something we have to wear everyday and on our shirts we have integrity written on it. The only day you don’t have to wear uniform is when its mufti day and you don’t have to wear it to camp. Mufti day it a day when you can wear what ever you want, but you have to take a $1 coin. We don’t only were shirts and skirts/shorts at our school we also have jerseys, sunhats for when its hot and beanies for when its cold. Also we have to have proper footwear. So on terms one and four we have to have sandals and on terms three and two we have to have black shoes.
  6. 6. If you are a year seven you go on a one day camp where you do lots of fun activities, such as cooking your own food and lots of fun games. But if you are a year eight you go on a week camp where you will do lots of exciting stuff. When you go to the year seven camp all you need to bring is some lunch and your togs so you can go down the awesome water slide. Then theirs the year eight one but you will get a gear list so don’t worry. Also you don’t go alone you go with your teachers and friends, and the cost is only $20.
  7. 7. Our teachers Are very kind and sporty, they teach us students many things. Also the students are friendly and very kind to new people. At Melville Intermediate we have year seven teachers and year eight teachers. At our school we have talented teachers and students too. New students feel very welcomed because of our kindness. But the best thing about teachers is that they look after us.
  8. 8. In New Zealand there are many things to see like our native birds such as the Kiwi.