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An entrance in the slide competition that I had in my classroom the students had 48 minutes to complete their entry on the topic of Kiwiana

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  1. 1. A slide show on kiwiana!
  2. 2. Some New Zealand icons…  The kiwi  The Buzzy bee  Rugby  The sliver fern  The Kiwi burger.  9 Mile Beach.
  3. 3. New Zealand's leaders  Helen Clark  Te Arkinui dame te atairangikaahu  John key  Peter Fraser
  4. 4. New Zealand history…  Abel Tasman was the first man to discover new Zealand but captain cook was the first white man to land there.  The Maoris were here before any one else.  Then white man came to new Zealand and fought some of the Maoris.  The white men and the Maoris signed the treaty of Waitangi  Then more people came into new Zealand.  Now were are here and now.
  5. 5. More New Zealand icons.. L and p sheep Korus Maori culture Pawa Pavlovia Sky tower
  6. 6. Thanks For Watching  Credits!!  Idea: Jack Graf  Design: Jack Graf  Pictures: Google  By Jack Graf