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learn about housekeeping staff scheduling, rooms status, room inspections and room report..

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  • All about housekeeeping

    1. 1. • House-keeping is one of the largest departments of the hotel which is responsible for creating cleanliness, maintenance and safe environment. By providing the maximum comforts to the guest, it maintains the standard of the hotel which contributes the hotel in achieving maximum profit by selling the rooms. It is also regarded as the Eye and Ear of the management from where the main revenue income is generated.
    2. 2. Ensuring that your staff correctly is essential for any manager. If too many employees are scheduled then this is waste and costing standards are jeopardized. The following factors are considerations that an executive housekeeper needs to consider when preparing a week's rota. ● Room occupancy ● Labour budget available ● Type of room to be cleaned ● Stay-over or check-out
    3. 3. ● Customer profile ● Employee holidays ● Turndown service ● Check-in time/check-out time ● Skill level of employees ● Public areas and frequency of cleaning ● Special events taking place in hotel
    4. 4. The Housekeeping Rooms Status screen is used to view all rooms (including maintenance) summarized by occupancy status. housekeeping supervisor need to updates everytime the room status after the housekeeper already clean the room.
    5. 5. Stay Over Reservation Block/ Maintenance Vacant Clean Vacant Dirty
    6. 6. a) Follow the procedure how you enter in the guest rooms. b) If guest is not present inside the room then must you check for the bathroom. c) then the first step is to open the curtain full so that you can see the garbage, carpet stain everything clearly. d) Remove all the waste garbage and then remove all the bed linen that has been used by guest.
    7. 7. e) Make a high dusting over the rooms. f) Then make a bed and do the normal dusting. don't forgot to refill the amenities that the guest has been used and put the amenities and guest things orderly. h) Then remove the linen and garbage from bathroom. i) Apply the chemical and clean the area clockwise so that to ensure you didn't left anything to cleaned. j) Put the towel, refill the amenities if it's necessary and finally wipe the floors. h) Do the vacuuming and put some air freshener.
    8. 8. The saying that “your last look at the room is the guest’s first look” is still the working guideline for inspection.
    9. 9.  The inspector first look at the room attendants carts to see whether they are properly equipped and supplied. 1. Inspect check-out rooms that have been cleaned. A check-out room should not be out of inventory for more than an hour after the guest departs. Some key areas to inspect:
    10. 10.  Bathroom  all amenities should be stocked.  Floor and pipes should be clean and free of dust and hair.  Shower wall should be clean.  Drains should be free of hair and soap scum.
    11. 11.  Beds  Lifting spreads and blanket will insure the linen has been changed.  Pillows , spreads and dust ruffles should be straight and properly positioned.  If the bed frame does not extend to the floor, the area beneath the box spring should be checked to makes sure it has been vacuumed.
    12. 12.  Carpet  Should have been vacuumed well. Corner and area around furniture should be check.  Lamps  all lamp should be dust free and in working order, with bulbs of the correct wattage.  Closets  Hangers should be properly positioned ,bent hangers should be replaced.  Laundry bag should be restocked.
    13. 13.  Night stand or night table.  The proper guest supplies, such as note pads, should be stocked and properly positioned.  The inspector should pick up the phone to make sure the mouthpiece has been cleaned.  Walls  Walls in bathroom should be cleaned daily.  Pictures or paintings should be free of dust.  Windows  Should be smudge free.  The curtain should be clean.  Mini bars  Ice bucket should be free of water spot inside and out.
    14. 14. The other things that should be attention for the inspection Vent Lost items Guestroom supplies Waste bucket and ashtrays
    15. 15.  The bathroom has been thoroughly cleaned.  The bed linen and towels have been changed.  The main component of the guest room are in working order.  The trash basket and astray have been cleaned and emptied.  The room has been vacuumed.  Guest belongings should never be disturbed during an inspection.
    16. 16. • Everyday, Housekeeping Supervisor will give a room report to room attendants to record all their room assignment. This is because not all the room attendant get it right 100% at all time. So, they need to double-check the rooms.
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