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Behind the Scenes @ the Wadleigh Memorial Library


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Photos and descriptions documenting structural, system and overall building problems at the Wadleigh Memorial Library in Milford, NH.

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Behind the Scenes @ the Wadleigh Memorial Library

  2. 2. MAIN LEVEL
  3. 3. All of the 1950 rock lathe/sheetrock ceiling was secured by way of baling wire wrapped around finished nails, creating a suspended ceiling.
  4. 4. In several spots throughout the building, the blown-in fiberglass insulation has pushed through and is resting on wires, pipes and the 1986 ceiling…
  5. 5. Above the circulation desk.
  6. 6. Above the circulation desk.
  7. 7. Area in front of public restrooms.
  8. 8. Area in front of public restrooms.
  9. 9. Area by Reference Desk.
  10. 10. Area by Reference Desk.
  11. 11. Looking down from the attic, directly above the Circulation Desk/Staff areas.
  12. 12. Photos show lack of consistently installed insulation as well as the many repairs over the years (plumbing & wires were strung to resolve problems in a piecemeal manner).
  13. 13. Looking down from the attic, directly above the Circulation Desk/Staff areas.
  14. 14. Staff/ILL area. Condensation & leaks from AC unit pipes.
  15. 15. In the 1950 portion of the building, original cloth-covered wire is still being used along with the white romex installed in 1986. Both are now illegal and no longer used in commercial buildings for fire safety reasons…
  16. 16. Original cloth-covered wire & (white) romex. Both highly flammable.
  17. 17. Sagging insulation over Children’s Area incorrectly installed in 1986. Heat escapes to flat roof above it, creating massive ice problems.
  18. 18. Stairwell by parking lot entrance. Moisture infiltration coming through 1986 cinder block foundation. Office. Original 1950 asbestos tile.
  20. 20. During the 1986 addition, new plumbing was connected to 1950 cast iron pipes. Subsequent repairs over the decades with varying plumbing materials have created a failing patchwork of pipes...
  21. 21. Ceiling by vault, showing mold & leaks from 2nd floor public restrooms.
  22. 22. Pipes under 2nd floor restrooms. 1950 pipe cut & plugged with paper.
  23. 23. (White) romex incorrectly installed. Over time, building vibrations from traffic will cause steel lathe to wear romex insulation away, down to bare wire.
  24. 24. In the electrical room, cable, phone and internet lines come in from the street through conduit. When it rains, water comes into the conduit, following the wires, leaking 1-2 gallons of water per storm, filling the bucket below.
  25. 25. Electrical room. A cracked, cast iron pipe, entirely encased in concrete, had a substantial leak. Repair was not possible. Over the years, rust has temporarily closed the crack. This pipe connects to exterior downspouts for the roof. If it becomes clogged with leaves or sediment and needs to be snaked, the interior rust temporarily sealing the crack would be scraped away, causing this substantial leak to return.
  26. 26. Electrical room. Shows 1950 galvanized (black) pipe connecting into 1950 cast iron pipe, which is entirely encased in concrete. All of the silver rings along the black pipe represent multiple repairs over the years.
  27. 27. Storage room. 1950 building foundation shows deep cracks and delamination (pulling away from itself).
  28. 28. Storage room. 1950 building foundation shows deep cracks and delamination (pulling away from itself).
  29. 29. Elevator machine room has been taking in water and moisture since the 1986 addition.
  30. 30. Lower walls and floors have extensive water damage &mold due to building drainage problems.
  31. 31. Storage room. 1950 radiator shows rust coming through from core of radiator, allowing hot water to leak onto the floor.
  32. 32. Office. Original 1950 asbestos tile.
  33. 33. Storage room. Deep cracks in floor have allowed moisture & leaks to permeate up.
  34. 34. TOP LEVEL
  35. 35. Keyes Meeting Room. Shows extensive water damage to carpet. Cause: massive leaks from outdated drainage piping for air handler.