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Why Your Joints Hurt Worse In Cold Weather


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Everyone had an aunt that could "feel" the weather in bones; well, it trues out that she probably could. If you find your joint pain getting worse with the changing of the seasons, watch this slide share to learn what you can do to lessen your pain.

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Why Your Joints Hurt Worse In Cold Weather

  1. 1. “I Can Feel It In My Bones”
  2. 2. When seasons change from cold to colder, I’m often asked this question: “Why does my joint pain hurt worse in the cold weather or during storms?” Sadly, there is no answer, at least no clinical answer as to why this happens.
  3. 3. However, there is a logical explanation as to why your joints will start hurting when it gets colder and a storm is rolling in.
  4. 4. It all has to do with barometric pressure; the amount of air that is pressing down on your joints. You see when the temperate drops or when storms clouds start gathering, there is more air pushing down on your joints. Naturally, that leads to pain because, even without the extra pressure, your joints already hurt. So with more pressure comes more pain.
  5. 5. But, there’s more than barometric pressure at play here…
  6. 6. The Winter Winds Are Biting
  7. 7. One study conducted in 2010 found that with every 10 degrees drop in temperature, there was an incremental increase in Arthritis pain. Again, I can’t give you a clinical reason why this is but I believe there is a logical reason behind it as well.
  8. 8. Watch any weather forecast and you’ll see warm fronts and cold fronts. These fronts are masses of air which create storms when they collide.
  9. 9. But what’s interesting, and how it relates to your pain, is that cold air is denser than warm air. Similar to how barometric pressure increases the pressure on your joints, cold air, being denser, also puts additional pressure on your joints.
  10. 10. I want to state that what I just said is not proven by science; however, it makes sense to me that as cold air is denser, it would put pressure on your joints. There is some anecdotal evidence to support this theory but it’s far from conclusive.
  11. 11. What can you do about it?
  12. 12. Understanding why something happens is great, but you really want to know how to avoid the pain altogether, right?
  13. 13. Well, you could always move to a warmer state (unless you are lucky enough to live in California, in which case, I’m jealous), but that’s a pat answer. Mainly because while it may save you some infrequent pain, it won’t do anything to help you deal with your joint pain.
  14. 14. So what can YOU do to avoid the pain cold weather or a simple storm brings without packing up and disrupting your life? First, you should stay warm. Dress warm, in a blanket, and make sure you heat your car before you get in. This will go a long way in helping you deal with the extra pain.
  15. 15. Second, if the pain is mainly in your hands, try wearing tight fitting gloves to prevent swelling. Swelling can lead to a lot of additional pain in your joints, so keeping it in check will help reduce the amount of pain you experience.
  16. 16. Finally, you should keep moving. Before you go outside in cold weather you should do a few exercises to loosen up your stiff joints. Keeping your joints loose and limber will help prevent any pain that may come from the increased pressure on your joints.
  17. 17. One Other Step You Can Take
  18. 18. Of course, there is always medication to help you deal with the pain. However, if you’d rather not go that route, I’d suggest you take a look at my ground-breaking report “7 Safe and Effective Alternatives To Your Pain Medication”.
  19. 19. In it, I explain some lesser known ways to get a handle on your pain. Just click the link below to learn a more about how you can get a FREE digital copy yourself. Click here to find out more about my FREE report. Yours In Pain Free Health, Dr. Wade Davis Copyright 2016+ - All Rights Reserved