Vc enthusiasmisthe1stingredientforweightloss


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find out why it is such a privilege to be an Herbalife distributor.

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Vc enthusiasmisthe1stingredientforweightloss

  1. 1. We are quiteblessed to be in a business where we offersomething which excites peopleWe regularly share life-changing moments and it is amazing to be part of this process withvirtual strangers who become great friends.A day in the life…of a Herbalife distributor – as documented by Wade. Today, I had the incredible privilege of taking a new customer through the process of taking Herbalife products to lose weight. Nerene* needs to lose 60kg and this has been an obstacle for her for some time. A number of
  2. 2. months became friends with Lizette through FaceBook as she is also a homeschool mother and they got talking. A few days ago, Nerene decided to start on the Herbalife program. Nerene, contacted me late yesterday afternoon to inform me that she had received her products and told me she wanted to start today, and that she would contact me today. I was hardly at my desk when Nerene’s IM arrived on Facebook. She had a bunch of questions for me, which I was glad to answer. What really impressed me about our conversation was the enthusiasm that I could literally feel coming through the computer. She was committed to doing precisely what I advised and told me that she was feeling quite excited.Herbalife’s products are great and they work for everyone, no matter what!Provided that you take the products as instructed, you will lose weight.People who have the right attitude andloads of enthusiasm tend to lose weightfasterI don’t know how that works, but it does.Here is an apt quote for anyone who wants to achieve a specific goal in life: “An end result, imagined clearly and acted upon with expectation, will always force the circumstances necessary to bring about its own manifestation, no matter how unpredictable, unlikely, or even impossible those circumstances may have previously seemed”It is clear that Nerene, has consciously or unconsciously adopted this advice. She expectsto lose the weight even though many people might believe that this is an incredibly difficultaccomplishment to achieve. However, it is not true – it is actually quite easy. Just read whatthese users have said.I salute people like Nerene for making the decision to make a lifestyle change. With this attitude,she will achieve her objective in less time than she can imagine.Go for it Nerene! We at Vitalchats, look forward to enjoying this journey with you.If you also want to start the journey to a leaner, healthier you, don’t hesitate to contact us today.* Not her real name.Http://