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Discover how you can stay healthy on the go.

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Nutritional blogspotstayinghealthyonthego

  1. 1. Staying Healthy on the Go!Fast-paced society demands that we always be going, always be moving. From theperspective of a full time student with a full time job, it’s very difficult to find time in theday to eat healthy, nutritious food. In fact, the default meal most days is whatever canbe picked up at a fast food restaurant. Three meals a day at a fast food joint can reallypack on the pounds, though, so finding fast, healthy snacks and meals is crucial. Hereare my tips to eating well on the go.Tip #1 Keep a lunch box or snack stash in your car. Do not use this opportunity to keepchips or cookies in your car though! Instead, try packing a lunchbox in the evening, withveggie sticks, fruit, cheese, pretzels, or granola bars. Be sure to include enough food fortwo meals, just in case you do not stop at home before dinner! Then keep the lunch boxin the fridge overnight, grab it in the morning on the way to work or school, and leave itin the front seat where you can see it. Next time you get hungry, grab a snack from thelunch box!Tip #2 Eat a full breakfast. If you start the day with protein and some carbohydrates, itwill be easier to resist stopping for food during the day. You can boil some eggs on theweekends, and grab one in the morning with a slice of toast. You can also make a fruitsmoothie in the morning. Here’s an easy recipe:1 frozen banana2 scoops chocolate protein powder¾ cups whole milk½ cup ice
  2. 2. Another great recipe uses strawberries:½ cups strawberries½ cup blueberries½ cup raspberries1 cup milk1 scoop vanilla protein powder½ cup iceThese are two recipes for breakfast that will keep you full long into the morning. But ifyou do get hungry, you have that lunch box of snacks to tide you over!Tip #3 Have a “me” night. Go out with your special someone, get a manicure, or havea movie night with the girls once a week, or even once every two weeks. The catchis that if you stop for food during the week, you can’t have that “me” night. Incentivesare always recommended, because they work, even if you are the one providing theincentive!With these tips, you can get on the right track and begin eating more healthily. Eventhough life is crazy, we have to find a way to work around that for our body’s benefit!Eating healthy helps you to feel better, stay more energized, and keep your weightdown, not to mention the money you will save on food. And all of these mean you havemore time to do what you love – be it spending time with family and friends or havingsome relaxing time, or being active! There’s really no down side to planning ahead withyour food choices, and with these tips, you can do it!