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Customer Case Boeing wings


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Customer Case Boeing wings

  1. 1. p network update in the cargo mission not photo: freight forWArder impossible A Boeing television commercial asserts to add a transportation skid under the mold to doing the impossible is one of the things the make the structure stiffer to avoid stress and plane-maker does best. It is a tradition shared possible structural deformation.” by Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics, which Robbert noted that the skid almost showed its ability to do just that by shipping doubled the weight of the cargo to 72 tonnes. huge wing molds for Boeing’s stunning new In addition, the skid was smaller than the mold 787 Dreamliner from the USA to Japan. and could not be lifted by cranes together The Boeing 787 Dreamliner, scheduled to with the mold on top. take to the skies in service in 2008, has been ”It was clear to us that RoRo operation on designed to be the most innovative commer- 80 foot mafis with under-deck stowage was a cial plane ever made by the plane-maker. better alternative than handling the molds with cranes on a conventional break-bulk vessel. the single lArgest part of the Dream- So we proposed to jack-up, or lift, the skid and liner, which has a radically lightweight design, mold as one unit with hydraulics and then lower is the aircraft’s carbon fibre wing – which it on the 25-metre-long WWL mafi trailer.” is where WWL enters The size of the mold the picture. One Boeing “it was clear to us also meant that it was sub-contractor makes the Dreamliner’s wing molds that roro opera- not possible to load them on to the same vessel. in Rockford, Illinois. The tion on 80-foot ma- Manoeuvring them safely two giant metal molds, fis with under-deck on board also placed huge used in making the composite aircraft wings, stowage was a demands on the skill of WWL’s deck crews. On measure an amazing better alternative.” one of the vessels, Mad- 30 metres in length, 6.5 ame Butterfly, there was metres wide and 2 metres high. less than one metre of free space between the The molds were first taken from the fac- sides of the mold and the vessel’s structure. tory by specialist truck to the WWL berth in the port of Tacoma, a journey of about two the molds Will be built in Irvine, California, weeks due to restrictions and permitted times and WWL’s local team are working with vari- of moving in different states. ous parties to load them from WWL’s facility ”Due to the size of these molds few ves- in Port Hueneme to Japan, starting in April sels can handle this cargo either as lift on/lift 2007. Why make WWL a preferred partner? off or as RoRo cargo,” says Robbert van Pelt, A spokesperson for the client said: “We have from Region Americas Trade department in always found WWL to be professional and Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey. cooperative with good ships, good service, ”An added complication was that prior to good schedules and many trade lanes.” the movement of the first mold, it was decided susAnnA W. Ahlfors p factS the boeing dreamliner is a family of three airplanes providing up to 330 passengers with a better flying experience on journeys as far as 1,000 kilometres, using 20 percent less fuel than today’s planes of comparable size. VENTURE 1 2007
  2. 2. Special, ultra-careful handling was needed to transport the huge wing mold used to help give the boeing dreamliner its eye- catching shape. VENTURE 1 2007