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Swg 2013 ub tech presentation


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2013 UBTech Convention presentation "How to Use Digital Signage for Increased Effectiveness in Higher Education" on June 12, 2013 in Orlando, FL

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Swg 2013 ub tech presentation

  1. 1. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITYUNIVERSITY RELATIONS - WEBSpencer W. Graham, II MBA DSCEWVU Information StationsManager of OperationsWest Virginia University @WVUSWGDIGITAL SIGNAGENETWORKHow to Use Digital Signage forIncreased Effectiveness in Higher Education
  2. 2. How Serious Are You?• Are we committed to a digital signage network?(Administration & Budget)• How many digital signs?(1 building or campus-wide deployments)• Do we want / need an Emergency Alert feature?• How will we staff the network?(Full-Time / Part-Time)
  3. 3. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITYUNIVERSITY RELATIONS - WEBAdministration Buy-InInvestment That Pays Dividends• University Relations• Television Productions• Web Services• Creative Services• Photography• News & InformationServices• Visitors Center• Senior Administration• Budget & Bean Counters• Office of InformationTechnology• Individual colleges withinthe University• Individual Departments• Student Organizations
  4. 4. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITYUNIVERSITY RELATIONS - WEB• The Wise Managerherds chipmunks andsells the concept tomany stakeholders.Key Peeps YouNeed
  5. 5. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITYUNIVERSITY RELATIONS - WEB• The IT Ninja killsnetwork problems andhas a laser focus ontechnology that makeslife easier.
  6. 6. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITYUNIVERSITY RELATIONS - WEB• The Content Jedicreates spinny / shinythings that captureattention of manyaudiences.
  7. 7. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITYUNIVERSITY RELATIONS - WEB• The Engineer Wizardmakes problemsdisappear and assistswith development,research andmaintenance.
  8. 8. Network Design & Deployment• Emergency messages?• How many digital signs?• Where will they be strategically locatedon your campus(es)?• How do we measure our success?• How much control do we want?– Total control of content andbranding?– Network control BUT client takesownership of their messaging?– Will we create a revenue model?
  9. 9. Network Design & DeploymentStrategic Site Surveys• Site survey is critical to success!• Think about HOW the audience willview your digital signage at the site.• What size of digital sign will be ideal atthis site?• What sort of mounting solution will weuse at this site?• How far away is the data closet?• How do we get network and powerdrops behind the monitor?• Who will perform the installation ofnetwork, power and mounting?
  10. 10. Network InfrastructureSoftware Decisions• Software Type• Stand-Alone• On-Site Client/Server• Cloud-Based SaaS (Software as a Service)• Is it scalable?• Is it proprietary?• Licensing arrangement (Individual, Grouped, Site)• Brand Awareness & Marketing• Social Media support• Twitter• FourSquare• Facebook• LocaModa / Wiffiti• Other
  11. 11. Network InfrastructureHardware Decisions• Consumer grade vs. Commercial grade– Warranties (90 days vs. 3-4 years)– Duty Cycle (12 hours vs. 24 hours)• Indoor or Outdoor deployment– Climate Control– Brightness– Additional power• Monitors– Size– Duty Cycle 24/7/365 ?– PIN lockdown to prevent foolishness• Mounting solutions• Media Player vs. PC
  12. 12. Sticky WicketsROI vs. ROO• (ROI Model) Temptation to off-setnetwork costs by selling advertising– Revenue model is a challenge– Selling real estate on each page– Bugs, Logos, Sponsorships and Ads– Sales Force + Sales Metrics = WORK– Will sales force cover their own costs?• (ROO Model) Brand Management /Brand Loyalty– Promoting YOUR brand above all others– Institutional Value Creation– YOU control every message w/o fear(Tiger Woods, LiLo & Lance Armstrong)
  13. 13. Sticky WicketsBusted & In The Dark• Assume every “dark and busted”monitor has a personal injury attorneyattached to it if you have an emergencyalert feature!• Have a spare monitor and computer• Does your content managementsoftware let you see every computer onyour network and what it is playing?• If it’s busted, fix it fast! Dark monitorsleave an impression that you don’t careand clients get cranky quickly.• 90 day warranty vs. 3-4 year warranty• Mean Time To Failure ~5-7 years• Go out an check monitors periodically
  14. 14. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITYUNIVERSITY RELATIONS - WEBContent is King!• You know good content when you see it!• Every page MUST be engaging to the eye!• Does the message promote the brand?• Is the client proud of the message?• Is the page well designed?• Is there a defined “Call to Action”?• Is there motion on the page?
  15. 15. What makes agood design?You can’t stuff 4 gallons ofwater into a 3 gallonbucket! Just the facts.What is the core messagefor the page?Does the visualimpression tell the story?Is the page durationadequate to transmit themessage to the audience?
  16. 16. Content Creation& Design• PC or Mac ?• Many Apple devices do not supportFlash• Flash being replaced by HTML5• Will your content pages be flat or willthey be dynamic? (Photoshop / AfterEffects)• Will your content pages leverage thepower of videos?• Do you have design staff to supportdynamic content and video on yourpages?Don’t settle for anythingexcept First Rate ContentCreation & Design!It is ALL about YOUR brandand marketing your brand toyour target audiences!You are developing BrandLoyalty every day!A picture is worth athousand words! Keep itsimple.
  17. 17. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITYUNIVERSITY RELATIONS - WEBHow Do I Get Content?• It is probably all around you!• Identify campus staff designers• Video productions staff• Web services staff• Campus photographers• Campus news department• Campus calendars• Individual colleges anddepartments
  18. 18. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITYUNIVERSITY RELATIONS - WEBHow Do I Get Content?• Athletics departments• Campus radio station• IT / Information Security group• Student organizations• Career Services department• Sustainability groups• Student Union• Creative Arts departments• Student Health department
  19. 19. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITYUNIVERSITY RELATIONS - WEBHow Do I Get Content?• Journalism department• Student newspaper• Campus libraries• Transportation department• Campus police department• Campus YouTube videos• Student government groups• Student Recreation Center• Club sports / Intramural sports• Research departments• Civic engagement groups
  20. 20. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITYUNIVERSITY RELATIONS - WEBContent that Grabs the Eye!• Understand the power orlimitations of your network• Know what types of data yoursoftware will support• Know what your network canhandle regarding datatransfer speeds• Emergency Alert?• Keeping it FRESH• Branding (Main / Sub)• Current Weather• Calendar events• Flash Galleries• Streaming video• RSS Feeds Headlines Calendar of events Databases
  21. 21. Campus Daily Events CalendarPulls from the main campus calendar databaseand uses a campus seasonal background video
  22. 22. Information Security Poster
  23. 23. Mountaineer Sports Network (MSN)Short weekly sports highlight videoinset into the page.
  24. 24. Student Government 3 Week Voting for Poster ContestVoting via cell phone texting. Voting database updated daily. High maintenancebut was a fun idea with a lot of student engagement.
  25. 25. LIVE Streaming Videofrom the Swearing-In Ceremonyof President Barrack Obama
  26. 26. Current Weather PageTied to RSS feed. Uses a seasonal video background of iconic siteson the WVU campuses. Updates every hour.
  27. 27. WVU Arts & Entertainment PosterEvent Posters rotate upward on right side panel from image database.Upcoming events pull from database on the left side panel. Date, Time andTemperature pulls from databases and computer.
  28. 28. WVU Health Sciences Center PosterWell designed poster. Good balance of content designand concise messaging.
  29. 29. WVU Libraries PageThe static background image is a desk blotter. Left side panel pulls from campus calendar and weatherdata. Left side images are historical campus photos from a database and book page turns every 5seconds with fresh image. Very popular page highlighting our campus heritage.
  30. 30. Wiffitti Social Media PageVery popular during special events on our campuses and for “road shows” targeting socialengagement for prospective students in a recruiting venue. Text or email to the signage.Human content moderation recommended.
  31. 31. WVU Summer Course PromotionWell designed. Concise message. Obvious call to action. Drives the viewer toa website for more information. Excellent imagery.
  32. 32. WVU Information Security Anti-Virus PromotionClean design. Easy to understand call to action. Drives viewer to a website for expandedinformation. QR code is probably too small and would require a longer page duration forsomeone to scan the QR code.
  33. 33. WVU Health Sciences Campus & Football Stadium Aerial ShotsProvides a sense of campus community. Doesn’t need to be heavilybranded and breaks-up the loop of information.
  34. 34. Seasonal Scenic PhotographsProvides a vision beyond the confines of your campus. Promotes scenic areas inyour state or region for exploration and tourism.
  35. 35. New Student Welcome6,000 In-coming Freshmen at the WVU Coliseum.Beginning of the Fall Semester. Mandatory attendance.Opportunity to use social media prior to events.
  36. 36. Campus Iconic ImagesThe WVU PresidentRelationship BuildingThe MountaineerBrand LoyaltyIt is ALL about a positive message and marketing for the future!
  37. 37. What gets your campus Jazzed ?Sports The Arts Research Community Service Student Life
  38. 38. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITYUNIVERSITY RELATIONS - WEBWest Virginia UniversityWest Virginia UniversityInformation Stations TeamInformation Stations TeamSpence Graham Steve Stavar Jen GillumSpence Graham Steve Stavar Jen GillumThank You !Thank You !