WUWM 89.7 FM's Power of Public Radio


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Learn how to harness the power of public radio through business sponsorships or underwriting.

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WUWM 89.7 FM's Power of Public Radio

  3. 3. Why WUWM?REACH90,000+ ListenersCOSTEFFECTIVETailored toyour budgetAUDIENCEWell-educatedCommunity-mindedSTAND OUTValued partnerNot an intrusionLOYALTYListen 5.25 hoursper weekREPUTATIONNPR Halo Effect
  4. 4. Listeners Connect with Public RadioSources: Lightspeed Research, NPR Listener Survey, May 2011; NPR/Knowledge Networks Underwriting Study, February 2011Consider public radio“personallyimportant” to them.87%Take action inresponse to what theyhear on NPR.96%Discuss contentwith friends, familyand colleagues.76%
  5. 5. WUWM’s Audience• 83.4% ages 25-64• 64% college degree• 27.2% professional/technical• 56.7% householdincome of $50K or moreEducated, active, business & community leadersPlace a high value on curiosity, creativityand social consciousness.Source: Media Audit Feb-Mar / Aug-Sept 2012
  6. 6. Informative and InfluentialActions Taken as a Consequence of Listening to NPRSource: Lightspeed Research, NPR Listener Survey, May 2011In response to something they heard on NPR, listeners:
  7. 7. Public Radio Valued as an Oasisfrom CommercialismListeners See Public Radio as Non-Commercialand Distinct from Commercial RadioSource: NPR/Knowledge Networks Underwriting Study, February 2011, base: 521 NPR News ListenersOn a scale of 1-10, where 1 is “non-commercial” and 10 is “very commercial,”how would you rate your local public radio station(s) compared to commercial radio stations?Non-commercial Commercial
  8. 8. Different from Commercial RadioPublic radio listeners agree thatadvertising on commercial radio:Source: GfK MRI Doublebase 2012Total U.S. AdultsPublic Radio Listeners
  9. 9. Listeners Connect withPublic Radio SponsorsThe “Halo Effect” of NPRSource: Lightspeed Research, NPR Sponsorship Survey, November 2012.Percentages based on respondents who agreed with each statement, where “agree”=7-10 on a 0-10 point scale.PERCENTHold a more positiveopinion of SPONSORSthat support NPR60 PERCENTAgree NPR is selectiveabout companies thatSPONSOR its programming54 PERCENTPrefer to buy productsor services fromNPR SPONSORS52
  10. 10. 8%51%28%5%7%Agree Strongly Agree Disagree DisagreeStronglyDon’t KnowI pay attention to the sponsorship announcementsI hear on Public Radio.Listeners Pay Attentionto Sponsorship AnnouncementsBase: 601 public radio listeners ”“In Their Own Words:“Because they are willing tosupport public radio, I tend toremember and recognize thenames of such businesses even ifthey are of a sort which I do notfrequent or use.”– Male, Age 25-34“When they’re mentioned, it putstheir name in my head. So whenI’m looking to buy a product/service, their name will come up.”– Female, Age 25-3459%of listenersagree
  11. 11. Listeners Have a HigherOpinion of Sponsors50%52%63%72%Public radio is selective about thebusinesses and products that cansponsor its programmingThe businesses I hear in sponsorshipannouncements ... are more crediblethan those I hear advertising oncommercial radio stationsThe social and cultural values ofpublic radio sponsors usually fitclosely with my own valuesMy opinion of a business is morepositive when I find out it supportspublic radioHow much do you AGREE or DISAGREEwith each of the following statements?%AGREEBase: 601 public radio listeners“I generally think of them as higherquality establishments.”“They are more educated and mayoffer better services.”“I think of them as benevolent andtrying to better the society we live in.”“Companies which support public radioget a gold star in my book.”In Their Own Words:Listener Perceptions of Funders“
  12. 12. 17%48%18%3%15%Agree StronglyAgreeDisagreeDisagree StronglyDon’t KnowWhen price and quality are equal, I prefer to buy products frombusinesses that support public radio.”“Halo Effect Translatesto Purchase PreferenceBase: 601 public radio listenersIn Their Own Words:“I support businesses that support publicradio and encourage my friends to do soas well.”– Male, Age 35-44“I like to see corporations investing in publicmedia, and where possible, I try to include thosecompanies in my market decisions.”– Male, Age 35-4465%of listenersagree
  13. 13. Long Term SponsorsGain Greater AwarenessPercent of NPR audience aware of brand in third-party studySource: NPR Listener Surveys, Lightspeed Research, 2007-2011% Aware ofFinancial Services BrandBeforeSponsorship1 YearLater3 YearsLaterBeforeSponsorship2 YearsLater4 YearsLater34% higherthan Non-Listeners’brand awareness% Aware ofHome Improvement Brand22% higherthan Non-Listeners’brand awareness
  14. 14. Stronger Frequency,Stronger AwarenessNPR case study for healthinsurance SPONSOR shows morefrequent exposure leads to morepositive brand perceptions.Source: NPR Listens Internal Advisory Panel, Dec. 2010Loyalists = listen to an NPR station most often and listen at least 3 days/week for at least 1 hour/day (one-third of NPR’s audience)19%Higher 21%Higher% Agree:SPONSOR has developed tools andprograms to make healthcare simpler% Agree:SPONSOR is committed to using the power ofinformation technology to personalize healthcare
  15. 15. Why Become a WUWM Sponsor?• Generate Awareness for Your BusinessAchieve name recognition among professionalsand business leaders.• Create Customer LoyaltyListeners view underwriters as supportersand partners.• Support a Valuable Community ResourceJoin the shared commitment of thousands ofindividual contributors, businesses and non-profit organizations.
  16. 16. Promote Your Business• Brand• Product• Service• EventAnd, support WUWM’s mission of providing in-depth newsand quality entertainment in southeastern Wisconsin.UNDERWRITER = SPONSOR“My business, B & L Photo,is unique and WUWM tellslisteners what I do andwhere I am located.”- Bob Pecher, B & L Photo
  17. 17. Deliver a Well-Crafted Message• Follow FCC Guidelines:(1) identify the sponsor(2) give location information(3) provide "value neutral“ descriptionsof the underwriters productsor services.• Announcements are efficient.• Announcements are produced by WUWM.INFORMATIVE. EFFECTIVE.
  18. 18. Your Message Stands Out• Listeners view underwriters as supporters & partners.“WUWM is mysource for namerecognition.”- Phyllis Mensh Brostoff,Stowell Associates· SelectStaff Inc.
  19. 19. Quality Customer Service• Discuss your marketing goals• Work with your budget• Plan an effective schedule– Target your underwriting messageby specific program or time of day• Prepare well-crafted messagesYour Underwriting Representative will work with you.
  20. 20. Benefits of WUWM SponsorshipCONNECT• 90,000+ weekly inquisitive, active and loyal listeners• 60,000+ unique monthly online visitorsENGAGE• Local motivated decision-makers and business innovatorsDELIVER• Your well-crafted message: on-air and online• Reach customers, clients and partners