G.E.T. Smart - Smart Fuels: Farm Power Northwest Presentation


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G.E.T. Smart - Smart Fuels: Farm Power Northwest Presentation

  1. 1. Farm Power Farm Power Northwest LLC creates renewable energy projects that sustain family farms, protect farmland, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Kevin Maas WTIA Smart Fuels – June 3, 2010
  2. 2. Farm Power Background • Small and medium-sized Puget Sound dairy farms under pressure • Anaerobic digesters: proven energy-producing technology that farmers couldn’t afford to develop • Two brothers with a farmer- focused develop-own-operate model
  3. 3. Farm Power Standard Procedure Dairy manure provides a closed-loop fertilizer source Milk Cows Crops Lagoon Fields Methane Nutrient Cycle Positive Products Negative Products Odor
  4. 4. Farm Power
  5. 5. Farm Power Electricity to PSE How does the process actually work? Biogas: 55% methane, 750 kW internal- 45% CO2, combustion trace H2S engine generator Dairy Manure: scraped from Surplus heat to digester concrete floor Anaerobic Fiber 200 tons per day Bacteria: thrive in warm, Three weeks Food Waste: oxygen-free Separator later trucked from environment processing plant 100ºF Digester Liquid
  6. 6. Farm Power Our Resource: 1 = And - 1 ( ) CO2-e
  7. 7. Farm Power Starting Point • We make profits on the power so we can provide free bedding to farmers: $100k+ annually to support local food production • Farm Bill has provided predictable USDA grant and loan-guarantee opportunities for digesters •Many competing carbon offsets come from methane capture at landfills
  8. 8. Farm Power Coal Average plant size: 500 MW Natural Gas Community Power Average plant size: Average plant size: 100 MW 1 MW Nuclear Average plant size: 1000 MW Wind Average plant size: 100 MW Hydroelectric Average plant size: 10,000 MW at any 200 MW given time (Wind currently closer to 3%)
  9. 9. Farm Power 14 Natural Gas 12 Citygate ($ 10 per Mmbtu) 8 10-Year 6 Contract Choosing Electricity and Available Cogeneration 4 (cents per 2 kWh) • Regulated market cuts 0 volatility risk for small producers; standard offer Jul-03 Jul-04 Jul-05 Jan-06 Jan-04 Mar-04 Jan-05 Mar-05 Nov-03 Nov-04 Nov-05 Sep-03 Sep-04 Sep-05 May-04 May-05 contracts available from Puget Sound Energy and others • Ethanol bankruptcies shows importance of having both supply and sales contracts • Ample zero-cost process heat from combustion for electricity
  10. 10. Farm Power Ribbon-cutting • first project online August 2009 after two and a half years of work • ceremonial starting of generator at end of September • over 3 million kWh produced to date
  11. 11. Farm Power Nutrients and Emissions • 2,000,000 gallons of food waste recycled (almost 8,000 tons) • 4,000 tons CO-2e of greenhouse gases eliminated
  12. 12. Farm Power Growing Local Impact • Investment in rural agricultural economies • Tremendous leverage possible with federal grants and loan guarantees • Construction jobs attract stimulus money • Long-term cash stream for our investors • Committed partners ready to build more $405,000 company equity builds $3,545,000 project
  13. 13. Farm Power The Future • projects near Lynden and Enumclaw • raising money with SCOR; going for Oregon • continued operations at Rexville
  14. 14. Farm Power Farm Power Lynden Electricity to PSE Remaining half of surplus heat to greenhouse 80% thermal efficiency
  15. 15. In Operation Pre-Construction Awaiting Grants Scouting
  16. 16. Farm Power Thank you! Questions? Comments? Farmpowernw@gmail.com 360.424.4519 www.farmpower.com