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: 25 July - 01 August 2012
Survey type
: MROC (Market research online community)
Sample size
: 25
: Male and Female
: 23 - 35
: IT, Administration and Banking / Finance
: Intend to change job within next 1 year
Research area
: All cities and provinces in Vietnam
: To understand current trend of changing job and find out reason why participants prefer to change their job

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W&S_Vinaresearch_Report job changing in vietnam

  1. 1. Understand the trend of changing job in Vietnam August 2012 Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  2. 2. Table of content A C INTRODUCTION 03 CONCLUSION 32 1. Research information 04 2. Information 05 3. Flow of discussion 06 4. Hypothesis vs. Actuality 07 1. Participants’ profile 36 5. MROC vs. traditional FGDs 08 2. Participant’s feedbacks on MROC 38 D APPENDIX 35 B DETAILS FINDING 09 1. Lifestyle 2. Met and unmet needs 15 3. Process of seeking job 23 4. Expectation job 2 10 27 Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  3. 3. A - INTRODUCTION Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  4. 4. 1. Research information  Timing : 25 July – 01 August 2012  Sample size : 25  Gender : Male and Female  Age : 23 – 35  Occupation : IT, Administration and Banking / Finance  Criteria : Intend to change job within next 1 year  Research area : All cities and provinces in Vietnam  Objectives : To understand current trend of changing job and find out reason why participants prefer to change their job Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  5. 5. 2. Information  The study was conducted with MROC (Market research online community), which occurred from 25th July to 01st August 2012.  The percentage of dropping out was predicted and in control. There were only 3 over 28 participants quit as they did not want to share their personal information or this project was carried out too long.  All participants felt rather comfortable and familiar with this type of discussion as MROC uses blog and forum which are two popular types in Vietnam.  However, some participants were afraid that their personal information could be disclosed. Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  6. 6. 3. Flow of discussion No. 1 Question Personal information Type Days Forum 2 2 Blog 3 Past job Blog 4 Current job Blog 5 Ideal job Blog 6 Process of seeking job Blog 7 Surveys (salary, company types and benefits) Survey 8 6 Daily activities in weekdays and weekend Participants’ feedbacks about MROC Survey • Blog is considered as the most suitable type for long and deeper discussion more than forum. 3 • Each participant has his/her own page which is easier for the others to follow and view their comments / ideas. 2 Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  7. 7. 4. Hypothesis vs. Actuality HYPOTHESIS ACTUALITY Male group has higher intention of changing their job more The study’s result does not release any information to than female. ascertain this hypothesis. It only clarifies that married group intends to change job with higher salary as they have to take care of their own family. The older group (28 – 35 years old) wants to stabilize their The hypothesis is only partly right that is female group life especially when they start to build their own family. (already married) want to have a stable and long-term job. Hence, they intend to find a good and long-term job. This is even more right for the female group who got married. Family, children status as well as the inflation may impact on decision of changing job. job because of their life, their family and their children. The intention of changing job to international / big companies It is now a trend in Vietnam as most participants assessed that has been increasing due to higher salary and more benefits foreign companies could provide higher salary and more compared to Vietnamese / small ones. 7 This is completely right as most participants want to change benefits for them. Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  8. 8. 4. MROC vs. Traditional FGDs MROC TRADITIONAL FGDS Participants have much more time to share their actual / real Limitation about time does not allow them to think carefully, feedbacks on each topic. so the information provided may be biased. Suitable for busy people who do not have much time to stay Not suitable and hard to collect participants at the same time in a group for 2 hours. from different areas. Participants are not affected by others with some private types Easy to follow other participants’ ideas and sometimes they of discussion like Blog, so their thoughts belong to are passive in thinking or giving their ideas. themselves. Can conduct many groups at the same time Sample size is big (around 32 – 1000 persons) 8 Have to conduct groups in different time. Sample size is limited (maximum is 32 persons in total) Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  9. 9. B - DETAILS FINDING Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  10. 10. 1. LIFESTYLE Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  11. 11. Daily activities Single group Married group SAT - SUN Read books Ask children to sleep Go sleeping 17.30 – 20.00 Come back home Go to teaching center Go out for coffee Go to the cinema Pick up children from school / grandparents’ house. Cook meal Play with children Clean the house / wash clothes 7.30 – 17.30 Go to work Go to work 6.30 – 7.30 Have breakfast Prepare meal for children Drive children to their school 6.00 – 6.30 MONDAY - FRIDAY 20.00 – 24.00 Watch TV Online chat Play game Wake up Take exercise Wake up Take exercise Wake up late (9 a.m.) Go out for coffee Clean up the house Go to the market Go to the movie with friends Café Online chatting Play games Go to the park with children Drive children to grandparent’s house Go to supermarket with children Morning Afternoon & Evening MARRIED GROUP IS QUITE BUSY WITH THEIR FAMILY AND CHILDREN Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  12. 12. Main family supporter Male vs. Female • Female is the main person of taking care of family. They also contribute into household expenditure but not too much which is around 25% - 40%. • In contrast, male is usually the main supporter for family, so most family’s expenditure are paid by them. 60% 30% Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  14. 14. Motivation for working Personal purpose Motivation for working Family purpose ALL PARTICIPANTS ARE MOTIVATED BY PERSONAL AND FAMILY PURPOSE. HOWEVER, MARRIED GROUP DEVOTES TO THEIR FAMILY MORE. Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  15. 15. 2. MET AND UNMET NEEDS Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  16. 16. 2.1. Past job – Unmet needs JOB FEATURES • • • • Simple, boring and routine (administrative jobs). Not suitable for their profession . Pressure from partners / clients. High pressure (many works and have to go out). WORKING ENVIRONMENT • • • • Boss / upper level staff did not appreciate their work. There are not many chance of promotion. High competency. Conflict with colleagues. SALARY FAMILY ISSUE PERSONAL ISSUE • Low salary. • Not worthy for personal specialty. • Not enough to spend for life’s expenditure. • Live far away from family. • Cannot take care of husband / wife. • Less time to take care of children. • Personal problem with boss • Want to change to another type of job. • Not right for their profession easy to quit up. Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  17. 17. 2.1. Past job - Verbatim There is less work for me to do. Most of my time is for online chatting / reading news My boss was not explicit about money which led to internal misunderstanding My manager did not want to hear our opinions. He always kept his subjective ideas. My salary is not high, suitable for my capacity and enough for my life. My boss did not like me, so he did not promote me to higher position. My job requires me to go out frequently which was so strenuous. There was high internal competency and I could not stand for it. My husband and I work far away, so it is difficult for us to take care of our children. Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  18. 18. 2.2. Current job – Met needs WORKING ENVIRONMENT PERSONAL JOB FEATURES • International and professional working environment • Comfortable (time, free for eating / drinking in office, etc.) • Colleagues are friendly, eager to instruct and support each other in working. • Internal training to increase their ability. • Suitable for their personalities • Passion for work • Feel more interested in work • • • • Can learn many skills and increase ability of communication Interesting and attractive Do not have to go for business trip frequently. Suitable for their profession SALARY • Salary is good FAMILY • Can work near to their family Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  19. 19. 2.3. Current job – Unmet needs WORKING ENVIRONMENT JOB FEATURES SALARY PERSONAL ISSUE • • • • • Boss usually has unreasonable requests. Opportunity for promotion is not high. Cannot satisfy my ability and position. There are not many high skilled people. Company’s policy is not tight  unprofessional working style. • Have to go for business trip frequently  feel tired and dispirited. • Pressure on sales. • Feel stressed due to multi-task handling at the same time. • Feel bored as the work is routine. • Not enough for supporting their life. • Not enough for taking care of their families especially when having a child. • Not reasonable compared to their ability. • Not right for participants’ professions. • Not fit with boss’ characteristics. Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  20. 20. Current job - Met needs - Verbatim My colleagues are friendly and eager to help each other in working. Working environment is good and suitable for me to learn new knowledge. I do not have to go for business trip frequently anymore. I can use much knowledge which I learnt from school in this company. My boss knows what employees need and always sympathizes with us. My time is not tight and we can eat fruits / drink coffee in the office. My core of work is very interesting for me especially when I meet my clients. Not as previous job, my current one allows me to live near to my family. Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  21. 21. Current job – Unmet needs - Verbatim There is less work for me to do. Most of my time is for online chatting / reading news. Pressure on sales makes me tired. Besides that, my salary is not enough for feeding my family. My current job is not right for my professional aim and there is no chance to promote higher. My personality is not suitable with my boss. As a result, he complains everything I do. My Company’s policy is not tight, so employees can do whatever they want. I think it is unprofessional. My work is routine and my colleagues usually say bad words back to others. I have my own family and a child, so I need much more income to feed them. My boss is easy to get angry and he assigns work unreasonably Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  22. 22. Past vs. Current job • In the past job, most participants did not satisfy with three factors: job features, working environment and salary. Amongst those, ‘job features’ is voted as the most important factor especially for people who are family-oriented. • To solve those unmet needs, all participants decided to change to their current job / company. However, it only fulfills their desire partly especially for people who have children. They need to earn much money to handle fees for their children e.g. education, clothes, food, etc. • In conclusion, all participants seem to change to another job / company in the near future especially the married group. Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  23. 23. 3. PROCESS OF SEEKING JOB Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  24. 24. Source of information Internet Newspaper • This source is not popular anymore. However, some participants also choose it to find jobs. 24 Friends / Relatives • Friends / relatives can share internal information about their companies. • This source is more reliable but with slow response. • Facing to the development of internet, most companies usually use this for recruitment. • Not only recruiters, most candidates use this tool for searching jobs and information about those companies. Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  25. 25. Process of seeking job The process of seeking job is not so different from previous years. However, ways of seeking information and interview are quite different. With strong development of the internet, most participants know how to search job information through recruitment pages effectively. Not like in the past which participants had to prepare full documents, they only send CV to recruiters’ emails. The interview stage is also changed as recruiters gave many tests to check candidates’ skills. Search job information Internet Friends / Relatives Newspaper Send CV Through prestigious job seeker websites Ask friends / relatives HR’s email to send Directly go to company to apply Interview / test stage 1. Recruiters contact by phone or email 2. Interview stage / Test stage Waiting for response Recruiters will call to announce result within 2 weeks. 25 Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  26. 26. Online seeking job NOTICE FOR RECRUITERS SEARCH JOB INFORMATION ON RECRUITMENT WEBSITES There are many recruitment websites in Vietnam. Most popular are vietnamworks.com, vieclam.vn, careerlink.vn and kiemviec.com. SEARCH COMPANY INFORMATION ON ITS WEBSITE OR GOOGLE SEARCH Company’s website is one of the most valuable information source for candidates to search information. Also, it shows how professional and big that company is. EDIT AND SEND CV TO RECRUITER’S EMAIL Most recruitment websites provide candidates many professional templates to impress recruiters. Also, recruiters’ emails and phone number are provided so that candidate can contact directly. WAITING FOR THEIR EMAIL OR PHONE CONFIRMATION Not like in the past, response rate from recruiters are quite faster as they got full information of candidate through recruitment websites. 26 Job information posted here must be clear and easy to understand for candidates. Besides that, keywords are also important as most candidates search information using them. Check if information (company history, services, job information, etc.) provided on the website is sufficient. Should not require candidates to follow traditional way (send documents directly) as it can increase drop-out rate of good candidates. 2 – 3 days are reasonable time to contact the short-listed after receiving candidates’ CVs. Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  27. 27. 4. EXPECTATION JOB Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  28. 28. Expectation Job - Total Working environment • Company is big, international and professional. • Company’s facilities should be modern to serve working. • Benefits are good and reasonable. Salary / Income Job features • Higher income. • Stable and long-term. • Higher salary compared to previous and current job. • New and interesting job. • Salary is worthy for participants’ ability and work. • Flexible working time. • Less pressure. • Colleagues are friendly and support each other. • Boss concerns about employees. • Have more opportunities of promotion. 28 Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  29. 29. Expectation job – Male vs. Female Working Environment • • • • International and professional Good benefits Fair and competitive Higher opportunity for promotion • Have decision power in their own work. Salary • Higher salary compared to previous companies. • Enough to feed their families. • Suitable for their abilities. Job features • • • • • Stable Comfortable Less pressure More free time More independent Job features Working environment • • • • Active International Friendly colleagues Nice boss (sympathize with employees) • Good benefits • Right for participants’ professional aim. • Do not have to go for business trip frequently. Salary • Reasonable salary (enough for raising their families) WHILE MALE GROUP WAS CONCERNED ABOUT WORKING ENVIRONMENT AND SALARY MORE THAN JOB FEATURES, FEMALE GROUP VOTED IT AS THE TOP PRIORITY FOR THEM. 29 Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  30. 30. Expectation (Company, salary & benefits) • Company with 100% foreign investment which Joint-venture with foreign 36.0% 100% foreign invested 44.0% 100% private invested 20.0% Governmental invested 12.0% 100% governmental invested 24.0% is mostly chosen accounts for 44.0%, followed by joint-venture with foreign company. • 10 – 20 million VND is dreaming salary for most participants. • Besides that, they also concern about year-end bonus, insurance for their family, bonus from Company’s revenue as well as promotion chance. Promotion chance Bonus from Company's revenue 61.0% 17.0% 17.0% Year-end bonus 17.0% 22.0% Short courses support 17.0% 4.0% Company's training courses 9.0% 4.0% Rewards for working Under 10 mil VND 10 - 20 mil VND 20 - 30 mil VND 30 - 50 mil VND Work subsidies Insurance for family 9.0% 4.0% 17.0% Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  31. 31. Reason to choose foreign companies Higher salary and the job is worth for my capacity / experience. More strict rules are applied in working and work offer staff various experiences. Benefits for employees are better than private companies. Can practice English and learn working style of foreigners Foreign companies are more decent in terms of salary and benefits. Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  32. 32. C - CONCLUSION Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  33. 33. Conclusion (1) • Working environment and salary are quite important to participants as Vietnam’s inflation has been increasing more and more. • Salary strongly affects on married group especially people who already had children as they have to spend much money on their education, garment and other fees. • Online seeking job is a trend and chosen by all participants as it saves their time. There are four popular recruitment websites chosen by participant: Vietnamworks, Careerlink, Vieclam, and Kiemviec. • Furthermore, seeking job through friends / relatives is also selected as information collected are highly reliable. Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  34. 34. Conclusion (2) • Female participants take more interests in job features than working environment and salary. They specify that they need a stable, less pressure and comfortable job. • In contrast, male participants concern about working environment and salary more as they are main financial supporter in their own family. • Most participants want to work for foreign companies (100% invested or joint venture) due to higher salary and good working environment (practice English, serious working style and good benefits) • Acceptable salary is from 10 mil – 20 mil VND which is reasonable / enough for them to support their own family / themselves. Besides that, they’re also concerned about year-end bonus as well as other benefits (insurance, promotion chance, etc.) Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  35. 35. D - APPENDIX Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  36. 36. Participants’ profile Gender Marital status Total Male Sample size Occupation Intention of changing job 28 Female Single Married 14 14 14 14 IT, Administration and Banking / Finance Yes Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  37. 37. Participant’s feedbacks on MROC Most participants are attracted by this type of research as it saves much time for them especially for people who are quite busy with their work. Moreover, MROC allows them to 'hide' their face / emotion as well as their personal information. As a result, they feel more comfortable when sharing their ideas as well as discussing with others. In contrast, there are some feedbacks on keeping their personal information confidentially. Here are some comments from participants: • The research method is new and creative in collecting information from surveyed people. • This type is suitable for me as I can be flexible with my time to join. • Very interesting as I freely spoke out what I thought about those topics. Hope Vinaresearch can develop it for further projects. • I am afraid that my personal information can be revealed. • Content of the discussion was rather poor for this study. 37 Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012
  38. 38. CONTACT INFORMATION: W&S Company Limited Address: Fl.10, Western bank Building, 40 Pham Ngoc Thach St., District 3, HCMC. Phone: (08) 38 223 215 Fax: (08) 38 223 216 E-mail: info@vinaresearch.jp Client site : http://vinaresearch.jp Member site : http://vinaresearch.net The copyright of this report belongs to W&S market research company, 2012. The results of this survey can be publicly used, but must be cited and sourced from Vinaresearch. In the circumstance of using the table and graphs from results of this survey, the data at the source must be clearly stated and based on survey results collected from Vinaresearch. Copyright © W&S Company Limited - 2012