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  • Thank you for the opportunity to talk with you today. Gene asked me to give you a broad overview of the session. How many read my Legislative UpdatesHow many read the First Reading blogHow many read Dan Steele’s TWIOHow many of you read bothHow many watch TVWTime to get a life, really.
  • The budget really dominated this session, without dominating the time. It seemed like nothing was getting done, but there was a lot of work behind the scenes.Wheels fell off on Day 55 – and we’ll talk more about that this morning.One of the most tense, nasty sessions I’ve seen in years.
  • So let’s think about the contextA governor who announced she wasn’t running again List of budget options in OctoberSupplemental budget of all cuts, nasty in NovemberShe still has her priorities – For K-12: TPEP, unfunded mandates, lab schools, governance BIGThree specials in 2010 – two in the spring, one-day in December – number of budget gimmicksTwo specials in 2011 – one in spring, 17 days in November-December – number of gimmicksOne in 2012 – no one knows how long this will lastFaced more than $4 billion in deficitsMcClearyTurnover
  • Something new this year – business in education committees Pushing charter schools, get rid of poor performing teachers, STEMSBE has a new executive director – active voiceDEL won $60 million in RTTT for E/L – agendaOSPI request bills – insolvency, TPEPWEAFighting consolidated health systemFighting charters and TPEPFreedom Foundation flexing muscle, “advising”The budget “takeover” – 22 Rs joined by 3 Ds
  • Let’s talk about the good stuffFebruary, caseload down, a bit of new revenueBudget situation not as direJobs packages considered in the Capital budget – better than no budgetSeveral bills about unfunded mandatesState audits, paperwork, not the big stuffSBE billNo consolidation bill, but clear framework for districts facing insolvencyGovernor pushed through partnership bill, all the budgets have some moneyExpanded the STEM lighthouse schools to include elementary, but no money
  • Even with better forecast, still have to close the gap and leave $ in the bank.Absolute gridlock with what’s going on right nowDidn’t they know this was a short session?Continue to try to change the graduation requirements. – Make the madness stop!Lots of conversations about how K-12 aren’t preparing kids for college, and the cost of remediation
  • Let’s talk about the meltdown in the Senate and House this session.TPEP – dead bills in committee and negotiations with GovernorNO CHANGES, NO CHARTERS!22+3 = panic – But not so unusual9th order, also not unusual butBroken promises and good faithReform agenda Small list continued to expandRole of the Road Kill – 5-6 players27-22 splitALE – program or delivery system of B/E?
  • The budget differencesHouse Rs out first, cuts to K-12, no shiftHouse Ds out next, some cuts to K-12 , shift both LEA and apportionmentSenate Ds – NO K-12 or higher ed cuts, shift A onlySenate Rs – cuts to K-12 and higher ed, no shiftNational Board bonusesHouse reduced both – initiallySenate Rs reduced main, not challengingOnly budget not to cut K-12 from start, Senate Ds plus invest in 2261 (remember, McCleary, court oversight)No K-12 in anyone’s budget proposal nowFunding task force to figure out how to pay for B/E
  • Voters passed I-1053, 2/3rd required to raise taxesInterpreted to mean repeal of creditsNeither chamber can muster 2/3rdsLast November, Gov proposed half penny, dedicated to K-12, higher ed, some SServicesNo go at the polls Days – no go with McClearyOther options “introduced”Hunter and the property tax idea
  • We also track the things that impact school operations. Open meetings – exempt video recordingPublic records – sunshine committee, limiting exemptions, making it easier Access to campus – started to allow military recruiters same access Changing the age from 8 to 6 – no goSchool nurses – able to dispense topical meds and ear/eye drops but the supervision issue got lost in meltdownBecca – largest “unfunded” mandate. – this bill changes age from 17 to 16, mixed reviews
  • Maybe should have started here, but …We represent the elected school board directors – 1,477 – 295 districtsMultiple membership supports – mine is advocacyLegislative Committee, Assembly, ConferenceLegislative Updates, First Reading, SummaryActively work the Hill, craft amendments, write letters, testify, ran a bill this yearWine cellar and wine-cellar lite PLUS othersStarted Legislative Boot Camps to increase awareness – will be at all events going forward
  • Could talk for hours … What do you want to know?
  • During session I rarely answer the desk phone, but if you ever have questions, need something, send me an email or give me a call.
  • Wsu presentation 3 17(2)

    1. 1. * WSU Field-Based Superintendents’ Certification Program March 17, 2012
    2. 2. *“Lame duck” but active Governor*Number of special sessions since January 2010*Budget hole since the recession “ended”*McCleary released January 5th*Half the state Senate and all the House up for re-election – filing date ends May 7 *8-10 Senators retiring or running for other seat *13-15 House members retiring or running for something else *
    3. 3. *Business at the education table*OPSI, SBE, DEL*Alphabet soup associations and their agendas*Washington Education Association*Freedom Foundation and Washington Policy Center*22+3 *
    4. 4. *Budget news – nearly $500 million in good news *Operating and Capital *Fund Education First (HB 2533)*Unfunded mandates*Fiscal notes and SBE rules (SHB 2492)*Consolidation and fiscal insolvency (SHB 2617)*School partnerships (HB 2799)*Lighthouse school expansion (SSB 6041) *
    5. 5. *Budget news - $1.1 Billion in bad news * Gridlock – shift or cut*1271 new bills introduced in the 60-day session * 640 House, 631 Senate * 1,740 reintroduced from 2011 session * 262 passed both chambers, 39 signed*Graduation requirement changes*Remedial postsecondary education (SB 6438) *
    6. 6. *Budget news *Senate meltdown and status today *Special session (convened 3/12 at noon) *Role of Road-Kill*Teacher and principal evaluations (SB 5895)*Charter schools (SB 6202/HB 2484)*ALE issues (HB 2209) *
    7. 7. *Highlights of a No Cuts budget proposal *Apportionment shift*Highlights of a Small Cuts budget proposal *National Board Certified Teacher bonuses *STEM *Dropout prevention*Latest budgets – no cuts to K-12 or HiEd*Education Funding Task Force *Report due December 15, 2012 *
    8. 8. *Accountability in tax preference policy *Half a penny sales tax increase *Tax loopholes on out-of-state banks and wind *Eliminate non-residents sales tax exemption *New revenue streams *Tax the top one percent, two percent of income *Capital gains*Property tax “swap” for K-12 *
    9. 9. *Open Meetings Act (SB 6109)*Public Records Act - lots*Access to campus (HB 1470)*Compulsory school (HB 2199)*School nurses – (HB 1753, HB 2247)*Becca (SSB 6494) *
    10. 10. *Our advocacy mission *Legislative Updates *First Reading blog *2012 Session Summary*Involvement with other organizations*Legislative Boot Camps *
    11. 11. * *????
    12. 12. *Marie Sullivan*Governmental Relations Director*(360) 252-3010 (desk) or*(360) 742-7647 (cell)** for Legislative Update *