West sideregional agendaasd1 28-11


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West sideregional agendaasd1 28-11

  1. 1. 38100-8890WSU Superintendent Program<br />Auburn School District<br />Friday, January 28, 2011<br />Spring Westside Regional Seminar Agenda<br />10am <br />Welcome, Coffee, etc.<br />10:15am <br />Dr. Kip Herren, Superintendent <br /><ul><li>Central Office Transformation
  2. 2. Insights from an “Inside Candidate”</li></ul>12:00pm Lunch<br />12:30pm <br />Mrs. Louanne Decker, Assistant Superintendent of School Programs <br /><ul><li>Implementing Cultural Change: Auburn’s PLC Journey</li></ul>1:15pm <br />Mr. Mike Newman, Deputy Superintendent of Business and Operations<br /><ul><li>Navigating Budget Challenges Now and into the Future</li></ul>2:00pm <br />Dr. Barry & Dr. Selby <br /><ul><li>Wrap Up and Preparations for Feb. 11 & 12 Seminar