Moses Lake School District


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A Systems Approach

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Moses Lake School District

  1. 1. Moses Lake School District System-Wide Support 2010-2011 October 14, 2010 Linda McKay, Executive Director Michelle Price, Superintendent
  2. 2. “Everything we do, every activity we create, every relationship we build, every network we support, is aimed at improving the capacity of schools to provide a quality education to children.” Phillip Schlechty
  3. 3. Moses Lake School District 2009-2011 Goals Goal #1 Clear and Shared Focus – Board policies articulate equity in student learning – Strategic plan and district improvement plan are data driven – Hiring and mentoring processes build commitment to focus and vision
  4. 4. Our task is… To provide an education for For the kind of kids we have. NOT The kind we used to have, OR want to have, OR the kids that exist in our dreams.
  5. 5. Goal #2 High Standards and Expectations for All Students – Staff believe that ALL of our students will learn at high levels – Attributes of powerful teaching and learning are identified; expectations of instruction that engages students are communicated – Review K-12 student attendance policy; improve K-12 attendance Moses Lake School District 2009- 2011Goals
  6. 6. The prime function of a leader is to keep the hope alive. John W. Gardner Treat people as if they were what they OUGHT to be, and help them become what they are capable of being. Goethe
  7. 7. Moses Lake School District 2009- 2011 Goals Goal #3 Effective Leadership – District leaders are involved in improvement of instruction, are highly visible in schools, and educate and engage the school board on powerful instruction – Administrators are knowledgeable regarding data analysis and implement a data-based inquiry process at their sites – Teacher leaders are empowered and supported
  8. 8. Moses Lake School District 2009- 2011 Goals Goal #4 High Levels of Communication and Collaboration – Communication and collaboration are valued and embedded in professional development – District creates collaborative systems and communication and trust between staff, parents, and community with focus on improvement of instruction and school improvement – Professional Learning Communities are supported and encouraged
  9. 9. Kindergarten Team
  10. 10. Moses Lake School District 2009- 2011 Goals Goal #5 Alignment of Curriculum. Instruction, and Assessment with Standards – Integrate instructional technology for the purpose of improving student achievement – District collaborates with teachers to develop and implement a comprehensive, aligned system of curriculum, instruction, and assessment tied to state learning goals. Reading, writing, math, and science will continue to be worked while Social Studies is reviewed – Format of classroom-based assessments to match new state assessment: Measure of Student Progress and High School Proficiency Exam – Schools plan and implement individually appropriate instruction using a variety of resources
  11. 11. Moses Lake School District 2009- 2011 Goals Goal #6 Frequent Monitoring of Teaching and Learning – Response to Intervention implementation at each school – 90% of students meeting State Standards at grades tested – 90% of students meeting standard on DIBELS by end of K, 1, and 2 – Decrease the dropout rate from the state determined 8.3% to less than 5% – The class of 2013 began with 560 freshmen; the graduating class of 2013 should be 560. – Solicit student feedback on their learning experience in the MLSD
  12. 12. Moses Lake School District 2009- 2011 Goals Goal #7 Focused Professional Development – Collaboration and communication are embedded in professional development – Professional development focuses on content knowledge, skills for classroom practice, and follow-up for application and implementation – Professional development is designed based on data and builds capacity for all staff members
  13. 13. Science teacher collaboration One teacher won’t have the answers for EVERY student in the building; however, a group of teachers will.
  14. 14. G.L.A.D.
  15. 15. Moses Lake School District 2009- 2011 Goals Goal #8 Supportive Learning Environment – Increase culturally responsive educational practices – Student work and classroom activities reflect high levels of relevant instruction – School and district discipline procedures are collaboratively developed and research-based – Positive behavior intervention supports will be supported and encouraged – Provide ongoing recognition for student academics, attendance, and behavior – Improve comprehensive counseling and safety/security programs – Maintain, improve, and add facilities to meet student needs – Improve access to career and technical education programs for students – Maintain current technology
  16. 16. It’s not how much you do, but how much love you put in to what you are doing. Mother Theresa
  17. 17. Moses Lake School District 2009- 2011 Goals Goal #9 High levels of parent and community involvement – Participation by families & community in the school improvement process – Perception data from students collected annually – Increase communications with community – Out reach strategies improve parent and community involvement for all segments of population including special ed, ELL, racial/ethnic, and economically disadvantaged
  18. 18. Community Forum
  19. 19. MLSD Enrollment 5400 5600 5800 6000 6200 6400 6600 6800 7000 7200 7400 7600 6071 6110 6261 6134 6219 6267 6398 6452 6547 6745 6948 7125 7321 99-00 00-01 01-02 02-03 03-04 04-05 05-06 06-07 07-08 08-09 09-10 97–98 98-99
  20. 20. Sage Point Elementary School
  21. 21. Chief Moses Middle School (new gym)
  22. 22. Lion’s Field Improvements
  23. 23. MLSD Accomplishments • Good Long Range Facility Plan • Excellent New Facilities • Improved Instructional Technology • Improvement in Student Achievement/WASL Scores • Success in Athletics • Passage of Replacement M&O Levy • No RIF of teachers for 2009-10 • Continuation of three major grants • Excellent support staff, administrators, and teachers
  24. 24. Closing thoughts… Video Clip