Hewins on fps_supt-bd_relations


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Dr. Frank Hewins on Superintendent Board Relations.

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Hewins on fps_supt-bd_relations

  1. 1. WSU Supt Certification Program Regional Cohort Presentation Dr. Frank Hewins Superintendent October 29, 2010
  2. 2. Superintendent/Board Relations or “Care & Feeding of Your School Board”
  3. 3. Getting to the Seat • MS/HS Teacher, Coach, Dept Chair • HS Asst Principal • HS Principal • K-12 Executive Director • Asst. Supt • Superintendent
  4. 4. Inside vs. Outside INSIDE • Like current direction • Known commodity • Involved in the community • Admin/staff credibility • Understands needs • Hit the ground running OUTSIDE • Want new direction • Fresh ideas • No baggage • Perceived district dysfunction • Veteran (i.e., entrenched) staff
  5. 5. Learning to Dance w/Five Partners •Building relationships •Establishing trust •Acting w/consistency •Maintaining confidentiality •Honest/open dialogue •Sense of humor
  6. 6. Inheriting a Good School Board
  7. 7. Communication! Communication! Communication! Find out the right amount, the right method, and the right style for your Board.
  8. 8. What Do Boards Do? • Provide for: – a quality instructional program, within the limits of the resources; – management and direction of the school system; – continued guidance through policy development and adoption; and – communication between the district and the community.
  9. 9. Board Responsibilities • Policy making • Hiring a superintendent • Planning, goal setting, and appraisal • Approval and adoption of an annual budget • Staffing, appraisal, salaries, fringe benefits • Instruction • School facilities • Public relations • Adjudication and investigations
  10. 10. Management decisions that legally can be made only by the Board • Budget review and adoption • Hiring and other personnel matters • Approval of textbooks and other instructional materials • Negotiation parameters and agreements • School construction and maintenance • Bond and levy proposals • Payrolls • Purchasing
  11. 11. Prolonging the Honeymoon
  12. 12. Do The Work • Attend meetings or send a representative • Finish reports when they are needed • Provide appropriate data • Be well-planned and organized for every Board meeting • Be involved with the total school community • Talk with the Board and know its expectations
  13. 13. Be a Generalist • Know what is going on in every one of your departments • Get regular briefings from Cabinet members and Principals • Be able to respond to questions from the Board in a timely manner
  14. 14. Don’t Get Greedy • In most cases you will be compensated well as a superintendent • Depending upon your community, salary and benefits can be a controversial topic and any community member with an axe to grind can find a way to use that controversy to split the Board and oust the Supt
  15. 15. Honor the “Green” Line • Make sure you and the Board understand the difference between policy and administration • Keep them out of your day to day operations of the district • Always give the same information to all Board members – treat them equally
  16. 16. The Role of the School Board in an Engagement-Focused Learning Organization • Leadership – sets and articulates direction • Collaboration – w/supt part of a collective team • Core Business - make pro-active contributions • Responsiveness - to needs of parents, students, & tax payers • Advocacy – leading advocates for youth in the community • Ownership - pride in success &share responsibility for failures • Norms – established operating norms that build trust • Goals - adopt clear goals
  17. 17. Cabinet’s Role w/School Board • Attend all work sessions and regular board meetings prepared to comment on any pertinent agenda items and respond to questions from board members • Attend morning session of our annual Board Retreat to present what is “on the horizon” for the coming school year
  18. 18. My Ideal Board • Listen twice as much as they speak • Servant Leaders • Work for the common good • Community builders • Focus on the future • Commitment to strengthening the capacity of the people in the organization
  19. 19. Questions???
  20. 20. Thank you! If I can be of any service to you during or after you complete your program, feel free to contact me at: fhewins@fpschools.org or (253) 298-3010