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Why E Learning


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a brief endorsement for e-learning

Published in: Education, Technology
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Why E Learning

  1. 1. Why E-learning?<br />Click here for audio which may be downloaded to MP3<br />E-learning is a new way to reach students and a wonderfully new way to teach them! E-learning does many things for us, as faculty, actually, but even more for our students.<br /> It allows students to have more time for concept mastery, when they can see or hear a presentation repeated (on their own time) until they ‘get it’. <br />It allows students who have burdensome schedules of work, school, parenting, or elder-care, to study and or complete assignments when it is more convenient and not be penalized. <br /> It allows you as the learning facilitator to take students to internet sites that illustrate your lessons, or to visit classrooms or workplaces, or political leaders, or international partners, via a simple webcam or phone connection---things the textbook could never do.<br />
  2. 2. It allows you to sit at home if you wish and talk to your students about the last set of readings, engage them in a discourse that is often times even more honest and critical than what happens face to face, (not to mention the creature comforts like wearing your most comfortable jeans and slippers!). Online discussions can be rich and thoughtful if planned well. They can be graded, since a transcript can be obtained. They can be assessed against a rubric so student know ahead of time the level and quality of participation that is expected. <br />Virtual (online) discussions can be augmented with the use of the virtual whiteboard, with a Power Point presentation, or with transitions to selected websites where another activity has been planned, by you, the facilitatpr of these learning experiences. <br />
  3. 3. Students can then leave the whole group discussion and have breakout sessions that you have pre-arranged (within Bb). These things are all very simple to do. Just call us…we will help you set up tour first virtual class! Remember: Any face to face class can have a virtual component. Start with one or two online discussions, and later add something such as a web cam or a microphone to increase your skills and to make available to your student new and interesting venues for learning. Like that big orange sign says: You can do it , we can help! Call CETL at x8609, 8610,8611<br />