Ships Agency Re-Defined


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Ships Agency Re-Defined

  1. 1. SHIPS AGENCY Service Agreement RE-DEFINED
  2. 2. 53 000 port calls every year in 2200 ports in 70 countries 440 000 standardised operational reports per year 1500 ships agency specialists on duty at any one time 150 years experience in the shipping business (Source: Wilhelmsen Ships Service)A
  3. 3. RE-DEFINING THE WAY WEWORK WITH YOUCurrently each ships agency has its own way ofoperating. For companies dealing with severaldifferent agents, this results in time-consumingadministration and unpredictability due to varyingperformances from port to port.We believe a more predictable and structured wayof managing multiple port calls will simplify yourwork and give you more peace of mind. We alsobelieve it will reduce your operational and adminis-trative costs and improve your efficiency. We havere-defined our business to cater for this, resultingin a new approach to ships agency.Service Agreements – re-defining theway of handling multiple port calls B
  4. 4. SERVICE AGREEMENTS SIMPLIFYING YOUR MULTIPLE PORT CALLS Launching Global Agents A Global Agent with a thorough understanding of your operations will coordinate all your port calls, wherever in the world, reducing time spent by you on administration. The Global Agent will be situated in your time zone, speak your language and will act as your one-point-of-contact for all port calls handled by Wilhelmsen Ships Service. Appointments are sent to the Global Agent in Customer Services who will work with our port agents. Together they will ensure that your requirements are fully catered for during port operations as well as in the prearrival and post departure phases, in any port from our worldwide network of offices. The services delivered in port are still always executed by our experienced local port agents.A
  5. 5. SERVICE AGREEMENTWAY OF OPERATING: Service Agreement A commitment to streamline Customer Global Agent Port Agents and simplify multiple port call operations Global Agent A single dedicated expert coordinating all port calls Online portal
  6. 6. SERVICE AGREEMENTSSIMPLIFYING YOUR MULTIPLE PORT CALLSIntegrating your operational requirements Securing safe and efficient cash transactionsMany of your port calls have the same basic You can use a single bank account for pre-fundingrequirements, reflecting your specific operational and balance settlements, for all your port callsneeds. By telling us how you would like us to worldwide.manage your port calls, we commit to deliveraccording to your requirements, in any port. You Introducing an online portalcan specify, for instance, what services to always You will have a portal in our operational softwaredeliver, your report preferences, key performance solution, to enable you to have a comprehensiveindicators, and general agent instructions. overview of all your port calls worldwide, anytime.Your pre-defined requirements become an inte- Predictable pricinggrated part of our operational system and business Our ships agency services have a predictable andprocesses, so you do not have to worry about the transparent pricing structure, so you know exactlybasics the next time you use a Wilhelmsen Ships what you are charged for and get no unpleasantService agent. surprises. No other agents have the network and the resources to offer this simplicity B
  7. 7. BENEFIT FROM OUR NEW WAY OF OPERATING EFFICIENCY CONSISTENCY FINANCIAL SECURITY Is the current way you interact with agents Would you like to receive uniform documen- Can you be sure that your agent has the finan- optimal? tation and the same quality service, at a cial stability and controls in place to support you predictable price for every port call? on a long-term basis? We will help you streamline your port calls and administration based on our global experience as When you deal with Wilhelmsen Ships Service, you Wilhelmsen Ships Service is part of Wilh. Wilhelmsen, ship agents. This is achieved by pre-defining the receive the same service and the same documen- established in 1861, with a sound reputation in minimum requirements, coordinating multiple port tation, wherever you trade. Our Quality Code sets the shipping industry. By using a single bank calls and having a Global Agent to follow up your the operational standard for all our agents, and the account for all port calls worldwide, you can feel worldwide operations. delivery for Service Agreement customers is further confident that your transactions are handled tuned to cater for your unique requirements. efficiently and safely. You will save time and resources which you can spend on your core activities. This ensures that we meet the same predictable You can be confident that your assets will be secure levels of service in every port where we operate, with us. around the world.A
  8. 8. RELIABILITYCan you trust your agent to deliver what youneed, when you need it?Your basic requirements are integrated into ouroperational system and business process, and yourGlobal Agent will coordinate with our port agents toensure that your requirements are fully understoodin any port. Our in-house training ensures that allemployees follow best practice based on globalprocesses, and their performance is measured.This ensures that you can always feel confident thatour performance will meet your requirements.Trust us to be your number one globalships agent
  9. 9. THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS Our customers recognise that dealing with one company on a worldwide basis can streamline their operations and bring about economies of scale. At the same time, they want to continue to use local agents with personal knowledge of the port, fluency in the local language, and contacts with all local suppliers and service providers. Through our Service Agreements, we provide the best of both worlds. The size and international breadth of Wilhelmsen Ships Service enables us to offer a cost-effective service to customers with multiple port calls, globally. Every port call is treated as a unique event by the local agents, who are able to use their specialist knowledge to arrange and complete hassle-free port calls.A
  10. 10. ID No: 807014 Designed and produced by Newmarketing as. Printer: Grafia Kommunikasjon - Norway. 01/10. 7K. Country of origin: Norway.Wilhelmsen Ships ServiceMail: P O Box 33 NO-1324 Lysaker, Office: Strandveien 20, 1366 Lysaker, NorwayTel: +47 67 58 45 50, E-mail: