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Product servicescatalog final2010


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Product servicescatalog final2010

  1. 1. Cover PageTo be designed later
  2. 2. WSI OverviewWHO IS WSI? Over the years our ConsultantsWE’RE INDUSTRY LEADERS: Headquartered in have helped thousands ofToronto, Canada, WSI has been developing businesses around the worldprofitable Internet Marketing strategies forbusinesses since the mid 1990s. Our network to grow and prosper onlineof certified Internet Marketing Consultants is and they’re ready to help yourthe largest of its kind and we are ranked the business too.#1 Internet Services Business in the world byindustry-leading Entrepreneur magazine. WSIis committed to improving the profitability of CUSTOMER FOCUSED: WSI listens and seeksour customers through the use of leading- to understand our customers’ businessesedge digital technologies, delivered by better, utilizing customer and Consultantknowledgeable and service-oriented feedback and expert research to find outConsultants. As more businesses join the what you need to grow your revenues online.struggle to harness the Internet’s potential for We’ve learned that you want a trustedbusiness growth and success, WSI is ready to advisor who can simplify Digital marketingeffectively serve their needs with affordable and help you choose the best options forInternet Marketing and innovative website your business needs. While WSI is constantlysolutions. monitoring customer needs around the world, our Consultants are located wherePROVEN EXPERIENCE WORKING FOR YOU: your business operates and understand localOver the years we’ve seen the rise of the business conditions and as a service and distribution channel,the fall of the dot-coms and the explosive STRATEGICALLY ALIGNED: As a leadinggrowth of Social Media. As the Internet provider of Digital Marketing Solutions tocontinues to evolve, so do our systems, our businesses worldwide, WSI has alignedproducts and our services. Today, emerging themselves with industry leaders likedigital technologies and marketing techniques Google, Lyris, SEMPO, MarketingSherpa,allow our Consultants to take their clients’ ReachLocal and Webex. This means thatInternet presence to the next level, while when you work with WSI you can be surenever losing focus of our key goal—increasing you’re working with a leading edge companya company’s profitability by building that contributes and incorporates the bestaffordable Digital Marketing Solutions that practices in our
  3. 3. Our Services Pay-Per-Click ServicesPay Per Click (PPC) advertising is an investment, andjust like any other, it has to pay for itself. PPC isenormously powerful. You only advertise to people Benefitswho are looking for what you have right now, andyou only pay when they respond by clicking throughto your website. The price is determined by anongoing real-time bidding process that is based on • Increase your salestrue market values. • Lower your cost per sale • Get more visitors, leads, sales and customersWSI’s 5-Step Plan for Pay-Per-Click • Maximize your Google Adwords budgetStep 1: Create an informative webpage • Professional brand promotion• Ensure there is a call-to-actionStep 2: Generate a list of keywords• Keywords that potential buyers would search• Identify your negative keyword list Campaign Management• Identify broad and exact matches phrasesStep 3: Build your campaign• Research bid prices on Google Our campaign management• Write your Google AdWords advertisements services will track and measure the effectiveness of your ads onStep 4: Monitor your results a monthly basis. Well work with• Split test ads against each other to achieve higher you to determine the most click through rates appropriate and effective goals for your PPC landing pages andStep 5: Improve your performance advertising campaigns.• Rewrite ads to improve click through rates• Optimize landing pages to improve conversion rates• Improve you ROI by adjusting bid prices
  4. 4. Our Services Competitive AnalysisTo be successful in online marketing, businessesmust gain a search advantage over their competition.Not understanding your key competitor’s online Report Featuresactivities will result in lost opportunities. It isimportant to know what your competitors are doingon the Internet, so that you can combat and reduceany advantage they have. • Review of your site framework • Home page review of your topWSI’s Internet Competitor Analysis is developed to competitor sitesprovide detailed information on how your • Competitor analysis of the topcompetitors use Internet marketing to promote their 10 websites in your industryproducts and services. This detailed report will help • Competitors’ top 20 organicyou understand your competitors’ strengths and keyword phrasesweaknesses. Strategic use of this online businessintelligence will help to strengthen your competitiveadvantage and improve your online business decisionprocess. Report ContentsKey Benefits• Identify organic keywords that competitors are targeting • Full competitor dashboard• Identify competitor paid search strategies, including PPC keywords, daily keywords and ads spend, web pages, keyword• Work out competitors’ estimated monthly online phrases etc. marketing budget • WebScan audit of all competitors• Redefine your online business strategy against • Overall analysis of how you rate your competitors’ to Increase your Return on among your competitors Investment (ROI )• Identify email campaigns that your competitors are deploying and counter them with more relevant campaigns that generate a greater response
  5. 5. Our Services Search Engine MarketingIf you want to rank #1 for your targeted keywords,you need to understand how search engines work.You must know what factors search engines use in What exactly is SEM?ranking websites and how they “read” and “index”web pages.At WSI, we have a 3-Step plan to help businesses When we talk about SEMlike you to identify and create the quality website (Search Engine Marketing) wecontent that Google loves. We will also ensure that are talking about marketingyou are fully leveraging Search Engine Marketing tactics like search engine(SEM) in your business to help drive you more optimization, PPC, social mediarevenue. optimization, display advertising and banner advertising.3-Step SEO PlanStep 1: Dominate your particular industry sector• Identify your target audience Benefits• Set your website goals/ objectives• Understand what persuades your audience• Scout your competition • Get a custom-made plan for your websiteStep 2: Get your website ranked as high as possible • Increase your site traffic• Ensure your site structure is search engine • Generate quality leads naturally friendly • Reach your customers where• Identify the keyword phrases your audience use they are searching• Identify off-site activities that will get you links • Increase conversions by building your brand awarenessStep 3: Track, Monitor, Adjust• Track your keyword rankings• Analyze your website’s visitor activity• Monthly reports detailing website performance• Provide recommendations for improvements
  6. 6. Our Services Web AnalyticsEvery marketing campaign on the Internet needs tobe tracked in order to make it successful. Afterplanning and implementation, tracking tools are Types of Reportsnecessary to calculate the ROI of a particularcampaign. We provide you with a monthly report andmake suggestions where changes need to be made toimprove your Website Performance. • Site Overview • Search ReportWeb Analytics Helps You Understand • Data Dissection • What’s Changed• Which keywords are attracting your most • Campaign Report desirable business prospects • Funnel Report• What advertising copy pulled the most responses • Click Fraud Report• Which landing pages and content make the most money for you• How visitors found your website• Which pages and links are most popular• Whether or not your campaign is directing traffic to the correct pages Benefits• Visitor segmentation to identify the sources that generate first time and returning visitors • Easily measure performance of both online and offline marketing campaigns • Revenue tracking reports providing extreme ROI analysis • Easy to read graphs and pie charts provides a greater understanding of metrics
  7. 7. Our Services Content Marketing PlanWhen you add relevant content to your website onan ongoing basis, generally monthly, the overallquality of your website increases and will then be Benefitsrecognized by search engines as a valuable contentrich site. By optimizing content with relevantkeywords, you will get organic (free) focused trafficdriven to your site. • Increase traffic to your site • More quality leads and salesEvery page is an opportunity to make a sale. This • Greater customer reachcontent on the page is an investment to your • Build brand credibility and trustbusiness, not a marketing expense. Our professional • Increase your ROI significantlycopywriters will create persuasion architecture and • Generate more effective sitewrite your pages to convert internet visitors to copy that visitors will readcustomers and let your pages make the sales for you.WSI’s 3-Step ApproachStep 1: Analyze your business objectives What You Can Expect• Evaluation quality of existing website content• Identify goals and who you should be targetingStep 2: Keyword research and content integration • Extend your online brand by• Keyword analysis and research of target audience increasing keywords featured in• Write and edit quality keyword rich content Google’s top 20 results• Create press releases and distribute accordingly • Decrease dependence on pay per clickStep 3: Management and measurement of results • Diversify ways to engage with• Analysis of search engine rankings and site activity your prospects• Monthly reporting of results and site improvement• Recommendations on how we can continually increase your website’s content quality.
  8. 8. Our Services Email MarketingEmail marketing is a proven method of keeping intouch with prospects and existing customers.It is a cost-effective solution to creating top of mind Benefitsbrand recognition and increase sales.Our Services • Provide customers with relevant business and industry news• Import existing email database into a leading-edge • Stay connected with your clients Email Marketing system • More effective response rates• Integrate a subscribe form on the website to build than other marketing tactics the list • An inexpensive way to get more• Create an email marketing campaign by providing prospects to read about your content ideas that can be sent to your database business• Develop an email marketing graphic template• Track and measure the open rate, click through rate, and order rate• Apply content and provide drafts for signoff of all email distributions Our Objectives • Improve the quality of your current email list • Increase brand recognition • Drive repeat traffic to your business • Build long-term relationships • Increase overall sales
  9. 9. Our Services Conversion ArchitectureWhat is Conversion Architecture?Conversion Architecture starts by defining your The 40/40/20 Rulebusiness goals and target audience, and thenensuring that every element of your site persuadesvisitors to take the desired actions. Conversion Architecture follows the 40/40/20 Rule – 40% AudienceThese elements include: Targeting, 40% Offer and 20%• Persuasive copy Creativity. These figures come• Calls to action from the Direct Marketing• Conversion tools Association (DMA) in its outlining of parameters that determine theThe guiding philosophy of Conversion Architecture success of a marketing that all websites must have a persuasive purpose.Building your site with Conversion Architecture inmind will result in more visitors doing what you wantthem to online – whether that is signing up for a freeconsultation or buying a new product. Benefits • Increase your site ROI potential • Create conversion paths in your site to better direct customers • Optimize your site layout according to best practices • Ensure visitors are able to navigate through your purchase funnels WSI Conversion Architecture Chart
  10. 10. Our Services Social Media MarketingBreak into the world of social media and create,brand and manage your online presence. WSI willshow you how to leverage the social media frenzy Social Profile Setupto your advantage and capture the attention of thelargest growing audience online.Whether you’re goal is to establish your brand, • Facebook and LinkedIncapture additional market share, or conduct real-time • Personal and group profilesmarket research, social media should be part of any • Import contacts from Outlookserious online marketing strategy. • Join groups, populate group, addition of applications • Banner and text advertisingSocial Media Services campaign setup as well as management• Social profile creation and management• Write and add 4 blog posts per month• YouTube – uploads of optimized videos•• WSI’s “How to Social Media guide” Social Media monitoring & listening of industry Benefits trends & brands• Social bookmarking links posted in top social networks • Capture the attention of the• Monthly review detailing account activity and growth largest growing online audience• One hour per month coaching via telephone • Conduct real-time market• Introductory training on social media research • Interact and update easily • Build brand awareness affordably
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  20. 20. Sample Reports Internet Marketing Insight Reports
  21. 21. Sample ReportsEmail Marketing Reports
  22. 22. Sample ReportsWeb Analytic Reports
  23. 23. Sample ReportsCompetitive Analysis Reports
  24. 24. Our Consultants are the new breed of business advisors. Like yourlawyer, your accountant, your stock broker—each a trusted businesspartner whose expertise you rely on to succeed—a WSI DigitalMarketing Consultant is in your local community to ensure yourbusiness realizes the full profit potential offered by digital marketingtechnologies. In a nutshell, they are specially trained and certifiedDigital Marketing experts, ready to deliver consulting services that bestmeet your business needs and your budget.The products and services described herein are the property of Research and Management Corporate(RAM), its affiliated or related companies and are provided by franchisees of the WSI IM franchise system. ©2010 RAM. All rights reserved. For further information, contact your authorized WSI Digital Marketing Consultant