Message from the PresidentThank you for your interest in WSI.Our company was founded in 1995 by 3 entrepreneurs driven by ...
Our Approach                                                               “We engaged with WSI to help with ALEA’s       ...
Digital Marketing Strategy      The emergence of digital media communication tools has completely transformed the competit...
Lead with Advanced Technologies How many of your prospects are Internet users? You really don’t need to answer that questi...
Expand Market Reach      As an accomplished business professional, you realize the significance of your company’s market  ...
Social Media Optimization  Social media optimization (SMO) programs usually center on efforts to create content that attra...
Manage Brand Reputation      A well-planned and properly implemented social media strategy can drastically transform      ...
Content Marketing  Having a content-rich website is essential if you want to ensure your brand is recognized and effective...
Maintain Brand Loyalty      In today’s increasingly tough global market, the endless amount of choices available to consum...
Database Segmentation  Clearly, a key factor to building an effective email marketing campaign for your business is mainta...
Enhance Marketing Effectiveness       The ability to understand how prospects in your database react to your newsletters a...
A/B Split Testing  Most of us are familiar with the concept of A/B split testing. At its core, A/B testing is exactly what...
Client Portfolio     Using the latest marketing best practices and digital technologies available, our strategies are     ...
Strategic Partnerships / Alliances  WSI has earned the opportunity to develop strategic partnerships and alliances with so...
5580 Explorer Drive, Suite 600Mississauga, Ontario L4W4YI905 678 7588 phone888 678 7588 toll free905 678 7242 faxwsidigita...
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Internet Marketing Agency


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Hi I’m Manny. I’m a Digital Marketing Consultant operating the local office of a MNC organization called WSI. We specialize in helping companies, like yours, maximize the Digital Marketing Strategies to increase revenues through greater customer conversion, retention and help establish online credibility.
We provide advanced, yet affordable Digital Marketing strategies. We do this through the use of international best practices, world class technologies and strategic industry partnerships.

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Internet Marketing Agency

  1. 1. www.WSInnovativesolutions.com
  2. 2. Message from the PresidentThank you for your interest in WSI.Our company was founded in 1995 by 3 entrepreneurs driven by an urge to fill a void in the market.They were looking for a firm to assist them with promoting their business on the Internet. In theabsence of experienced professionals who understood their business needs and could translatethem into strategies for online success, innovation was born. Today, thanks to the vision and actionof these young entrepreneurs, companies around the world can seek the advice and counsel of WSIDigital Marketing Consultants. Globally networked and locally available in over 80 countries, theseConsultants deliver actionable online results leading to a measureable return on investment forbusinesses.WSI is focused on consistent growth for global success. We believe this sustained growth benefits ourclients, franchisees and shareholders.WSI Digital Marketing Consultants worldwide share a strong commitment to: a) Stay ahead of the curve b) Assist in the growth and improved health of companies online c) Follow a proven system that leads to measurable resultsThese commitments are reflected not only in the quality of service to our clients, but in WSI’s globalmission and core values.WSI was built on the entrepreneurial spirit with a dedication to providing custom-tailored digitalmarketing consulting services. Much like your lawyer, accountant or stock broker – each a trustedbusiness partner whose expertise you rely on to succeed – a WSI Digital Marketing Consultant isavailable to ensure your company realizes the full profit potential offered by digital marketing.We invite you to learn more about WSI through this brochure. Whether you are looking to expand youradvertising initiatives, enhance your existing campaigns or explore new marketing channels, considerworking with a WSI Digital Marketing Consultant. Our value-based consulting services will work toyour advantage as we stay committed to helping your company achieve meaningful results.Again, thank you for your interest in WSI and wish you all the best in your entrepreneurial journey!Sincerely,Ron McArthurPresident, WSI
  3. 3. Our Approach “We engaged with WSI to help with ALEA’s SEO ranking in Google. We are now on Global Knowledge page 1 of Google when you type ‘lead generation’. WSI made the process painless Local Results and seamless. It is like watching someone who is in complete control of their craft at work. I have no hesitation recommending WSI for any web-related project” Louis Foong, President, The ALEA GroupOur network of WSI Digital Marketing Consultants around themselves and have been where you are. We will work inthe world is the new breed of business planners. Our unique conjunction with your existing marketing department orapproach and value-based consulting helps companies agency to ensure your digital marketing strategy is in lineleverage proven digital marketing strategies to boost with all other campaigns you initiate. Your goals are ourtheir bottom-line. Think of WSI as an extension to your goals!marketing department – a digital media expert readilyavailable to provide consulting services custom-tailored So when you partner with WSI your company willto suit your company and industry. benefit from: • The personal care and service offered by a certifiedMany marketing firms claim to offer consulting services, Digital Marketing Consultantbut a majority of them lack the specialization in digital • The support of a trusted business advisor who reallymarketing – a distinction that sets WSI apart. Our key focus works to comprehend the complexities of youris to offer thorough consultation and sound advice on how businessyour company can take advantage of digital marketing. • Advanced, yet sustainable solutions to your businessWe help you leverage techniques such as advanced search challengesengine optimization, social media marketing, onlineadvertising and content marketing. The results of this • The backing of our extensive training and expertiseintegrated approach are: strategic brand reputation in all facets of the digital media spacemanagement, greater customer conversion and retention • Knowledge and experience of multiple industryand ongoing return on investment. verticals —so you get custom solutions that are rooted in proven methodologiesAcross the world, consumers want to get more for less. • A seamlessly connected and collaborated effort thatAs a business owner you are continually challenged delivers results using a value based consultativewith the dilemma of how to offer greater value to approachyour customers. WSI Consultants are business owners 1
  4. 4. Digital Marketing Strategy The emergence of digital media communication tools has completely transformed the competitive landscape for companies of all sizes and sectors – truly making the Internet the marketing engine of the 21st century. WSI remains at the forefront of this marketing shift through our advanced digital marketing strategy. Digital media offers incredible revenue potential when 3 simple – yet crucial – principles are followed. We call them the ABCs of Digital Marketing Success. Advanced Technologies It’s easy to get caught up in the race and clamor for the latest technology. At WSI, we view technology as an enabler; only a means to an end. That is the biggest difference between us and other technology providers —we are a marketing company first and we function at the leading edge of Internet based technologies. So what does this mean to your business? You can rest assured that we will use the most innovative and advanced technologies available to enhance your company’s web presence. However, the main goal is to empower your brand, educate your target audience and enable efficient business operations. That’s what we understand to be the road to profitability and the key to success. Build Targeted Traffic An improved web presence brings the promise of more visitors. But that’s low-hanging fruit, up for grabs by everyone, including your competitors. You want to aim higher. You need qualified leads and targeted traffic. WSI Digital Marketing Consultants serve your needs using unique search engine marketing tools and business processes, combined with techniques like display ads, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), mobile marketing campaigns, social media strategies, targeted email campaigns, and so on. We strive to ensure your company attracts the highest possible volume of targeted traffic, sending qualified buyers straight to your website or custom landing pages at critical moments in the buying cycle. Conversion Architecture What’s better than a qualified lead? A qualified lead that is compelled to take action! If you can’t convert, someone else will...because remember, these are qualified leads! Your company’s online presence enhanced by WSI’s advanced technologies will drive targeted traffic, but there’s one more critical step— to convert those visitors into customers. Here’s where WSI Conversion Architecture works to your unique advantage by first defining your company’s goals and conversion elements. It then ensures that every component of your site and landing pages persuades visitors to follow the desired funnel paths, take action and complete those goals.2
  5. 5. Lead with Advanced Technologies How many of your prospects are Internet users? You really don’t need to answer that question; we know the numbers are huge. How many of your prospects are not Internet users? Now, you could probably count that number on one hand (if there are any at all)! Without a doubt then, a strong web presence is the first step towards becoming a leading brand in your industry. Leveraging the latest and most advanced web technologies available through WSI will help you stand out and establish a credible brand in the eyes of your customers. Count on WSI Consultants to be your digital brand marketing experts.Website Development A waterfront property is valuable real estate. Yet, some will throw a shack on it, while others will transform it into an enviable villa. Is your website just another domain parked on the sunny beaches of the Internet where surfers breeze (browse) by? Or is it a bold, powerful, compelling piece of online real estate that users absolutely have to stop by and explore? Is it simply the place where you house information about your company? Or is it the take off point for your brand to soar ahead of the competition and convert leads into sales? At WSI, our Digital Marketing Consultants step up to these and other challenges thrown up by the exciting and dynamic Internet industry. What you gain is much more than web development services. We open up a whole new world of opportunity for you to grow your market, reach new ones and drive ROI for every penny spent.Blogs Having long progressed from online diaries to a mainstream form of online publishing, blogs today are a fantastic tool for keeping a handle on consumer perceptions and market trends. Companies that use blogs as the home base of their social media strategy stand to gain from the interactive and engaging elements that increase “stickiness” for their corporate website. Big brands like Virgin, Samsung, Starbucks and Nike have already excelled at leveraging this social media element to enhance their presence online. The rate of adoption is gradually increasing in smaller companies too. Blog technologies like WordPress, plug-in applications, widgets and blog specific search engines are a boon when optimally used. WSI Digital Marketing Consultant utilize these and more to help businesses of all sizes see the true benefits of blogging as an integral component of their overall marketing strategy.Branded Social Profiles Using social media is like word-of-mouth marketing, just online. It helps you keep a pulse on consumer perceptions so you can work to enhance their view of your brand. A company’s presence on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube not only engenders consumer loyalty, but also influences consumers’ likelihood to buy. Companies looking to leverage these social media technologies are seeking ways to differentiate themselves from the standard templates that everyone else is using. WSI Consultants are social media experts with the experience of thousands of brands across several industries. We can help your business create an advanced social media profile using branded “skins”. The aim is to generate a sense of brand continuity across all your platforms and further strengthen your company’s brand awareness and consumer loyalty. We empower YOU to be in greater control of how YOUR brand is perceived by the audiences that matter to you. 3
  6. 6. Expand Market Reach As an accomplished business professional, you realize the significance of your company’s market reach. Even as your current marketing campaigns reach a good number of potential customers, you always know there’s more business to be won. Despite the industry fluctuations and economic changes, company growth and expansion always tops the list of one’s marketing objectives. At WSI, our solution to that is a combination of advanced technologies and proven demand generation techniques. WSI Digital Marketing Consultants have developed effective digital marketing strategies to help companies expand beyond the threshold of a mere presence and achieve a whole new level of market penetration. The digital marketing techniques below are just some of the elements we include in what we call our “blueprint for online success”. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is one form of digital advertising that will help you gain search engine dominance within your sector. It is a marketing method designed to help you reach out to consumers as they are actively searching for products and services you offer. Your PPC campaign will aim to drive qualified buyers to your online campaigns during the most critical moments of their buying cycle. A PPC campaign expertly implemented by trained professionals like WSI Consultants can be a very cost effective marketing technique to boost the volume of qualified traffic to your website, blog or landing pages. Utilizing WSI’s Keyword Analysis Report will ensure you gain comprehensive insight into the specific keywords your target audiences are using. And because you only pay per click, this professional report will guarantee that every penny you spend yields measurable results. There has never been a more budget-friendly way to get your message out to people searching for your product or service. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) In today’s online environment, the consumer is and wants to remain in control. Surfing is a thing of the past, searching is now a universal phenomenon. Search engines like Google and Bing act as catalysts to help consumers find the information they are looking for. Companies have adopted search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to ensure their website, landing pages, etc. are being listed in these search results. But with the majority of Internet users not even going beyond the first page of results, just being listed isn’t enough. You need to have high rankings in the search results if you want to drive large volumes of qualified traffic to your site from the search engines. Businesses the world over rely on WSI to add momentum and deliver value through their SEO programs. You can too. Display Advertising Display advertisements were first introduced as a digital marketing technique over 16 years ago. Back then these advertisements popped up sporadically over the web as simple, static, images that invited visitors to come to a website. Today, display ads are much more prevalent and creative, often like mini-websites with complex animation, stunning graphics or videos, interactive and social elements. As technology enables better ways of matching ads, based on browser history, demographics and interests, display advertising is becoming much more targeted to users. WSI Consultants enable companies of all sizes to reach new customers, increase sales and grow their business using online display advertising.4
  7. 7. Social Media Optimization Social media optimization (SMO) programs usually center on efforts to create content that attracts attention, generates online conversations and encourages readers to share it with their social networks. It is in many ways a technique of viral marketing where the message spreads from user to user and presumably resonates because it is coming from a trusted source, as opposed to the brand or company itself. Social media optimization is fast becoming an integral part of any organization’s search engine marketing (SEM) strategy. Social sites like Twitter, Digg, Delicious, Facebook and YouTube can now be used to communicate your marketing message. It is all about creating a story that is easy to spread; readers want to “pull” and then “push” for you. As WSI Consultants, we integrate SMO into your overall digital marketing strategy and help expand your market reach across a multitude of social platforms.Mobile Marketing As we witness mobile web use taking off, marketers are left wondering how they can leverage smart phone technology to gain a critical edge over their competition. The Smartphone for many has become a necessity of life and as such has turned into a unique gateway to reaching consumers. Your company’s mobile presence not only places your business at your consumers’ fingertips (literally), but it also enables you to form a closer relationship with your website visitors. Sending messages via text or what we call SMS (Short Message Service) is the hot new way to engage with your prospects and customers. But before you embark on any text messaging campaigns, you need to ensure that you have a compelling mobile web presence you can point your readers to. Using WSI technology, expertise and value-added consulting, you can then execute mobile marketing campaigns. We ensure that your mobile campaigns offer complete tracking and reporting and reach your subscribers whenever they’re available, no matter where they are. 5
  8. 8. Manage Brand Reputation A well-planned and properly implemented social media strategy can drastically transform a company’s online brand. It has the capacity to turn any sized company into an international brand name. On the same token, social media can destroy a company’s reputation just as easily if that company chooses to ignore what the public is saying about them online. With the rapid explosion of social media giving people the ability to communicate instantly, online brand reputation management has never been more critical for a company. As online brand communication experts, WSI Consultants are your best and most reliable resource. Social Media Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and YouTube are taking the digital world by storm. Social media is transforming the relationship between companies and consumers by lessening the gap and creating a bridge that never before existed. Social media marketing has now become an integral part of a company’s marketing strategy because it has the potential to attract and hold the attention of a vast demographic of people, especially those who have grown numb to traditional media. But social media marketing is more than just creating a company page on Facebook or Twitter. It involves an extensive and well-strategized plan focusing on tactics that build your online following, provide relevant and educational information to your audience, encouraging them to initiate positive conversations about your company. WSI’s approach to social media marketing focuses, above all things, on how to keep your clients engaged with your brand.6
  9. 9. Content Marketing Having a content-rich website is essential if you want to ensure your brand is recognized and effectively ranked by the search engines. In addition, you can also optimize your content from other resources like marketing collateral, newsletters, whitepapers, press releases, articles, brochures, etc., and distribute it to various social media sites. Your content will encourage conversation and the positive impact will rub off on your brand. A digital marketing strategy crafted by WSI always includes comprehensive content marketing. By continuously publishing valuable and relevant information through elements like social media, we help create an indomitable online asset for your company.Brand Monitoring It has been said that “if a customer has a positive experience with a company, they’ll tell 3 people. But if they have a negative experience, they’ll tell 10”. There’s no doubt that negative feedback can spread like wildfire. That’s why it is essential your company has a brand monitoring and digital crisis management strategy prepared in case damage control is needed. There is an array of social media monitoring tools available to help you listen to the “social chatter” taking place online, especially as it relates to your brand. Tools like Google Alerts, Technorati, Backtype and Social Mention are just a few examples. A certified WSI Digital Marketing Consultant can work with your marketing team to design and execute an effective brand reputation management strategy for your company. 7
  10. 10. Maintain Brand Loyalty In today’s increasingly tough global market, the endless amount of choices available to consumers makes brand loyalty an indispensable asset to any business. It may even be the key to a company’s very survival. In order to convert your occasional customers into brand loyalists, you need a mix of encouragement, incentives and rewards for positive action. Use every opportunity to remind them of the intrinsic value in their purchase and then encourage them to continue and grow as your customers in the future. Reach for the icing on the cake —when they send you new referral business! In order to encourage repeat buyers, it is critical to employ consumer communications – like targeted email marketing – before and after they purchase your product or service. In addition to creating awareness, this will reinforce consumer attitudes, which will eventually develop into loyalty. Using some of the techniques below, WSI can develop a customized digital strategy that will ensure you are developing and maintaining brand loyalty amongst your consumer database. Email Marketing In this age of Internet and mobile technology, your email marketing campaign can play a vital role as an automated, yet sophisticated member of your marketing team. Using one of WSI’s leading edge email marketing systems, you will be able to reach your customers in a way that you never did before, and with a much higher response rate! A precise return on investment can be tracked all the way from the time the email is sent, to the open rate, click-throughs and ultimately, conversion. Building a customer database is a top priority for every company, but email marketing involves much more than collecting names and addresses. From lead generation, to lead scoring and nurturing, WSI Digital Marketing Consultants work with you to ensure sustained and consistent results for your email marketing efforts.8
  11. 11. Database Segmentation Clearly, a key factor to building an effective email marketing campaign for your business is maintaining a profitable customer email list. Aside from collecting a list of names and addresses, this involves a high-level process of valid segmentation. This is why WSI’s email marketing systems have the capability to categorize, or segment, your customers based on virtually any applicable criteria. For instance, our systems will enable you to segment based on everything from geographic locations to gender- based customer groups. You will also be able to segment your customers on the basis of their past purchasing history and preferred products. Ideally, your email marketing strategy should guarantee relevance to your email recipients. This relevance will ensure your customers remain engaged with your message, your products or services, and – of course – your brand. A WSI Digital Marketing Consultant can show you how to practice segmentation in your email marketing campaigns efficiently and successfully.Database Nurturing At WSI we value and appreciate the irrefutable need for your business to build and then continue to nurture a solid relationship with your customer base. Even though email is faceless, a well-designed email marketing campaign can still be instrumental in shaping customer loyalty for your brand. Similar to personal relationships, your business needs to nurture its professional relationships with your customers using the same care and diligence. Staying in regular contact with your customers is a simple, yet committed way to illustrate your appreciation for their business. It is also one of the best ways to keep your brand recall fresh in their minds. Whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly emails, WSI will create a email nurturing strategy that will help you to build a long-lasting relationship with your consumers. 9
  12. 12. Enhance Marketing Effectiveness The ability to understand how prospects in your database react to your newsletters and how visitors behave on your website and landing pages is what makes digital marketing so much more effective than traditional marketing methods. Regardless of your marketing objectives, you have invested a significant amount of time and money into marketing your products and services using digital tactics. You want to be sure you can reap rich returns on that investment. A WSI Digital Marketing Consultant can ensure that the analytics you are running on your web properties is producing meaningful information. We will also show you how you can take a more active role in testing your marketing messages across your digital campaigns. Web Analytics To guarantee that your time and money have been well spent, it is essential that you have web analytics running on your site, blog and any landing pages you may have. Analytics will measure your efforts and allow you to thoroughly understand how effectively your online campaigns are performing against your pre-defined KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). More specifically, there is key information to glean like your overall visitor stats, most visited pages, your top keywords, your visitor segmentation data, your pay-per-click and email marketing campaign ROI, etc. This valuable data will help you determine whether your online presence is as effective as it should be or if you are missing any opportunities that could easily be yours! Our WSI Digital Marketing Consultants understand that as a large company, you likely are already embracing and utilizing analytics on your website, but have you implemented this in the other online marketing activities you are doing? If so, are you able to make sense of the complex data your analytics tool is giving you? The very potential of all this complex data is undeniable, but for many companies it may also seem like just another mountain of data that is complicated and too overwhelming to decipher. This sense of confusion is rather common, especially if you do not have the experience on staff to analyze this marketing data. This is why your web data should be handled by a professional like a WSI Digital Marketing Consultant. He/she will meet with you on a monthly basis to discuss your online metrics and ensure that the intimidating mountain of data will not only make sense, but can also be applied to significantly improve your company’s online marketing performance.10
  13. 13. A/B Split Testing Most of us are familiar with the concept of A/B split testing. At its core, A/B testing is exactly what it sounds like: you have two versions of an element (A and B) and a metric that defines success. To determine which version is better, you subject both versions to experimentation simultaneously. In the end, you measure which version was more successful and select that version for continued use. A/B testing isn’t a buzz term. A lot of savvy marketers are using it to gain insights into visitor behavior and to increase conversion rates. It has been widely used in traditional media formats like direct mail for decades but has become quite effective in the online world, simply due to the Internet’s nature of being highly measurable. Your choice of what to test will obviously depend on your goals. For example, if your goal is to increase the number of sign-ups for your newsletter, then you would want to test the length of the sign-up form, types of fields in the form, display of privacy policy, etc. The goal of A/B testing in this case is to figure out what prevents visitors from signing up. Is the length of the form too intimidating? Are visitors concerned about privacy? Or does the website do a bad job of convincing visitors to sign up? All of these questions can be answered one-by-one by testing the appropriate elements.Multivariate Testing Multivariate testing is another form of marketing experimentation you can conduct to help determine which elements of your campaign design and messaging generate the highest level of conversions. Whereas in A/B split testing you compare two different designs, multivariate testing can theoretically test the effectiveness of limitless combinations of one design. It can be thought of in simple terms as numerous A/B tests performed on one page at the same time. Multivariate testing is usually employed in order to ascertain which content or creative variation produces the best improvement in the defined goals of the campaign. Dramatic increases can be seen through testing different copy text, form layouts and even landing page images and background colors. In a nutshell, multivariate testing allows visitors to vote with their clicks for which content they prefer and will stand the most chance of convincing them to proceed to a defined goal. The testing is transparent to the visitor with browser history technology ensuring each visitor is shown the same content on every visit so their experience does not change. Analytics and testing is one of the most crucial elements of a digital marketing strategy. Too often it is ignored or disregarded simply because there is no time or money left in the budget to implement. Don’t make the mistake so many other companies make. In failing to leverage the tools and technologies developed to enhance your marketing effectiveness, you could lose much more than money, you could lose customers! A WSI Digital Marketing Consultant can work with you and your marketing team to develop a meaningful analytics strategy that will deliver you a return on your marketing investments. 11
  14. 14. Client Portfolio Using the latest marketing best practices and digital technologies available, our strategies are custom tailored to suit the unique needs of each client. We will sit down with you and your team to assess your current marketing strategies so we can understand where to begin and what results you are looking to achieve. At WSI, we seek to ensure our clients receive nothing less than first-class customer service and top-quality solutions that exceed their expectations. We want to build a long-lasting business relationship with you and become your trusted Digital Marketing Consultant. Below is a showcase of some of the companies we have delivered services to over the years. We hope we can include your company in this listing in the future! For a showcase of our latest client success stories please visit: www.WSIWisdomBook.com.12
  15. 15. Strategic Partnerships / Alliances WSI has earned the opportunity to develop strategic partnerships and alliances with some of the brightest and most well respected companies in the digital marketing space. While many of these partnerships and memberships are held at a corporate level, these industry associations give our Consultants access to cutting- edge training and resources. This means that when you work with WSI you can be sure you’re working with a leading edge company that contributes and incorporates the best practices in our field.Our corporate partnerships include:Social ResponsibilityWSI is a proud supporter and founding partnerof the Make Child Poverty History initiative. The Make Child Poverty History (MCPH) global outreach program is based on the belief that no one should go hungry, particularly not children whose entire development and future capacity is dependent upon their health and nutrition during childhood. Every child deserves basic education, clean water and health care. Providing these basic necessities of life will in turn ensure that this generation of children can provide for their families in the future, so that the desperation felt today won’t continue into tomorrow. For more information on the Make Child Poverty History initiative, please visit: www.makechildpovertyhistory.org.
  16. 16. 5580 Explorer Drive, Suite 600Mississauga, Ontario L4W4YI905 678 7588 phone888 678 7588 toll free905 678 7242 faxwsidigitalmarketing.comblog.wsidigitalmarketing.com@wsisocialfacebook.com/wsisocialyoutube.com/wsipoweredThe products and services describedherein are the property of Researchand Management Corporation(RAM), its affiliated or relatedcompanies and are provided by afranchisee of the WSI IM franchisesystem. Each WSI office is anindependently owned and operatedWSI franchised business.