Digital Marketing Trends report 2013- Canada


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Digital Marketing Trends report 2013- Canada

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Digital Marketing Trends report 2013- Canada

  1. 1. TABLE OF CONTENTSExecutive Summary 2Internet Usage 3Mobile Internet 5Advertising Spend 7Internet Advertising 9Online Videos 10Social Media 11About WSI 13Source of all statistics:
  2. 2. Executive SummaryCopyright ©2013 by Research and Management Page 2WSI Internet Marketing Trends Report 2013CANADAPopularity of Digital Marketing and Social MediaIncrease ConsistentlyCanada has long had one of the highest level of web usage in theworld. According to comScore’s 2012 report, Canada is the worldleader in online engagement with 77% of the population using theweb at least once a month in 2012. In 2016, 78.5% will be onlineregularly. Mobile penetration will reach 75% between now and 2016while 62% people will have an advanced handset. Some 17 millionpeople are expected to use the mobile to go online in the same timeperiod. A majority of web users have also become social networkersenhancing further the potential of digital advertising.Canada is also gradually shaking off the effects of a financialdownturn. Advertisers are responding with higher budgets.eMarketer predicts that digital advertising will continue tooutperform Canada’s ad industry with spend and popularity bothshowing increasing growth.In this scenario marketers have to develop innovative ways to reachout to the audience. Small and medium sized businesses are realizingthat digital marketing is not only cost-effective, it is also the quickestway to communicate with their target audience.This Digital Marketing Trends Report is a brief synopsis of currentonline marketing trends in Canada as well as projections for the nextfew years. Specifically, the report covers Internet usage andpenetration, mobile Internet usage, advertising spending, Internetmarketing and social media trends.For more information about WSI’s digital marketing services, pleasecontact your local WSI Consultant.
  3. 3. CANADA Internet UsageCopyright ©2013 by Research and Management Page 3WSI Digital Marketing Trends Report 20130.00%20.00%40.00%60.00%80.00%2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016NorthAmericaWorldwideInternet User Penetration (North America Vs. Worldwide)2011 - 201637%Note: individuals of any age who use the Internet from any location via any device atleast once per month Source: eMarketer, Feb 2012North America Clear Leaderin Internet Use• Web penetration in North Americawas more than twice the globalaverage from 2010 – 2012• Canada and USA will remain theglobal star in broadband andInternet usage from 2013 – 2016• By 2016, nearly 80% of NorthAmerica will use the Internet atleast once a monthNew and Traditional MediaPopular Among Canadians• While traditional media liketelevision and print remain theleading channels in Canada,Internet and mobile media arefast catching up• Mobile usage reflects animpressive figure of 68.6% whilesmart phone users form 33.8% ofthe population in Canada• Social network is another fastemerging media channel with49.3% of the Canadian populationusing it at least once a month74%30%76% 77% 78% 79% 80%32%35%38% 39%
  4. 4. CANADA Internet UsageCopyright ©2013 by Research and Management Page 4WSI Digital Marketing Trends Report 2013Canada Registers HighestLevel of Online Engagementin the World• eMarketer calculated that 77% ofthe population, that is 26.4 millionCanadians used the Internet in 2012• In the next 3 years this figure willcontinue to become bigger• By 2016, 27.8 million people, that is78.5% of the total population will beonline regularlyDemographic Profile ofInternet Users in Canada• The Internet usage ratio is equallydivided between Canadian maleand female browsers• Usage is also pretty evenlydistributed between different agegroups with 41% users falling in the25-34 and 45-54 years group; the18–24 year olds form 15% of users• 35% of web users are Canadiansearning 100K+ and 20% have anannual income of 50K-75K; the nextbig chunk of usage is by Canadiansearning between 25K-50K yearly
  5. 5. CANADA Mobile InternetCopyright ©2013 by Research and Management Page 5WSI Digital Marketing Trends Report 2013Mobile Penetration to Reach75% by 2016 in Canada• 22.8 million people owned a mobilephone in 2012, that is two-third ofthe entire Canadian population• eMarketer predicts that the numberof mobile owners will rise nearly 5%to become 23.8 million in 2013• Between now and 2016, nearly 4million new owners will join themobile fraternity, pushingpenetration to 75%Demographic Profile ofMobile Phone Users inCanada• At 50.7%, over half of Canada’smobile phone users were female in2012• An estimated 24.7% of phone usersearned 25K-50K per annum, 21.7%fell in the 50K-75K category while21.3% of phone users wereassociated with hi-income householdearning C$ 100,000+ per year• 30% of mobile users were betweenthe age of 18 and 34 years and the35-44 years group accounted for17.4% of the mobile fraternity
  6. 6. CANADA Mobile InternetCopyright ©2013 by Research and Management Page 6WSI Digital Marketing Trends Report 2013Demographic Profile ofMobile Internet Users• A male majority is evident amongmobile web users at 53.9% while46.1% of mobile Internet users werefemale• The 25-34 year olds form the biggestsection of mobile phone usersfollowed by the 35-64 years category• Mobile Internet is most popularwith the affluent with 25.9% of usersearning 100k and above per annum48% of Canadians to UseMobile as Internet AccessDevice by 2016• 48% of the mobile populationaccessed the Internet from a mobilebrowser or an installed application in2012; by 2013 this is expected tobecome 53% and continue growingthrough 2014 to 2016• By 2016, 48% of the total Canadianpopulation will use the mobile as theInternet access device• This will account for 64% of mobilephone users in the country
  7. 7. CANADA Advertising SpendCopyright ©2013 by Research and Management Page 7WSI Digital Marketing Trends Report 2013Total Media Ad SpendingProjected to Reach US$15.36Billion• In 2012 Canada spent US$12.12billion in advertising• Spend on all forms of advertising isexpected to continue growing at asteady pace• Spending on all measured media isprojected to pass US$15.36 (C$ 15.2)billion in 2016Double-Digit Growth inInvestments on DigitalAdvertising• Investment in online advertising was17.7% higher at US$3.22 billion in2012 than in 2011• In 2013, it will grow at 15.4% toreach $3.71 billion• eMarketer predicts that double-digitgrowth will persist through 2016 asexpenditure climbs to $5.24 billion
  8. 8. CANADA Advertising SpendCopyright ©2013 by Research and Management Page 8WSI Digital Marketing Trends Report 2013$0.00$100.00$200.00$300.00$400.00$500.00$600.00$700.00$800.00$900.002010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016Mobile Ad Spending in Canada, 2010-2016 (Millions)Note: includes display (banners and text links, tenancies, video (pre-,mid-, post-roll andin-game), messaging (SMS/MMS), paid search and others; converted at the exchangerate of US$1=C$0.99 Source: eMarketer, Sep 2012Mobile Ad Spending inCanada Post PhenomenalGrowth• From $47.1 million in 2010, mobilead spend is expected to reach$227.3 million in 2013• eMarketer predicts that it will keepgrowing at an impressive rate in thenext 3 years• By 2016 it is expected to leap to$777.8 millionSearch Ads to Lead Ad Spend• According to eMarketer, Canadianspend on banner and traditionaldisplay advertising will grow at afaster rate than spending on paidsearch• Search advertising, however, willremain the leading category byspend, growing from US$1,235million in 2012 to US$1,731.7 in2016• Online ad spending will see growthfrom US$2,933.5 million in 2012 toUS$3,212 million in 2013• By 2016 Canada will spendUS$4,046.1 on online advertising$47$80.5$137$227$355$556$778
  9. 9. CANADA Internet AdvertisingCopyright ©2013 by Research and Management Page 9WSI Digital Marketing Trends Report 2013Search the Most PopularOnline Ad Format• The most popular format amongonline advertising is search ads; theywill constitute 42.5% of spending in2013• Display and video ads will continueto grow steadily• Classified and email formats willshow a very minimal dip inpopularitySocial Network Ad SpendingGrowing• Canada’s spending on socialnetwork is projected to go from$264.3 million in 2013 to $310.1million in 2014• This figure will be 8.9% of the totaldigital ad spending in the country• eMarketer predicts that with theincrease in popularity of socialnetworking this upward movementwill also continue
  10. 10. CANADA Online VideosCopyright ©2013 by Research and Management Page 10WSI Digital Marketing Trends Report 2013Online Video Ad SpendingSees big Leap• According eMarketer figures, onlinevideo ad spending will see an almostten-fold increase from 2010 to 2016• In 2010 online video ad spendingwas US$37.4 million• By 2012 the spending had grown toUS$129.4 million• In 2013 advertisers are expected tospend US$183.1 million on onlinevideosMost Valuable Propositionof Online Video Ads isTargeting Capacity• Through 2011 and 2013advertisers felt that the targetingcapacity of online video ads makethem highly valuable• While 23.3% of clients felt that theUSP of video online ads is theirreach in 2011, the figure droppedto 17% in 2012• Reach as the second important USPof online video ads was taken overby the ability to reuse creatives in2012
  11. 11. CANADA Social MediaCopyright ©2013 by Research and Management Page 11WSI Digital Marketing Trends Report 2013Canada Ranks 2nd in SocialNetworking• 49.3% of Canadians use socialnetworks• This places Canada in 2nd place amongthe top 10 social networking countriesacross the globe• Canada comes next only to the UnitedStates who has a marginally highpenetration level of 49.9%Demographic Profile of theCanadian Social NetworkUser• The Canadian social networkingpopulation is almost evenlydistributed between the male andfemale population• 47.8% of social network users are 34years or younger while 45.8% areages 35-64• When you look at engagement, the18-34 years group registered higherengagement levels than any otherage bracket• Two out of 5 of social network userscame from households with annualincome of C$60,000
  12. 12. CANADA Social MediaCopyright ©2013 by Research and Management Page 12WSI Digital Marketing Trends Report 2013Social Network Penetration toIncrease• In 2012, 64% of Internet users inCanada leveraged social networks• In 2013, that number is expected togrow to 66%, accounting for 51.2% ofthe Canadian population• According to eMarketer projections,68% of Internet users in Canada willembrace social networking• This percentage will account for morethan half of the total CanadianpopulationFacebook Leads SocialNetwork Sites by Popularity• Facebook continues to retain itsnumber 1 position among socialnetworks with usage growing from62% in 2011 to 65% in 2012• YouTube and LinkedIn, currentlyranked 2nd and 3rd place are growingat a fast pace• YouTube demonstrated growth rateof 6% between 2011 to 2012
  13. 13. ABOUT WSIWSI leads the global Internet industry offering best in class digital marketing solutions to suitthe needs of multiple industries. The company has the world’s largest Internet Consultants’network spanning across 80 countries with its head office in Toronto, Canada. WSIConsultants have helped thousands of businesses realize their online marketing potential. Byusing innovative Internet technologies and advanced digital marketing strategies, businessescan have a WSI Digital Marketing Plan tailored to their individual needs to elevate theirInternet presence and profitability to new levels. With the support and cooperation of itscustomers, franchise network, employees, suppliers and charitable organizations, WSI aimsto help make child poverty history through its global outreach program( For more information about WSI’s offerings andbusiness opportunities, please visit our website at information herein is the property of Research and Management Corporate (RAM). EachWSI franchise office is an independently owned and operated business.©2013 RAM. All rights reserved.