Mardi Gras Casino and Race


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Digital Marketing Case Study from WSI Internet Franchise. Outlines the online strategy WSI built for Mardi Gras Casino & Race Track

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Mardi Gras Casino and Race

  1. 1. MARDI GRAS CASINO & RACETRACK Casino, Racing and Entertainment
  2. 2. Before WSI, Mardi Gras Casino & Racetrack inFlorida, USA experienced these challenges:  Not ranking on the first page of Google in the very competitive gaming and entertainment market  40-page site built without Conversion Architecture  Inadequate SEO  No PPC campaign  Little social media  No blog
  3. 3. Also, Mardi Gras Casino & Racetrack inWest Virginia, USA opened a new hotel.WSI was assigned the task of: Generating reservation requests Raising overall awareness of the hotel
  4. 4. WSI’s comprehensive online marketing programfor Mardi Gras Florida included: A brand new 100+ page website A creative concept that provided powerful Conversion Architecture The site focused on their key profit centers
  5. 5. WSI’s also initiated a search marketing strategy: Wrote 100 pages of original keyword-rich content Continue to make daily content updates to the site Manage an ongoing PPC campaign Maintain a link building program Write content for their blog weekly
  6. 6. WSI’s social mediastrategy included: New Facebook and Twitter pages Daily posts to Facebook and Twitter Exclusive Facebook and Twitter promotions Ongoing Facebook ads
  7. 7. The strategy for Mardi Gras West Virginia Hotel: WSI launched a pilot PPC campaign to generate phone call reservations for their new hotel
  8. 8. In less than 6 months… Mardi Gras Casino in Florida has gone from barely appearing on the first pages of search results to appearing on page 1 for over 50 search terms They dominant the first page appearing multiple times with results from the site, blog and video channels The volume of site traffic has increased over 300%
  9. 9. As for Mardi Gras West Virgina Hotel, WSI’s PPCcampaign was just as successful!In the first 4 months of the campaign…  WSI generated about 122 calls per week  The average cost per call is only $2.38WSI will also be launching a comprehensive integratedonline marketing program for the West Virginia propertyincluding a new 100+ page site.
  10. 10. TESTIMONIAL“We knew we had to launch an aggressive Internetmarketing program to be competitive in our market, butwe could never get any real traction until WSI arrived. WSIbrings tremendous value to Mardi Gras Gaming becausethey worked hard to understand the essence of ourpositioning and focused on our most important revenuestreams. WSI’s SEO program in particular has had adramatic impact on our business". Cathy Reside, C.O.O., Mardi Gras Gaming WSI Consultant: PETER V. DECRESCENZO, Florida, USA
  11. 11. See more case studies at: LEARN MORE ABOUT