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Ellen alphaoilfieldcs

  1. 1. ALPHA OILFIELD SUPPLIES &SERVICES INC CASE STUDY www.alphaoilfieldsupply.comSummary: OIL AND GAS INDUSTRYAlpha Oilfield Supply needed an affordable, clean lookingwebsite that would communicate the products and services ABOUT THE CLIENTthat they would supply to their clients. They wanted to beable to market their products globally. We provided them Alpha Oilfield Supplies & Services, Incwith a MicroSite, and started to do some paid searchmarketing for them right away. John and Alice Johnson were clients of mine from a previous job. They are aClient’s Challenges: worldwide distributor of oilfield equipment. They were the first people that I contacted after we purchased ourPrior to working with WSI, Alpha Oilfield Supply only had a franchise. I had already known them forvery basic website started - not a lot of pages completed, or about 4 years. This made making my firstmuch content on any of the pages. Most of the pages said sales call a lot easier. They are located in“Under Construction”. The original website had been live for Katy, TX. We are in the St. Louis, MOa couple of years, and didn’t provide them with any leads. area. All of our appointments were done as virtual presentations.Project Objectives:Our objectives were to provide Alpha Oilfield Supply with aprofessional looking website that would give a true ABOUT THE CONSULTANTrepresentation to the types of products and services thatthey provided. We also wanted to provide them with an Michael & Ellen Richards, Missouri, USAInternet Marketing System (IMS) that would offer them witha maximum amount of exposure on the Internet, since they Before purchasing our WSI franchise,sell their products worldwide. We wanted to make sure, if Ellen had about 20 years of sales /someone was doing a search on the Internet that they would customer services experience.be able to find Alpha Oilfield Supply, no matter what country Michael had 7 years of experience asthey were doing the searching in. a Web designer and a business analyst. Prior to that, he was aThe Solution: minister at several different churches in the USA for 15 ½ years.We created an entirely new website for Alpha Oilfield Supplyutilizing the MicroSite platform. In addition, we suppliedthem with essential SEO for their website, as well as starteddoing pay-per-click marketing, as soon as the site went live. Michael & Ellen Richards, MO, USA ellen@wsiwebpro.com
  2. 2. ALPHA OILFIELD SUPPLIES &SERVICES INC CASE STUDY www.alphaoilfieldsupply.comReturn on Investment: OIL AND GAS INDUSTRYProduction Cost: About $500.00Solution Sold For: $2325.00 up front. This was our first BEFORE WSIcontract signed. If I had realized the value of what we hadsold, I would have priced this solution for at least $7500.00.Recurring Revenue: 150.00/month since January 2007Benefits to the Client:Alpha Oilfield Supply has had to move into a larger building,and is already beginning to outgrow where they are now. Webring the traffic to their website, convert the traffic intoprospects. They convert the prospects into customers.They were very pleased with the results. They had started awebsite without much information on it. With the exposurethat we brought to them via the search engines, they areCASE STUDY TITLEnow getting leads through their website from all over theworld. Last year, Alpha Oilfield Supply picked up a client whoCLIENT COMPANYfound them by searching for one of the products they sold. Inearly February of 2007, John Johnson called to let me know AFTER WSIthat they billed out $100,000.00 to that client in January.Conclusion:Two years ago, we didn’t realize the value of what we wereselling. Now we do. We don’t do a % of cost mark-up. Wenow evaluate the prospect and see how much $ newbusiness will bring in and take into consideration the amountof revenue the client brings in annually. Then we quote thesolution. It’s all in showing the prospect the value of whatyou are selling. I learned that we have the ability to bringvalue to any company that we work with.My advice to ICs: Don’t try to do all the work yourself.Partner with someone who has been doing this for a while.They will make sure that you don’t under price the work thatyou do. Time is $. And our clients get an ROI!! Michael & Ellen Richards, MO, USA ellen@wsiwebpro.com