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Linked in profile_optimization


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Linked in profile_optimization

  1. 1. Laurie McCullaghWSI Digital Marketing ConsultantCopyright April 2013
  2. 2. Why Use LinkedIn?5 Great Reasons…• Increases personal visibility andbrand awareness• Helps improve Google ranking• Source of traffic to your Website• Opportunity to promote new productsand services• Strengthen customer trust
  3. 3. Benefits of LinkedInBenefits to You and Your Organization:• Increases trust & credibility• Positions you as the expert• Social Media channel to promote blogposts, articles, white papers, case studies• Increase online touch points• Allows you to be top-of-mind
  4. 4. Personal ProfileProfessional Headline- Provide a succinct title and the main area of expertise- List present and past employment- List where you went to school or trainedContact Information- Make it easy for people to reach you; includephone number, address and email address- Use bullet points for easy reading- Add up to 3 URLS; Website, Blog, PortfolioLinks to Your Website- LinkedIn provides quality inbound links- Permanent link to your blog- Add links to Portfolio of works
  5. 5. Background SummaryStandard Features- Identify your target market- List specific services- Use keywords specific to yourindustry…- Length of time in business- WIIFM: What benefit will aprospective client expectto receive.- Use bullet points
  6. 6. Public Profile URLBe sure to customize your public profile URL- Click on the link to your profile beside your contact info andthere is a whole other level of profile management capabilities
  7. 7. Profile Extras + + +Awards and Accolades- Post awards, accolades and significantachievements…It’s OK to brag a littlePresentations & Marketing Materials- Add (embed) a video as some people prefer watching a video- Add Powerpoint presentations via Slideshare- Upload images or branded pdf documents- Post a whitepaper or case study
  8. 8. LinkedIn Activity- Promote recent blog posts and attach the link- Share articles of value relating to your industry- New product launches- New How-to videos posted to YOUR Website- Press releases with link to YOUR Website- Upcoming events, conferences- New trends in your industry- What is your competition writing about?Become a thought leader today!What can be shared with your community?
  9. 9. Endorsements- Take the time to add a list of main servicesThe default display is 10, anything beyond thisgets posted below and not as visible.- Don’t bother listing 30 areas of expertise, as itonly makes it more difficult for people todecide what to endorse.Newest LinkedIn feature
  10. 10. Recommendations- Take the time to offer up a recommendation butdon’t do it to with the expectation ofreceiving something in return.- It is perfectly acceptable to ask for arecommendation via the LinkedInplatform.- Offer to swap recommendations- Send a customized message to request asopposed to the default message.Important Credibility Factor
  11. 11. Corporate Profiles
  12. 12. Corporate Profiles
  13. 13. Corporate Profiles
  14. 14. LinkedIn Articles & Resources•••••
  15. 15. WSI Profile• Internet Marketing Firm since 2000• Certified Digital Marketing Professional for 2013• WI Chamber of Commerce Accolades Winner 2010
  16. 16. THANK YOU