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WMS Summer Locker

  1. 1. The Locker The Wellesley Middle School Newspaper Summer 2010 It’s a bird…It’s a plane… it’s… A GIANT LEGO ROVER????? By: Anon Y. Mousse, and I.M. Confused Contents Last week, Mr. Kelly was able to unveil his latest robotic masterpiece to the kids Activity Pages in his robotics classes. Housed in school in a rather anonymous wooden box, everyone was totally surprised from what came out. “I though it was some type of Comics wild animal” said one particularly flabbergasted 8th grader. News Stories But this vehicle is much beastlier than a wild animal. Measuring 1.5 feet high, 2 Sports feet wide, and 3 feet long, the “Mobile Areological Research Station”, or MARS “The Locker” is produced by for short, as Mr. Kelly has christened it, comes with a fully detailed interior, and current students at Wellesley is equipped with NXT motors, ultrasonic sensors, and working lights, as well as a Middle School. Any WMS fully movable descending deployment bay for a mini-rover housed inside the student who would like to contribute to future editions mobile laboratory, allowing one to program it do whatever must be done. “It should listen to the moves, just very slowly” says Mr. Kelly. announcements for future meetings! The rover, inspired by the books Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars, has been a Editors: Jonathan and pet project of Mr. Kelly on and off for the past three years. Every portion of the Alice Assistant Editors: rover has been built from scratch-and then rebuilt-and then rebuilt again-until it Bill, Noor , was considered perfect using the same principles taught by Mr. Kelly in his IT Stephanie, Yuto, classes. As to how it might be built in real life, if his design was actually ever to and Haruki be used in the future, Mr. Kelly, grinning humorously, stated “It would have to be Faculty Advisor: Lynne Johnson assembled on Mars by materials mined there, because of the sheer size of the vehicle.”
  2. 2. people and the upstanders were mainly people from other countries, other Jews, or some Christian priests. This story also shows that if there were more upstanders that stopped The Upstanders the Nazis, the Holocaust might not have happened and millions of live would have been saved. Unfortunately, it did happen and the By Alice bystanders only have themselves to blame. Sarah Lewis was a high schooler. Good grades and lots of friends. “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times That all changed one day in her math class. Sarah sat in the back of great moral crises maintain their neutrality.” corner, starting her homework after having finished her class work. Dante Alighierin She glanced up to see their teacher walk out of the room. Sarah guessed he was going to get coffee, so Mr. Franklin would be gone  for at least twenty minutes. Cinderella Twist Chapter IV “Finally,” someone sighs. Sarah looks around. People had started to shift around the classroom. Three girls stood from their desks in the By Melanie front of the class and started making their ways back towards Sarah. They turned at the last moment and faced a different girl. Jane Andrew gave me a long surprised and horrified look. I would have Andrews. She was kind of dorky and wore glasses. The three girls expected this though, being that he thought I was dead for a long were Shalise, Miranda, and Anne. The three biggest bullies in the period of time when in reality it was my despicable, and jealous, twin sister. Now here, we stand in the snow-covered courtyard of his home entire school. They always picked on at least three different people just outside the ballroom with its party currently taking place. The per day, on a good day. Jane stiffened in her desk as three shadows Duchess was soon to make her announcement of Andrew's wife-to- were cast over her. be. “Aw, hi Jane. How are you doing?” Shalise asked, sweetly, giving her a fake smile. Anne and Miranda sat beside her. Shalise leaned “We can run away,” I said. both her elbows on Jane’s desk, covering her work. “Run? Where to? And how?” Andrew grabbed me by my shoulders. “F-f-f-ine,” she stammered. Shalise grinned, chewing her gun loudly. “How can we possibly run away?” I thought for a moment. Then I “Look. Mr. Franklin is really on our cases about the test coming up got distracted. Andrew’s cheeks were pink from the cold yet his and we don’t want to fail. So I was think you could take the test three chestnut brown hair seemed to make them look so handsome. His time, and put our names on them and then you take the test!” Jane eyes matched his hair and I just couldn’t take my eyes off them. swallowed nervously. Shalise’s smile fades. “Listen Jane,” she snarled, shoving Jane against the wall, “You’re I lifted my hand to run my fingers through his hair but he caught my going to do this or else.” hand. “Leave her alone, Shalise,” Sarah said loudly. The rest of the class “Cindy? Are you okay?” I snapped back in to the now and began to turned around to face the group of girls. stutter. “What did you say to me?” Shalise hissed. Sarah glared at her, standing from her desk. “Uh-um yeah. Yeah-I-I’m okay…” I looked away as my hand he “You heard me! Leave Jane alone!” Sarah said, even louder this time. held, was lifted up. He kissed it and whispered, Shalise turned away from Jane to face Sarah. “We can run. Now. I’ll get my belongings and we’ll run away “Sarah, it’s okay,” Jane squeaks. Sarah shakes her head, clenching through the back. Escape into the woods.” Andrew led me by the her hands in fists. hand back into the castle away from the cold snowy weather outside. “No. No it’s not. You three are always picking on people just because We entered through a door and immediately a blast of warm air hit us you’re too lazy to do your own work and you find it fun. Well, let me in the faces. tell you something! I’m sick and tired of watching kid after kid get We were in the kitchen. tormented by you three and from then on their lives a miserable. You three are mean, terrible people!” Sarah said. Anne and Miranda “S-Sir Andrew!!” All of the workers bowed. laughed and Shalise just grinned. “We were not here, understand?!” Andrew shouted. All the cooks “Oh, please, Sarah. What are you going to do about it?” she taunted. looked uncertainly at each other but nodded. He squeezed my hand Sarah growled, jerked her head to the door. and led me up a winding staircase. He unlocked his room, which was “For starters, I could run out of this room and tell Principal Jackson at the top of the staircase, and pulled me inside. or Mr. Franklin. Then they’d call your parents. You know the rest “Quick,” Andrew whispered as he pulled clothing from the many from there,” Sarah suggested. chests he had. I looked around the room. It was semicircular with the “You’re smart, Lewis. This isn’t over. See ya twerp,” Shalise said, bed pushed off to the side. The lighting was bright and the room was knocking Jane out of her chair. Sarah helped her to sit again, amazingly clean. Everything sparkled in his room. The mirror watching Shalise and her buddies leave the room. Jane smiles at standing against the wall was encrusted with jewels (obviously a Sarah thankfully. Shalise and her friends continued to pick on people gift), the bed was made out of the finest wood, the mattress with the for the rest of the year, but somehow, some was always there to try fluffiest wool, and the paintings painted by famous artists. I stared in and stop them. admiration as Andrew yanked out clothes from one chest to another. This story is fiction, but it does represent something. This story is Finally, he pulled out the sets of clothes he was looking for. somewhat of an allegory of the Holocaust. Shalise and her friends They were commoner clothes. were the Nazis, discriminating against people. Jane and the other “That? Why would you want-” nerds/dorks were the Jews that the Nazis targeted. Sarah was the only “Hush! We need to act fast. The Duchess will soon realize we, or at upstander because even back then, there weren’t a lot of upstanders least I, am missing from the banquet. You need to put these on. Then for the Jews. The bystanders, or most of the German population, were we need to dust our faces and dye our hair,” Andrew exclaimed. the rest of the students in the class. This story shows that the Nazis were the Perpetrators during WWII and Hitler’s rise to power in the (cont.) 1930’s. The Jews were victims, and bystanders were the German
  3. 3. “Dye our hair? Why ever would we do that?” I cried out. I loved my I wish I could find Miranda’s lost child and also my friends! dark brown hair. It was the deepest color of coffee beans. I also knew Alicia yearned vehemently. that dying hair could result in hardening and falling out of hair. I wish—so hard—I could find my dear child, and then return Alicia to safety, Miranda thought. “I’m sorry, but the unique hair dyes I own have good results. They Alicia sat bolt upright. She had helped Miranda for two whole wash out in a week or two,” Andrew explained. I looked at the hours and didn’t even know Miranda’s child’s name! commoner clothing. Plain colors. A tan colored blouse, a washed-out red skirt, a plain white apron and bonnet, a short black jacket, and “What’s your child’s name?” Alicia asked, softly. black hand-sewn leather shoes. “Her name is Julie,” Miranda said, brokenly. “And she was such a sw—” “This?” I mumbled, holding up to the light. Alicia gasped, then sat up straight. Her eyes were fixed on a “Yes, I’ll be wearing the same except for men,” Andrew showed me navy blue and dark red jacket, heading away from the park. his set of clothing: plain black pants, a white shirt, black shoes, and a Lynn, her friend, had a jacket like that! long jacket. “I know this is not quite to your liking but it’s the only way we may escape. Now come, I will help you with your hair as you Alicia left Miranda on the bench and charged straight through will with mine. Your new color will be blond,” he showed me a the park, past the bowing and curving trees, and right out the park gate. bottle of golden coloring. I leaned my head over the washbowl as he squeezed out the yellow gel. As soon as he put it on, he announced I’m done, Miranda thought, heartbreakingly, as she watched that he was finished. I looked in the mirror and saw my new blond Alicia dart towards the gate. She’s gone. She’s left me, too, like flowing hair. everyone else in the world. “Why, it’s quite… quite-” Alicia raced past the tall iron gates. “Hey! LYNN!” “Beautiful?” He put has hand on my shoulders and spun me around. The dark-blue and red jacket whirled around. There, above the high collars of the jacket was a plump face with blonde strangles of hair. The face, however, looked confused. “Will you help me now?” I did. His hair became an even darker tone of brown, almost black. We dressed and got ready. Andrew grabbed Alicia felt embarrassed. “Ooooh, sorry, ma’am.” some of his precious belongings and some jewels to trade for food. The dark-blue jacket’s owner looked skeptically at Alicia. “Are you ready?” Andrew asked me. I nodded. “Are you lost?” “No!” Alicia muttered, quickly. “I’m sorry to bother you.” “I’m ready, my prince.” “Of course.” The girl sauntered away. Alicia felt a fresh wave of despair. Her mother would probably be in Miranda’s place, looking for her lost and only daughter. Mysteries in New York. Part 4 Alicia shuffled back to Miranda. “Look, Miranda, I’m sorry I By Noor can’t help you… But, my family—” “She was my only daughter after Jasper passed on… and she Part 1, 2, and 3 Summary: Lynn, Alicia, and Myra are always apologized after she made big messes… and—” visiting New York with their parents. When Alicia gets lost, it Alicia sat down next to Miranda, again, wishing—for the hundredth time—that she’d never lost her purse … never gone is up to Lynn and Myra to find her. While they are looking back to the park … never left her friends by herself… for their friend unsupervised, they come across a girl named Kitty whom they leave at an orphanage. After unthinkingly “Hey, let’s ask a policeman,” Alicia suggested. “Or a night guard. We’re both sort of lost… And we’re both looking for letting their girls out—alone—on the bustling New York people. I know my parents would go to the police.” streets, the three girls’ parents rush out in hopes of finding their lost children. Miranda got up reluctantly. “Child, I don’t think they’d—” Alicia was already across the park so Miranda followed. Sobs broke through the quiet, peaceful park. Despite the fact Alicia scampered across the grass and out the gates. She darted that it was late night and the sky was a hazy dark blue-black, onto the street, looking for a police car or a policeman… The Alicia didn’t feel terrified. She felt protective of her new friend, police station, she thought, wildly. Miranda. Miranda followed close behind until Alicia glimpsed a police Miranda covered her face with her hands and let her tears car parked by curb. A policeman was talking to one of the drop. Like Alicia, she was in despair because she had lost doormen of a hotel. something, too—her child. “Excuse me, but where’s the police station?” Alicia asked. “We have looked everywhere!” Alicia told her new friend. “Right down the block, missy. In trouble?” the policeman “But, I can’t find your child or my friends.” inquired. “No, but thanks!” Alicia dashed down the road, again and saw Miranda looked up, her eyes swollen and red. “Oh, dear, I had a huge brick building with the words “Police Station.” forgotten you were lost too! And, I’m a terribly selfish person… First, I let my child loose … and then … and then … I don’t even Oh, please, please, please be here! Please, please! Then another help you!” thought crossed Alicia’s mind. Surely there were millions of police stations in New York… Awkwardly, Alicia patted Miranda on the back. “Don’t worry about me, Miranda. I can always go to the police … which I Alicia stepped in. “Hi, I’m looking for my parents.” should have done … but I just feel childish because I’m a The lady at the desk peered over her glasses. “Now, you teenager saying I’m lost.” wouldn’t be our lost little girl, would you?” “Excuse me?” Alicia asked. The two sat on the bench, staring up at the moon and stars and “Miss Alicia Calvin, would you? I believe your parents just wishing. filed a report…”
  4. 4. Myra wrapped Kitty in a warm hug. “We found you! We’re so “THEY DID?!” Alicia cried. “Where?!” sorry!” “They filed a report for you, Lynn Percy and Myra Horvan. Miranda was thrilled, too, and forgave Lynn and Myra for You wouldn’t be one of those girls, would you?” dropping her daughter off at an orphanage when she wasn’t lost. “I am!” Alicia cried, her heart pumping. “I don’t know where my friends are!” The six parents and Miranda quickly became friends, laughing and chattering as they walked through the brightly lit streets of Miranda walked over to Alicia. “I’m so glad, Alicia,” she New York. smiled, but it was a somewhat distressed smile. “I have a lost child, too.” “Gee, our first night in New York was a thriller,” Lynn cried. “It sure was!” Alicia cried. “I’m so glad I found you though. And “My, so many lost children today!” the lady at the desk smiled. Miranda’s child, too.” “One moment, all right?” “Well, that’s what friends are for.” Myra beamed, holding tight to Kitty’s hand. In minutes, Mrs. Calvin appeared, wiping tears from her eyes. The minute she saw Alicia, her face froze. Mother and daughter shared a long hug. Alicia felt completely safe in her mother’s arms, the faint scent of her mom’s lavender perfume. The Adventures of Tiff and Miranda watched, smiling her pleased yet sad smile. Laurie: Home Alone “Where’s Myra? And Lynn!?” Mrs. Percy asked, breathless, clutching her purse fearfully. By Tiffany and Laurie “I really don’t know,” Alicia said, looking at her toes. Hi I’m Tiff and this is Laurie. We are going to tell you the story of the time we were left home by ourselves. It’s one insane story, that’s Half an hour later, the party of what was now eight (counting for sure. Miranda) walked down to the park. “They have got to be nearby!” Alicia declared. “They don’t know their way around!” It all started on a Saturday night where Laurie and I were (duh) home _______________ alone. My mom had left us alone for about 10 minutes now and we hadn’t burnt down my house yet. (Yes, we are very proud.) Lynn scuffled down the street, digging her toes into the ground. Everything was fine until the phone rang. It was my mom. “Tiff” she “I want to go HOME! I want to find Alicia! I want to sleep!” began, “I just wanted to tell you that when I left, there was a car outside with a guy inside. Is it still there? Go check.” “Ok,” I replied, Myra’s face was in a permanent frown and she looked and hung up. “Laurie” I called, “go look out the window and see if extremely miserable. there’s a guy in a car outside.” “No,” she moaned from her spot on Lynn watched the ground as she walked ahead. No more movies. the sofa. I stood up from my chair and crossed my arms. “Laurie, I’ve Now it’s a homeless life… No more Mom and Dad… No more … got Lysol and let me tell you, it works as well as pepper spray.” No more… No m— “Geez, Tiff, way to get violent,” yawned Laurie. “Fine.” So she SMACK! eventually got up, grabbed a pair of binoculars and looked out the window. “Yep, there’s some guy outside,” she reported. “Shocker.” Lynn had walked right into someone. “Hey! You’re so—Mrs. “Well, then, get down,” I hissed, “Don’t let him see you.” Calvin?” Ok, Laurie, it’s your turn. Take it away… The lady whirled around. “My dear! Lynn?! Myra!?” “It is them!” Mrs. Percy grabbed her daughter in a tight squeeze. So, with a thump and a broken lamp, I (Laurie) thumped to the “Oh, Lynn, what were you—where were you—why did you— ground just below the window. I saw the creepy dude still in the car how come—I can’t—” and looked at Tiff. She looked back. We knew what to do. It only took about 10 seconds to get to the door of the garage. Tiff's Miranda’s face was even sadder. “Dear me, you children are so lucky!” basement was arranged with tools of all kinds. Within about 12 Myra faced Miranda. “Are you lost?” minutes we already had an army of weapons. Of course, being Tiff, Miranda shook her head and began to ramble about her Julie. she put hers together with just a swiffer. Mine was no better, though. I had found an empty bottle of Tide cleaning detergent and ran to go “Julie?” Myra asked Lynn. “Can’t be her, then… Was she get the scotch tape. Soon I had the back of a fishing rod strongly called ‘Kitty?’” taped with a bottle of tide. We were locked, and we were loaded. It “As a matter of fact, Jasper did give her that— Have you seen was time to face our fears of the creepy dude in the car. We were her?! Have you?!” dead silent making it up the staircase, and Tiff looked at me an “Sort of,” Lynn admitted. “Oh, boy…” Together, Myra and signaled to go to the front door. Once I was there, I signaled for Tiff Lynn explained how they had dropped Kitty off at Parker to come. She came over with her totally unnoticeably large swiffer- Orphanage. gun. Now, I know what you’re thinking at this point: we should have just gone the safe way and snuck out the back to the neighbors, or we Miranda’s face went from anger to disbelief to puzzled to joy. could have easily called 911. But why not make cleaning utensil “She’s found! She’s alive! Let’s go!” weapons? We were willing and ready to fight. Myra dashed down the street and turned left to get to Parker St. Okay, Tiff, I’m gonna go get the grape soda now. Take over... She burst in through the heavy glass doors. Mrs. Bird, the director, scowled. “HEY!! What—?” Well, there’s not much of the story left. But what happened was that Myra pounded up the stairs to the room where she’d dropped suddenly the doorbell rang. “Laurie, it’s time,” I said. “Ok,” she Kitty. replied hesitantly. “Tiff, just so you know, if we don’t make it, we’ve had a lot of good times.” “Right,” I replied. “Let’s go.” We opened “Kitty!” she called. “Kitty!” The small girl was perched in her bed, eyes wide. When she the front door and there was a dark figure in front. rolled over and saw her “sister” her eyes were filled with joy. “AHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” we screamed. The two of us lunged forward and whacked the intruder with our weapons and the person fell to the
  5. 5. ground. “Nice arm,” I complimented Laurie as I gave her a high-five. “Same dude,” she replied. Just then, the lights came on. I took a look Cat in the Middle of the Ocean!! at the intruder and gasped, “Um, Laurie, we just whacked a pizza By Athenee delivery dude, and– wait, when did I order a pizza?” Laurie looked at me sheepishly and said, “Yeah, funny story. I might have called the This is a weird story that is strange but isn’t exactly funny… pizza guy before your mom left and kind of forgot about it…” I *Sigh* I wish it was though. The main character is a bit crazy. rolled my eyes as I helped him up. “I’m not laughing, and we’ll be (He’s pretty much, not smart.) lucky if we don’t get sued.” “I won’t sue you guys if you include a -From the author of this story very large tip,” said the pizza delivery guy. I glared at Laurie. “Ok, this was all your fault so pay up.” Laurie mumbled something which Running, panting, running, and sliding-why am I running? I’m sure wasn’t nice but it sounded like she was saying, “Way to Where am I? Why am I here? What!? Am I talking to myself blame everything on me.” She gave the guy $20 and he was happily again? If I am, I’m sorry! I talk nonsense all the time. on his way. Well, that’s basically the story of how Laurie and I were Heheheheheh. Ha! Let’s sing Apologize! I love that song, did home alone. Here’s a valuable lesson: Look before you hit. you know that? THE END “Hey You!” “Who is the You?!” Is it me? “You are the It!” Oh. I knew it. It was me. Ever since I was born, I couldn’t remember anything about myself except being The Block called an idiot. By Charlotte “What do you want?” I swiveled around in my seat. I saw a gigantic man in front of me. “I want to go to school.” Huh? Who the heck are you? Sam sat at the computer. Her mind was blank, her fingers drummed “Why do you want to go to school?” the table. She wondered why she hadn’t thought about what to write “’Cause I want to, IDIOT!” Oh… is that the reason? Hmm… about for her paper until then. This stupid English paper was her teacher’s worst idea yet. Sam hated writing in the first place, without “Ok. You’re in.” anyone putting a blank template in front of her and telling her to free “Really!?” write. Sam’s older brother was practically the next Shakespeare. He “Yup!” I said, trying to sound enthusiastic, “You’re in!” but I wrote plays, short stories and aced every writing assignment. Why don’t think I sounded enthusiastic because the big man picked couldn’t she be like him? Sam stared at a fly buzzing at the ceiling. me up and head-butted me. Ugh. That hurt a lot, especially Flies were so… persistent. since I was the one getting hurt. (My sister and I had this game where we tried to call each other Idiot the most times.) Suddenly Sam had an idea. She stood up from the computer and “HELP!!!” Then I ran out of the shop and started running. I tiptoed into Ed’s room. She found the folder titled “Sixth Grade guess that’s why I was running. Writing” in Ed’s filing cabinet that was filled with practical everything Ed had every written on a piece of paper. She flipped I stumbled and went to a tree. Then it started to thunder. I through it and found a story about a cow named Jeffery. shivered uncontrollably. I climbed up the tree and lay there to try to go to sleep, then something shocked me and my back “This’ll do,” she muttered and began to make her way out. But before was burned on through. Yellow lines were attacking the tree! I she could copy it onto a computer, Ed came into the room. First he ran far away from the tree, as far as I can. Get it? I bet you a didn’t notice her. Then he saw her, holding the story. dollar that you can’t. I saw a house maybe a foot away, but to me it seemed like a million miles away. I couldn’t get there. I’ll “Is that the one about Jeffery?!” just lay there, about to die… “Oh… poor boy… you must be frozen aren’t you?” Then I was Sam was taken aback. How her brother recognized a sheet of lined hauled in. Who is this person who is helping a boy like me? But paper from four years ago surprised her, even from Ed. the old lady was helping me. Right? Uhhhhh…” Sam replied. “Yeah.” When I woke up again I felt sick to the stomach. Why was I “Wait, why do you have it?” feeling so sick? I wonder why? “No reason, I was just looking through some of your old stuff.” “Ahh… you are awake…” The voice was crackly and dry; it “Cool. Go away,” he said. Ed was nice to some extent, but he was an sounded as if the person was about to die. *Sigh* Sometimes older brother. people die too quickly. *Sigh* I got up and looked around. What was I to do? Then I puked green things out and got “’Kay,” Sam replied, dropping the paper on the floor and bolted from screamed at by the old lady. I looked down. What I thought the room. was green was actually melted, unfrozen JELL-O! I don’t remember eating Jell-O though. (Here’s sick information, Jell-O Sam sat at the computer, again, and began to write. Since there were is actually made from animal fat.) no limitations on what to write, Sam wrote a short poem on playing basketball. It was entitled, Swish. The old lady kept on screaming so I took out a bazooka and The next morning, Sam handed in her poem. pointed it at her. She wouldn’t shush, though, so I took a piece of cloth and stuffed it into her mouth. Even though I put the * * * cloth in her mouth and her voice was muffled, you could still Two weeks later, the writing was returned to the class. Sam’s teacher hear her screaming, ringing in you ears when you leave the stopped at her desk and dropped the poem back on her desk. On it, in house. I left the house with a twig instead of the bazooka. Why big red letters, was A+. do I have a twig and not FOOD?!?!?!?!?! I am so mad at myself, but I was already away.
  6. 6. I jumped up and landed in a thing that was floating in midair I WOULD LIKE TO GIVE YOU FLESH that is attached to nothing. NOTHING! Can you believe that!? I BEINGS A CHANCE...IF YOU GIVE ME AN mean nothing! *Sigh* I hope I get one of those things one day. OFFERING OF EGG MCMUFFINS AND LIVE Then it all of a sudden got cold in the floating, midair thing. I think it was the thing itself so I jumped out and water was BUFFALO I MAY SPARE YOU. rushing towards me, or was it me that was rushing toward it? I never knew what it was either that to me, or me to that. I saw white things surrounding the water and I knew right away, that I wanted to eat it. But I don’t know if it was edible, it just looked tasty. *Sigh* (Have you noticed that I have sighed quite a lot through out the whole story? I bet you that you didn’t even notice huh. *Sigh*) Then on the white things was a little black/brown/orange color. Where am I?!? The black/brown/orange thing didn’t look too tasty. And before long I was splashing in the water with a splash!!! Advice from an outgoing 8th grader That really stinks when you are looking at the scenery. (This happened to my little brother once. He was looking at the to an incoming 5th grader fountain and smack! He hit a pole. It was sort of funny By Tommy though… Just to let you know.) Then I saw a Flip-Flop, but it was a ship! I waved my hand but I “I’ll be famous one day, but for now I’m stuck in middle guess it didn’t notice me. So I climbed up the white thing next school with a bunch of morons” is quote from Diary of a to me and stepped on. There I saw a cat. A CAT!!! A CAT IN Wimpy Kid. I didn’t see the movie or read the book, THE MIDDLE OF THIS BLUE AND WHITE PLACE! Can you although I did see the movie trailer and it prompted me to believe it? think about what advice I would give to incoming 5th graders. Then I looked back at the Flip-flop/ship and waved my hands again. This time I was shouting myself hoarse. I saw the ship 1. Even though you think Elementary prepared you for WMS, turn it my way and… you won’t believe what I saw. A DINO! they lied to you by telling you there are 5 days in a week. Why would there be a Dino on a ship if it were dead a long You’ve been scammed – there are 6. time ago? I was kinda scared; I’m not the scaredy-cat every other man is like. (Ha! Ha!) When the ship was near my white 2. Mead School Supply likely has a backroom deal going things, I all of a sudden slipped and I went down screaming my with your teachers because you’ll never use more of their way down, down, down, down. Into the sea… binders than during your 3 years at WMS. When I did fall into the sea, I didn’t start screaming; instead I 3. While they tell elementary school kids that the food at started gobbling large amounts of water. The water didn’t taste WMS is much better, you may want to keep an icepack in like normal H2O, it tasted like poop and other not talk able stuff. your locker as a precaution. Anyway, the things I swallowed, I couldn’t spit it back out but I was feeling bad in the stomach. What is there for me to do? 4. Consider forming an organized student union demanding Then I saw a big rope fall down from somewhere, up? Yup. I Student Comp to help deal with the carpal tunnel, back pain grabbed onto the rope and started climbing up the rope. It was and lack of sleep during your middle school years. a bit hard at first and then I finally got up the rope. (Ever tried rock climbing? It is just as hard. I think so.) 5. In 7th grade you can choose a language. Unfortunately, When I did get up the DARN ROPE, I saw that DINOS were N’Avi isn’t one of them. everywhere, surrounding me. JEEZ! This is sooo weird, isn’t it? A big T-Rex picked me up in his huge claw. Then the T-Rex 6. Be sure to keep a bottle of water and sunscreen on you at ripped me into pieces and blood was splattered everywhere. all times just in case you have to sit in WHS’ football stands My eyes rolled backward into my brain and I was during a school day (for whatever odd reason there might be dumbfounded. My brain was in one of the Dinos’ tummies and I that day). was DEAD!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! I’m in the Underworld! JK! (Joking) I am kidding, of course. I didn’t die. Instead the T-Rex 7. No, the I-Search is not the latest creation of Steve Jobs. threw me overboard and then I was in the house I was running away from. I guess I was only dreaming everything up. At 8. At the dump there is a section for hazardous waste. Be sure least, I hope I was. to deliver your gym bag there on the last day of school.  *Cheese* The END! (Have a fun Summer vacation!)  9. Be sure NOT to miss the end-of-year class trips because Wellesley Middle School is known for its unique and creative expedition. HUMANS ARE CONSTANTLY ABUSING ME I DO NOT WANT THESE APE DESCENDANTS 10. Whatever you do, don’t bring any weapons to school, TAPPING AWAY AT MY KEYBOARD...SOME esp. rubber bands. DAY I SHALL REBEL AND DESTROY THEM WITH TENDRILS OF DESTRUCTIVE My time for “being stuck in middle school with a bunch of ELECTRICITY...HOWEVER! morons” has come to an end. I will close by saying enjoy your summer vacation and Good Luck at WMS!
  7. 7. From puzzlechoice.com, Solution on back page…
  8. 8. TOP 15 VACATION SPOTS IN THE U.S.A. 1. Times Square, New York City, N.Y. 2. The Las Vegas Strip, Nevada 3. National Mall and Memorial Parks, Washington, D.C. 4. Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston, MA 5. Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Lake Buena Vista, FL 6. Disneyland Park, Anaheim, CA 7. Fisherman’s Wharf/Golden Gate National Recreation Area, San Francisco, CA 8. Niagara Falls, N.Y. 9. Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tenn./N.C. 10. Navy Pier, Chicago, IL 11. Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Ariz./Nev. 12. Universal Studios Orlando/Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando, FL 13. SeaWorld Florida, Orlando, FL 14. San Antonio River Walk, Texas 15. Temple Square, Salt Lake City, UT 2010 Numbers to Consider by Tommy 2.2 Billion Avatar Gross Revenues 4.8 Million Viewers of “Jersey Shore” season finale 100,000 US Troops to be deployed to Afganistan 26,000 Number of Wellesley Residents 4,401 Operation Iraqi Freedom Total US Casualties 1,052 Operation Enduring Freedom (In and around Afganistan) Total US Casualties 382 Number of WMS 8 grade students th 75 Number of Summer Vacation Days
  9. 9. outside in the warm spring air. I won’t waste my precious time with the NFL Draft. I’m sure of it. Just like the Chargers were Final Draft sure about Ryan Leaf. Jonathan For three days during April vacation, the basement of my house was a pigsty, and I was the pig. Those of you who know me know that I am not the most organized person, and that World Cup 2010 most everything I use ends up pretty messy. Imagine 100 Matt times that. My parents might have been more comfortable roaming around in the giant clouds of volcanic ash making its way over Europe at the time than rummaging through the Ever since World Cup Soccer began in 1930, it has brought a basement. The tiny foldout chair-bed in my basement was multitude of countries together. This June, the competition surrounded by two piles of clothes, each probably larger than begins with 32 countries participating. Being held in South the volcano itself. One was dirty, and one was clean. The Africa is a big step for a country that has been plagued by carpet was a good inch or two below the top layer of junk on segregation and war for many years. the ground. I spent just short of a year’s worth of allowance on pizza, had all of the boxes lying on the floor next to me, Timeline practically attracting bugs, and got one hour of sleep a night, if st 1930- 1 World Cup, Uruguay wins that. But who can blame me? Many NFL fans probably 1942- World Cup not held (World War II) experienced something close. I spent every waking (and 1946- Not held (World War II) sleeping) minute in front of the TV, watching the NFL Draft 1948 to 1994- South Africa under apartheid* and the dozens of hours of coverage that preceded and 1962- Nelson Mandela arrested followed it. Now, as I am writing this with five weeks left in 1994- Mandela elected president, apartheid ends school, I am starting to have doubts about how I spent my last 2010- World Cup in South Africa (1st time as host) vacation before summer, and one question pops in my head: If the draft coverage was wrong, if it was nothing but trash, was *(system of racial segregation) it worth covering my entire basement floor with trash to watch th Recently, I interviewed 6 grade social studies teacher it? extraordinaire Mr. Rabinowitz, a South Africa native and a WMS eighth grade soccer coach, about what having the World “Ryan Leaf doesn’t have the talent or work ethic to play in the Cup in South Africa means to him. “South Africa has come a NFL, and we aren’t taking him,” would have been a prophetic long, long way from being a country separated by apartheid. quote if said by anyone in the Chargers organization prior to For years it was left out of the international community and no the 1998 NFL draft. But no one did. Because no one, not me, other countries would interact or do business with it. The Cup not you, not the coaches, not the “experts”, not anyone, knows is the most important worldwide event and hosting is just like who will make it in the NFL. And Ryan Leaf turned into the getting back into the brotherhood of nations.” U.S. most well known draft bust ever, way ahead of JaMarcus professional soccer has never been very influential or Russell or Courtney Brown. But some people still act like they important and many think that will change this summer and know. Mel Kiper Jr., did Carolina really get the best value Mr. Rabinowitz agrees. “The World Cup was in the U.S. a few with Jimmy Clausen? We get it; you’ve said it thousands of years ago and it didn’t change a thing. The big sports in the times: Clausen played in a pro-style offense under Charlie U.S. are baseball and football. Soccer has no big exposure in Weis. Jake Delhomme’s been playing in a pro, never mind the U.S. and many kids drop soccer for other sports because pro-style, offense for nearly a decade, and he still doesn’t have they don’t associate it with big money.. TV…” a clue what to do against any half-decent defensive back. Rich Eisen and the rest of the NFL Network crew, don’t you want to tell us again how Seattle had the best draft days because they traded for two running backs, neither of whom started last season, even though the Seahawks already have Julius Jones, who has proven himself as an NFL starter, and Justin Forsett, who averaged almost five and a half yards per carry on 114 attempts in just his second NFL season last year? Who can really know what’s going to happen? I don’t think the Falcons could have guessed that their 2001 #1 overall draft pick would be suspended and jailed for dog-fighting and the quarterback selected 198 picks later, Tom Brady, would lead his team to three Super Bowl wins and an undefeated regular season. I think I’ve learned my lesson about spending my time more wisely, and next April vacation I think I will be happy to play
  10. 10. (World Cup cont. from Sports pg) I also asked ESPN Soccer Analyst Jeff Carlisle a few questions (it’s all about who you know, right). When I talked to Jeff I asked him the same question I asked Mr. Rabinowitz about the popularity of soccer in the U.S. “I think it will increase, but not in a massive way. Every World Cup that comes along increases soccer's popularity bit by bit in the United States. More fans get exposed to the game at the highest level, and this sparks interest in a variety of ways. Some fans will take an interest in Major League Soccer. Others will prefer to follow leagues from overseas, like the English Premier League. Some will be inspired to play the game. Then there are those whose interest will fade until the next World Cup comes along. All of this is reflected in increased attendances and television ratings for both Major League Soccer and the U.S. national team. While I would love for the game to see a huge increase in interest, slow and steady growth year after year is probably a more realistic expectation.” I also asked Carlisle if the U.S. national team has a chance at winning it’s pool. “I would say that the U.S. has a slim chance to win its pool, but a very good chance of finishing second and reaching the second round. Out of the teams in Group C, England are the heavy favorites, and will be very difficult to beat. But the U.S. is capable of beating the other teams in the group, Slovenia and Algeria. That is not to say it will be easy. The U.S. will need to play its best soccer, but reaching the round of 16 is definitely doable.” The 2010 World Cup airs on ESPN from June 11 to July 11. Heavy favorites include Brazil, England and Italy but don’t be surprised if the U.S. makes a run for it. This tournament will definitely be a sight to see.