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EMI Summer Course Flyer


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EMI Summer Course Flyer

  1. 1. Empowering Multicultural Initiatives (E.M.I.) Summer 2011 Course Schedule E.M.I.  24-­‐hour  (2  credits)  courses  Anti-­‐Racist  School  Practices  to  Support  the  Success  of  All  Students  (EMI  1)  This  24  hour  graduate  level  course  is  designed  to  introduce  educators  to  the  complex  issues  raised  by  race  and  racism  and  their  impact  on  student  learning  and  achievement.    Course  #SU11ARSP  Course  dates:  July  5th,  July  7th,  July  12th  and  July  14th  from  8:30-­‐  3:30    EMI  Course  for  Administrators:  “Understanding  Discrimination  and  Its  Effects  on  Academic  Achievement”    This   24   hour   graduate   level   course   is   designed   to   bring   together   administrators   (new   and  experienced)  to  form  a  cohort  group  to  share  ideas  on  creating/supporting  school  environments  that  support  the  academic  achievement  and  engagement  of  all  students.      Course  #  SU11CA  Course  dates:  July  5th,  July  7th,  July  12th  and  July  14th  from  8:30-­‐  3:30     E.M.I.  12-­‐hour  (1  credit)  courses  Using  Multicultural  Literature  and  Media  to  Affirm  Identity  This  course  is  designed  to  encourage  K-­‐12  educators  to  recognize  the  connection  between  a  positive  sense  of  self  and  academic  achievement.                            Course  #  SU11UML  Course  dates:  July  19th  and  July  21st  from  8:30-­‐  3:30    Difficult  Conversations:  Talking  About  Race  and  Racism  with  Students,  Colleagues,  and  Parents/Guardians  This  course  designed  to  help  educators  develop  a  better  understanding  of  ways  to  address  and  respond  to  issues  of  race  and  racism  on  a  personal  and  professional  level.  Course  #  SU11DC    Course  dates:  July  26th  and  July  28th  from  8:30-­‐  3:30    Understanding  Self-­‐Efficacy:  Helping  Students  Do  Their  Best  Work  This  course  will  provide  participants  with  an  opportunity  to  explore  concepts  such  as  praise,  feedback,  effective  effort  and  self-­‐confidence  with  particular  attention  to  the  impact  on  students  of  color.  Course  #  SU11USE  Course  dates:  August  2nd  and  August  4th  from  8:30-­‐  3:30    These  courses  will  equip  participants  with  resources  and  skills  that  will  increase  their  ability  to  engage  with  students,  parents,  other  educators  and  administrators  around  topics  related  to  race  and  academic  achievement.     To  register,  email  the  2011  summer  registration  form  to  Janice  Gross  at     Registration  deadline  is  April  6th .   Optional  graduate  credits  are  available  from  Framingham  State  University  for  $65  per  credit.     A  course  may  be  canceled  due  to  low  enrollment   For  additional  information  contact  Elli  Stern  at   EMI Empowering Multicultural Initiatives…c/o EDCO Collaborative