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Did You Know: Voki

  1. 1. Voki ( http://www.voki.com ) is a free, versatile, online tool that lets you create a talking character which you can easily embed in a FirstClass Web site or a Wiki. The name Voki comes a combination of two words, Vox and Loki. “Vox” means for voice in Latin and “Loki” is a prankster character in Norse Mythology. 1. Go to the Voki Web Site, and click the Register Button in the upper right hand corner of the page to create a free Voki account. If you already have an account, click the Log In Button. 2. Click the button. 3. Using the Customize Your Character palette.... 1-Click on Head to select a look for your Voki 2-Click in a circle to view male, female or all possible looks 3-Use the scroll arrows to see the categories of Vokis 4-Click the Clothing tab to customize your Voki’s clothing 5-Click the Bling tab to add some accessories 4. Click the button
  2. 2. 5. Press one of the following buttons to add your own voice via phone, microphone, text to speech or an uploaded audio file. 6. Select a background for your character. 1-Select one of Voki’s many backgrounds 2-Scroll through the topic categories Click on a background to select it Click on another to change background 3-Click on folder to upload a .jpg saved on your hard drive 7. Click the button 8. To change the frame color of the Voki, click the button
  3. 3. 9. To fine tune the appearance of your Voki, use this controller: 1- Change the color of the Voki’s mouth eyes, skin and/or hair 2-Tweak the sizes and shapes of the Voki 10. When you’ve finished the design of your Voki, click the button. Name the Voki, and click Save 11. To embed the Voki on a Web page, use the Add to Your Site button to 1- select the size Voki you wish to embed 2-Get the embed code by selecting all of the text in the For Most Sites Use This Code dialog box Directions-- Embedding on a FirstClass Web Page: http://tinyurl.com/23wewd4 Embedding in Wikispaces: http://tinyurl.com/wps-embed Embedding in a PBWorks Wiki: http://tinyurl.com/34fbzqh
  4. 4. Links to More Info 1. Can you hear me now? Creating Voki and Podcasts for use in the classroom 2. Voki for the Classroom 3. Voki = Beaucoup Fun 4. Teach Web 2.0--Voki 5. Using Speaking Avatar or Voki in Teaching 6. Vokis Education Site A few classroom suggestions to get you started..... Teachers • Welcome to a class Web site • Introduce material • Give directions • Explain homework • Give directions when you have a sub Students • Give a character description • Define a vocabulary word • Present the reasoning behind a math solution • Practice fluency • Practice enunciation • Discuss a political or historic event as a participant in that event • Introduce yourself to the class (in English or language being studied) • Discuss a current event Sample Vokis 1. 7th Grade French (student created) 2. Geography Voki 3. Voki Making Suggestions