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Using the Book Cart

  1. 1. Using the Book CartUsing the Book Cart
  2. 2. Step 1:Step 1: Saving items to book cart in 4 ways.Saving items to book cart in 4 ways. +
  3. 3. i.i. on the results page:on the results page: click on add to book on add to book cart.
  4. 4. ii.ii. on the record screen:on the record screen: click on save on save records.
  5. 5. iii.iii. on subject, author, or title lists:on subject, author, or title lists: check the boxes and click save.check the boxes and click save.
  6. 6. iv.iv. on subject, author, or title lists:on subject, author, or title lists: click on save all on on save all on page.
  7. 7. Step 2: notice 3 new buttons.Step 2: notice 3 new buttons.
  8. 8. The view saved buttonThe view saved button
  9. 9. allows you to view your book cart.allows you to view your book cart.
  10. 10. The clear saved buttonThe clear saved button
  11. 11. clears your book cart.clears your book cart.
  12. 12. The in book cart buttonThe in book cart button
  13. 13. indicates which titlesindicates which titles are in your book cart.are in your book cart.
  14. 14. Clicking on this will delete titleClicking on this will delete title from book cart.from book cart.
  15. 15. Step 3: view book cartStep 3: view book cart
  16. 16. Click on view savedClick on view saved
  17. 17. to see the book see the book cart.
  18. 18. Click on extended displayClick on extended display
  19. 19. to view location and call view location and call numbers.
  20. 20. To delete titlesTo delete titles
  21. 21. check box andcheck box and
  22. 22. click update update list.
  23. 23. Title deleted.Title deleted.
  24. 24. Step 4: email titles to yourselfStep 4: email titles to yourself E-
  25. 25. Select brief display,Select brief display,
  26. 26. enter your email and subject lineenter your email and subject line
  27. 27. and click submit.and click submit.
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