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General Anatomy of a Results Screen

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General Anatomy of a Results Screen

  1. 1. General Anatomy of a Results Screen
  2. 2. The navigation bar
  3. 3. provides quick links to other library pages and your library account.
  4. 4. Navigation buttons that allow you to perform a variety of tasks.
  5. 5. The modify search button
  6. 6. goes to advanced keyword search.
  7. 7. The another search button
  8. 8. defaults to initial search screen.
  9. 9. The search Summit button
  10. 10. performs exact search in Summit.
  11. 11. The extended display button
  12. 12. displays more information about specific entries.
  13. 13. The limit/sort search button
  14. 14. allows narrowing of current results.
  15. 15. The search history drop down menu
  16. 16. allows you to view and perform previous searches.
  17. 17. The modify search box
  18. 18. allows you to change your search by using the drop down menus.
  19. 19. Save marked records and save all on page buttons
  20. 20. saves wanted items to the book cart.
  21. 21. See “Using the Bookcart” for more information.
  22. 22. The result list of the search you performed.
  23. 23. The result list may also look like this.
  24. 24. Please see the “How to Read your Results” slideshow for your specific type of search.
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