Anywhere365 for lync managed availability


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Anywhere365 for Lync, the software based dialogue management system of WORKSTREAMPEOPLE, reasons from functional availability instead of personal accessibility. 'Organizations as well as their customers benefit from efficient and targeted dialogues and a contact center solution where the customer journey is made central.'

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Anywhere365 for lync managed availability

  1. 1. ‘Everybody can be a contact center with Lync and Anywhere365' Annemijn Molenaar Anywhere365 for Lync, the software based dialogue management system of WORKSTREAMPEOPLE, reasons from functional availability instead of personal accessibility. 'Organizations as well as their customers benefit from efficient and targeted dialogues and a contact center solution where the customer journey is made central.' ‘Everybody can be a contact center’. That is the vision of WORKSTREAMPEOPLE, developer and supplier of Anywhere365 Unified Contact Center for Microsoft Lync. based on their presence, skill and context. An external customer or internal department can get in contact with a UCC via phone, web chat or e-mail. Agents can simply twitter), from start till end and translates this into valuable business intelligence and management information. 'On top of that we add contextual information. Through This software based dialogue management system is focused on efficient and productive dialogues between people, the organization and their customers and communities of people, via all possible channels, change their context of their Role Model via web, mobile, Surface or iPad.' WORKSTRE- integration with several CRM-systems e.g. Salesforce en Microsoft Dynamics, the agent or expert has direct access to all relevant information.' The system also makes dialogue patterns visible. 'Another value for direct return communication tools and devices. 'Our vision is progressive’, says Robin van der Breggen, international business development manager with AMPEOPLE offers an answer to the market need for an improved customer journey. 'Companies spend a lot of money on marketing. As soon as on investment. We monitor customer conversations from start until the end. How long does a call take? Which questions do we receive and when? the Rotterdam based company. 'We rethink contact center. Traditionally organizations route their calls via a telephone exchange from one person to the other, in search of the person with the right level of expertise. We say: organize the organization around the call. Prevent unnecessary people become customers, they get confronted with a user unfriendly routing of calls with multiple IVRs and unskilled personnel’. We activate processes that improve the customer journey.' Anywhere365 follows and logs the whole contact flow of a conversation, via any channel (call, Through the management information the organization is able to measure more and improve its communication more efficient. In addition customers are able to value a conversation through a quality monitor with interaction. Supervisors can monitor and improve the perfor- dialogues as much as possible.' contact center, email, chat, web chat, mance of their employees. Customer journey With Anywhere365 Skill based routing So therefore WORKSTREAMPEOPLE developed the Anywhere365 platform, based on direct applicable UCC's (Unified Contact Center). Van der Breggen: 'Everybody van be a UCC; a reception, a department, a service desk, a group of experts or the manager and his PA. These groups are so called Role Models. Distinctive in this approach is functional availability and accessibility. With a UCC a group of users via Lync, Skype of Office365 is functional available and/or accessible Keith Sanders Jessica Thorn Keith Sanders Nathalie Amor Michael Park Dan Kasnovik Evan Derks Michael Park Alexander Zer... Jenny Wale
  2. 2. Disruptive license model Next to Anywhere365s functionality its license structure is also unique. WORKSTREAMPEOPLE does not Robin van der Breggen: 'Our vision is progressive’ calculate in number of users but in UCC's. As from eight UCCs organizations can choose an Unlimited License model. Everybody within the organization can then be part of one or multiple UCCs. 'Anywhere365 is not only a solution for a contact center. Also other departments can be part of the Rethink contact center-vision.' Anywhere365 integrates and centralizes the contact center in and with the organization and helps to improve the customer journey.’ According to Van der Breggen Anywhere365 offers multiple integration possibilities. It can integrate with any CRM or ERP system via API, web services or SQL. Do not make the project too big, start with a couple of UCC's, e.g. for the reception and one department. That way you build up expertise. If you have achieved an acceptable level of knowledge you can always increase the number of UCC’s. He is convinced that Anywhere365 will help organizations to work customer smarter and that it will make internal processes more real time. Microsoft-certified WORKSTREAMPEOPLE started to build her international strategy and publicity dialogue intelligence-options of Anywhere365. Van der Breggen: 'The product has proved itself. The certifi- since 2008. This is enforced by the recent Microsoft Lync 2013-certification and also for the Reception Attendant. Anywhere365 underwent 103 tests and received a 100% score. The ‘Qualified for Lync-certification’-tests are focused on implementation, high availability, scalability, documentation, functionality and deep integration with the Microsoft Lync platform. Customers like UCB Pharma, BCC, Phonehouse, cation puts us ahead in the market and gives us an advantage with AZL, BKR, Nationale Nederlanden, Grontmij, several local governments and educational providers like the London Business School already make use of the numerous features and research organizations. In collaboration with Microsoft we are developing an international partner channel. This increases our chances for international growth.' WORKSTREAMPEOPLE keeps on further developing Anywhere365 continuously. 'Currently we are adding location presence to the platform. Imagine there is an incident or emergency, Anywhere365 makes it possible that the emergency response staff member who is the closest by gets toasted by Lync. If a staff member is 8 meters from his headset the system routes the call automatically. That is Rethink contact center in its strongest form.' For more information please visit: