Improve nokia n8 imaging


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Improve nokia n8 imaging

  1. Nokia N8Getting the most from it Ari Partinen – Nokia Imaging
  2. Nokia N8 Best mobile imaging device today12Mpix stills and 720p HD Video (H.262/MPEG-4) 28mm vide angle F2.8 Carl Zeiss Tessar Optics Large 1/1.83” Image sensor and Xenon flash HDMI connectivity Image processing tuned by photographers
  3. Practicalities Make sure the Camera is on High Definition! Turn off the “Save Location info” Use memory card to store the footageDownload the footage to MAC via card reader
  4. Telling a storythrough videoExcellent idea =DifficultFluent story telling =ChallengingTechnical execution =Easy
  5. Technical potholes Lens flare Auto Focus with video Auto exposure Auto White Balance Low light performance and noise Zoom Handshake Audio
  6. Lens Flare From this To this Plan your shots Make sure lens is clean Use hand as lens hoodDragonfly love
  7. Auto focus Video sharp from roughly 1 meter to infinity With additional wide angle lens you can use shorter distances Extreme Close-ups achievable with close-up lensThe dot
  8. Auto Exposure AE adjusted according to relatively small spot located center of the imagePlace bright areas center frame when ever possible People see blown out whites but don´t mind black
  9. Auto Exposure Scenes with very high dynamic range can be evened out with external lights or careful planning. If high contrast scenes can´t be avoided measure exposure from the brightest part of the scene!N8 producers
  10. Auto White Balance AWB designed to correct color errors caused by different lighting conditions. Designed not to be perfect. Candle light should be warm, snow gold. For desired effect manual AWB can be used. Cloudy pre-setting on sunny day gives warm tones. Several light sources in one scene may cause problems.The rooftop dancerFranck the crank
  11. Low lightperformanceFor best possible results, Cheat. Normal mode 25fps, low light 15fps, night 5 fps.
  12. Zoom3 times digital zoomavailable.No loss in sharpness!For best results go witheither 2x or 3x zoom.Zoom above the “i” inNokia!
  13. Handshake Handshake rarely looks good Unless it´s intentionalWhen using steady cams or tripods turn off the video stabilization Avoid very fast panning in your takes It might distort vertical lines
  14. Audio Wind noise reduction. Recording level control in harsh environments like rock concerts. Bit rate 128000, Sampling rate 48000. Two stereo microphones, one facing forward one backwardSingapore Birdpark
  15. Other Benefits
  16. Super easy to carry when travellingAnd you can call help when in you ran out of money
  17. It´s easy to get creative with small deviceAnd you can take it to places where SLR´s are not allowed =)
  18. Easy to cover the craziest scenes From multiple angles
  19. “There´s more to the picture than meet´s the eye” -Neil Young Enjoy the device and Get creativeThank you for listening